Top Attractions in Ushuaia

Top Attractions in Ushuaia

Top Attractions in Ushuaia

Rising proudly as the ‘Southernmost city of the world’, Ushuaia is rather a young city which was discovered in the 18th century. A place that was once a tiny fishing village on the planet now stands as one of the most beautiful destinations of South America. The city's setting makes it a busy port where the Andean ranges loses itself into the southern ocean making the city look like a living paradise. It is an adventure hub for all the adrenaline seekers who are pepping themselves up for some winter sports like snowboarding, skiing and sailing among the top activities. Beyond the magnificent landscapes formed by the Andean ranges in the Terra de Fuego National Park, you will stumble upon steep streets, sled houses, jumbled buildings and the newer Swiss-chalet style homes that adds vibrancy to the architecture of the town. A city of many portraits, Ushuaia will confuse you with options whether it is to get lost into the chaos of the bustling restaurants and bars or just relax by the nature’s many gifts while sipping on a hot coffee with your favorite book!

Tierra del Fuego National Park

Finding itself on the very edge of the world, the Tierra del Fuego National Park offers spectacular sceneries and panoramic views of snow-capped mountains, waterfalls, lush green vegetation and clear lakes that surround themselves with colorful plants adding to the majestic beauty of this natural gem. Comprising of well-marked trails of different difficulty levels that take you through the Fuegian forest and the coastline, this verdant shade-card of green allows you to discover its archaeological and historic sites while enjoying the stunning seascapes and panoramic vistas of the region. This urban national park is for nature-lovers, waiting to escape the city's chaos.

Tren del Fin del Mundo

Trace the path of the famous prisoners who traveled through the same route to gather firewood as you embark on a journey in Tren del Fin del Mundo or the end of the world train that relives the last 7 kilometers of Ushuaia. Onboard of a classical vintage railway, find yourself engrossed into the history lessons of the regions and miraculous landscapes composed of cascades, mountains, valleys, peat bogs, forests, waterfalls and rivers. The train departs from the End of the World station and goes till up to Tierra del Fugo National Park.

Galeria Tematica - Historia Fueguina

An odd blend of Madame Tussauds and a local museum, Galeria Tematica Historia is your one-stop destination to give you a view of the history of Tierra del Fuego. Get a glimpse of the native tribes and the first European conquerors that revived this inhospitable land through 36 chronologically depicted scenes, around 120 life-size wax facsimile along with replicas of objects and instruments of historical value. This informative and interesting museum includes an audio tour which takes you on a journey to the past of the region that allows you to understand the happenings of each era. Unfold the historical tales about the Beagle Channel, the End of the World Prison and the explorers who left a remarkable impact in the history of this region.

Valley of Wolves:

Explore an extensive range of natural attractions featuring landscaped carved by the beautiful lagoons, imposing hills, alpine glaciers, gushing rivers and deciduous forests to get up close and personal with the wildlife like beavers, otters and more that take shelter in the Valley of Wolves. Whether you wish to relax your mind by playing with the pups of Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes that are bred here by Gato Curuchet or go for the dog-pulled ride on Argentinian soil during the winters, the valley has got it all. An adventurous place to be, you can participate in various activities like hiking and snowshoeing in addition to sledding at this mesmerizing site.

Ushuaia Bay:

A nature lover's paradise, Ushuaia Bay is your gateway to small islands that calls thousands of birds, penguin colonies, and seals' home. A breath of fresh air, this wonder makes for perfect photographs as it features a backdrop of snow-blanketed mountains with turquoise shorelines looking upto it. Sit back and spot various animals like orcas and sea lions who soak up the sun while chatting with the albatrosses or sail along the pristine coastline and enjoy the scenic beauty of the region. After your fill of nature, do visit Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse that sits on the edge of the bay.

Note: It gets quite chilly here. Hence it is recommended to carry warm clothes.

Beagle Channel

A strait situated on the southernmost tip of the continent, Beagle Channel is a classical circuit encompassing the Bird Island and the Wolf Island. An animal lover's heaven, this canal offers you plenty of opportunities to watch wild marine fauna and avifauna colonies including sea lions, plenty of cormorants and adorable seals for starters. Navigate through the region on a boat to get into the history of the city and wild landscapes that lie beyond. It also features a landmark of the city "the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse" that serves as an entryway for the sailors.

Cerro Castor

Known to be the best ski resort in the country, Cerro Castor features excellent terrain for skiing excursions to all levels of skiers. A winter wonderland, the resort offers opportunities to practice various adventurous activities like ice skating, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoe hiking, alpine skiing, snowboarding, dog sledding and night hiking to enjoy the snow to the fullest. Don your winter gears and show off some skills. If you are lucky, you might even get a chance to see the international elite teams as well as worldwide ski stars who come here to practice before competing in the World Cup and Olympic Games circuits.

Museo Marítimo y del Presidio de Ushuaia

A former prison transformed into a historical landmark of the city, Museo Marítimo y del Presidio de Ushuaia boasts of many exhibits and the objects narrate tales of the history of the region. A testimony to the passage of time in the southern Argentine region, the Maritime Museum and Prison of the End of the World recounts the adventures of the most influential aspect of the island, which is the sea. Learn more about the explorers who traveled through these austral lands through marine-themed art pieces and ship models while the lower levels of the site trace the past of the city as a penal colony, talking about the life of men condemned to live locked up and people incarcerated here.