Top Attractions in Stockholm

Top Attractions in Stockholm

Top Attractions in Stockholm

A city of great contrasts, Stockholm is a captivating capital loaded with rich history, magnificent architecture, excellent museums, alluring castles, and a beautiful Old Town dating back to the 13th century. Spot the Royal Family that resides here and flaunts its presence through the various palaces spread across the city or gaze at the culturally advanced architecture. With its historic buildings and culture, you get to feel the essence of Sweden and its past as you walk through its museums. Along with the architectural monuments boasting their beauty across the streets and the museums and parks taking you back to the origins of Sweden, you can also enjoy the most delicious Scandinavian culinary master pieces. Regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful cities, Stockholm has a large number of attractions along with verdant shade cards of green and makes sure to stay on your mind forever. Although it might be an expensive vacation destination, this Swedish capital calls for once in a lifetime visit.


A perfect destination for a family outing, Skansen is the most ancient open-air museum and zoo which is an abode to the native animals of Scandinavia. Situated on Royal Djurgården, it flaunts magnificent panoramas over all of Stockholm and represents a scaled-down Sweden. Over 150 farms and houses belonging to various parts of the country were dismantled and transferred here. Head here to witness Swedish traditions such as Midsummer, Walpurgis night and Lucia.

Vasa Museum:

One of the most frequented museums in Scandinavia, Vasa Museum receives over 1 million visitors annually. Vasa is renowned as the only maintained 17th-century vessel across the globe and is an eccentric art masterpiece. The 69-meter-long ship sank on its inaugural voyage and was rescued 333 years later in 1961. Over 95% of the ship is authentic and is adorned with numerous carved sculptures. To add to the experience, it also has a shop and an amazing restaurant to make your visit comfortable.

Drottningholm Palace:

One of the best-maintained palace from the 17th century, Drottningholm Palace is the permanent residence of the royal family as well as one among the 3 world heritage sites in the city. Experience a historic backdrop at this attraction which was constructed as per a French prototype by the renowned architect Nicodemus Tessin the Elder. The palace comprises of marvelous salons from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, a unique palace theater, a Chinese pavilion, and a beautiful park.

Stockholm City Hall:

Built in 1923, the city hall is known as one of the most attention-grabbing venues of Stockholm for parties. It is also very popular among tourists thanks to its history and architecture. Known for being the country’s dominant example of romanticism in terms of its architecture, its spire highlights the Golden 3 Crowns and comes out as one of the most beautiful silhouettes in the city. The hall frequently hosts a myriad of activities to engage the tourists.

Gröna Lund:

Visit the enthralling world of Gröna Lund, one of the enormous amusement parks across Stockholm situated in Djurgården. Step on any of the 31 rides that are suitable for all ages and you are sure to have the time of your life. Regardless of how brave you are, there is something in every nook and corner of this fantastic amusement park that will make your blood rush faster. You can hop on the merry-go-rounds or carousels, and if you aren't afraid of height, you should definitely try the roller coaster Insane or Free Fall Tilt. For the ones who can't be easily frightened, there is the House of Nightmares, and for the little friends, they have the World of Pettson and Findus and the Funny House. Apart from such adventure, they also have concerts and performances by international and renowned Swedish artists.

ABBA The Museum:

An interactive that showcases the legendary moments of the renowned pop group ABBA, this extraordinary museum opened in May 2013 and is a favorite among tourists. Browse through the members' outfits, actual objects, keepsakes, gold records, and much more by being a part of the experience this museum offers. See how you would look in their costumes, hear your voice at the Polar Studio, experience exciting 3D avatars, and invade the stage with the band at this museum where you get the privilege of being the 5th member of the band.

Nordic Museum:

Explore the life of Sweden in past and present at this museum which turns out to be the largest museum for cultural history all across Sweden. The beautiful architecture of the building and the enormous structure make it a major landmark and a tourist attraction. You can explore a variety of exhibitions categorized into fashion and textiles, folk art, jewelry, photography, trends and traditions as well as a separate exhibition about the people in Sweden, Sami.


A major center for contemporary photography, Fotografiska Museet is housed in Stockholm and focuses on capturing and encouraging a dialogue on photography via various exhibitions, seminars, and courses. A custom house in its glory days, today the museum is a beautiful structure built completely with bricks. Along with the exhibition spaces, it also has an academy, café, bistro, conference rooms, shop, gallery, and various event spaces.

Moderna Museet:

Get a chance to encounter Europe’s top-level collection of art from 20th century to date promoting works by artists like Picasso, Dali, Matisse and Derkert at Moderna Museet. A majority of the museum’s collections and temporary exhibitions represent contemporary art along with the modern classics. The museum exhibits around 6,000 artistic formations including carvings and installations, about 400 videos related to art, and around 25,000 watercolors, prints and sketches. Marvel at the beautiful building designed by the Spanish architect, Rafael Moneo, and also take care of your hunger pangs at the restaurant that offers stunning views of Djurgården and Strandvägen along with its scrumptious meal.

Royal National City Park:

Known as the green heart of the city, Royal National City Park is the world's first national suburban park spanning across more than 6 miles and spreading throughout the city. The park guarantees an exceptional wealth of species along with neighboring trees all around. You can marvel at the foxes and moose, confront deer and hare, spot beautiful birds as well as butterflies and insects, all right in the center of the city whilst exploring the lovely spots. There is an abundance of things to see and do here right in the middle of a huge city.