Top things to do in Valencia

Top things to do in Valencia

Top things to do in Valencia

Valencia is abounding with spectacular views of the Mediterranean. It inarguably has the best weather in Spain and is every wanderlusts delight. It is a popular year-round destination promising masterful art, crazy nightlife, rich heritage and scrumptious Spanish cuisine.

This old town is an unrivaled destinations for vacationists of all ages. Valencia seeks to help you drop your burdens and daily stresses by just embracing the feel of its environment. Give yourself that much needed break and journey into the many facades of Valencia that will stir your heart and leave you appreciating the simplest of joys.

1. La Lonja de Seda:

La Lonja de Seda is a historical place and a prime tourist attraction in Valencia. A real masterpiece of Gothic architecture, this majestic civil building was originally used for trading silk and was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in December 1996. The site beautifully illustrates the city's riches in the 15th and 16th centuries with its elaborate stone work & intricate carvings.

2. Torres de Quart (Ancient Town Gate):

Torres de Quart is a landmark, gothic style, city gate that was constructed around the end of the 14th century. It was originally designed to be a defensive structure in order to protect the city from marauders and invading armies. The view from the top is spectacular and gives you a good sense for the size of Medieval Valencia.

3. Plaza de Toros de Valencia:

Built in the 1850s, Plaza de Toros de Valencia is a grand bullfighting ring and ranks among the most famous bullfighting arenas in Spain with capacity for up to 10,500 spectators. The exterior of the building is gorgeously built following the neoclassical style of architecture. The site is a true historical landmark and a visit to it offers a valuable insight into the history of Valencian bullfighting.

4. Las Fuentes del Algar:

Las Fuentes del Algar is a lovely oasis found among the mountains. It is a sheer haven of unblemished natural beauty. It is an identified nature reserve and an ideal spot to go swimming and cliff diving in Valencia. There are many beautiful waterfalls and many shallow pools to dive into. If you want a few hours away from the noisy city, there is nothing like this soothing place to be in Valencia!

5. Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia:

Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia is Valencia's premier performing arts center. It was designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and was officially opened by Queen Sofia of Spain in October 2005. The first opera staging was of Beethoven's Fidelio. The building rises up to 14 stories and has 4 different halls. It is a masterpiece of modern architecture and attracts tourists from far and wide. A tour of the center includes a visit to the four venues: Sala Principal (Main Hall), Auditori (Auditorium), Aula Magistral (Maestro's Hall) and Teatre Martín i Soler (Martín i Soler Theatre).

6. Valencia Cathedral:

Valencia Cathedral or Saint Mary's Cathedral is a beautiful parish church dating back to the 13th century. This Gothic-style cathedral is built on the ruins of an old mosque and is said to house the Holy Grail (recognized by the Vatican). The Cathedral still preserves the authentic identity and characteristics of Spanish history. Worthy of a mention are its beautiful paintings and sculptures. You can also climb up to the tower to glimpse the splendid views of the city.

7. Plaza de la Virgen:

Plaza de la Virgen is a charming square in the heart of the old quarter of Valencia. It is also the site for all major cultural as well as religious events in the city. The square is simply a pleasure to walk around or for a sit down with a snack. A major highlight is the statue of Mother Mary decorated with white flowers.

8. Plaza de la Reina:

Plaza de la Reina is the busiest city square of Valencia, surrounded by chic cafes, restaurants, and hotels. Located in the heart of the Old Town, it is like an open air Spanish museum. It is the gateway to many city attractions and offers a beautiful view to the Cathedral of Valencia and Micalet Tower.

9. Museu de Belles Arts de València:

Founded in 1913, Museu de Belles Arts de València is a beautiful art gallery that displays the history of Valencia. It is home to over 1,900 works from which date back to the 14th-17th centuries. These works include masterpieces of great Spanish painters and Dutch artists as well. The Medieval art section is worth a visit.

10. Palacio de la Generalitat:

Palacio de la Generalitat is the imposing headquarters of Valencia Government. Built in classic Valencian style, this 15th- century palace is divided among three floors and is known for its impressive architecture. Highlights of the palace include the magnificently carved ceilings and old paintings on the wall. The courtyard and the gardens are also worth observing. Visitors should kindly note that the entry is restricted to prior appointment only.

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