Top things to do in Seychelles

Top things to do in Seychelles

Top things to do in Seychelles

As the seashores of this archipelago welcome the pristine waters of the Indian Ocean, Seychelles turns into a stunning destination for a quick tropical getaway. Romantic and adventurous, the island brims with exotic beaches, lavish retreats and aquatic sports; making it a hotspot for most honeymooners.

Anse Major:

One of the most beautiful beaches in Mahe, Anse Major is full of white sand and stunning reefs. An easy trail along the rocky northwestern coastline of Mahe leads to this magnificent beach. You can either reach this destination by a half an hour hike or by a boat. The beach also makes for an amazing snorkeling spot.

Beau Vallon Beach:

One of the most popular islands on the Mahe Island, Beau Vallon Beach is located on the northwestern coast of Mahe. Because of its pristine and clear water, it serves as a base for diving and snorkeling. An evening stroll along the coastline promises to be a very relaxing experience. The beach also has a wide range of restaurants and hotels to satiate your hunger.

Morne Seychelles National Park:

It is worthwhile to take out time to explore Mahe Island’s mountainous interiors along with the incredible coastline. Encompassing more than 20% of the land area of Mahe Island, the Morne Seychellois National Park stretches across 10 kilometers. It is well-found with an expansive trail network encompassing more than 15 kilometers. You’ll witness a variety of habitats while exploring this trail. Morne Blanc is situated inside the national park and the trail to Morne Blanc is a continuous uphill climb. The trails offer panoramic views from where you can see tropicbirds whirling above and below you.

Anse La Reunion:

Located on the west coast of La Digue, the Anse La Reunion is one of the best beaches in the city considering the safety factor, water sports and accommodations. The beach offers you an array of excellent facilities and services and spending a vacation here is worthwhile. The icing on the cake is its simple and easy access to the beach.

Anse Severe:

What’s a trip to the city of beaches if you haven’t experienced sunset by holding your significant other’s hand? Anse Severe is one of those beaches which will let you experience the same without any disappointment. Enjoy the serene environment with your partner here at Anse Severe. The beach is famous for a number of reasons, and topping the list is the perfect view of the sunset: blazing, yet calm. Also, there is a tiny snack shop and bar at the northern end of the beach along with a small boutique. You can spend your whole day strolling, sunbathing, swimming, paddling and snorkeling.

Anse Lazio Beach:

The finest coast in the Seychelles archipelago, Anse Lazio Beach is located in the northwestern part of the island. Amidst the palms and takamaka trees, the Anse Lazio Beach is probably one of the best beaches in the world. The spectacular sunset here will leave you awestruck. Your trip to Seychelles is incomplete without visiting this picturesque beach.

Grand Anse Beach:

The longest beach in Praslin, the Grand Anse Beach is sited on the eastern side of Praslin. To make the most of this stunning shoreline, pay a visit during the northwest trade winds when the sea is calm and pristine. The soft sand makes it ideal for walking and the beach is a famous spot for swimming and various other water sports.

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