Discover the best places to visit & things to do in Santorini

Best Places To Visit In Santorini, Greece

Top places to visit in Santorini, Greece:

Known as well as visited for its romantic places, beaches, and hotels, Santorini is one of the world’s most dreamt honeymoon spot. The white washed spectacularly show stopping houses and edifices, romantic outtakes and eyecatching pleasant villages complemented by amazing weather give a perfect satisfactory retreat for couples specially for which we at Taxidio shall also guide you with the best place(s) to stay at Santorini. Santorini is voted the world's best island, made its place into the world's wedding destinations, and is the best sought destination after Athens in Greece. The hilltop of Pygros allows to view the island, it's scenic towns, beaches and celebrations all at once, a breathtaking panoramic view and around the island we can catch an eyeful of newly-wed couples paving their new path of life! This island is the most enthusiastic vacation spot, be it for romance, fun or intoxication. Mentioned below are the 7 best places to visit during your stay at Santorini, Greece.

The white door theatro, the best place to visit in Santorini, Greece
1. The White Door Theatro:

Witness the most prominent Greek cultural show on the island at the White Door Theatro where 'The Greek Wedding Show' (a typical Greek wedding) has all you are aware of and adore about Greece. You get to enjoy various local tapas with the finest taste of Greek dinner including authentic flavors like olives, tomatoes, bread, and cheese to mention a few. Groove to the music and dance like you've never danced before. What makes this experience even better is that you get the feel of being specially invited guests and not just mere spectators.

2. The Museum of Prehistoric Thera:

Situated in Fira, the Museum of Prehistoric Thera has on display extraordinary ancient finds gouged from the Akrotiri with the most noticeable one being the glowing gold ibex figure in surprising mint condition dating back to the 17th century BC. Don't forget to see the olive tree leaves from inside the caldera from 60,000 BC.

The museum of prehistoric thira, one of the best attraction in Santorini
Akrotiri Archeological Site, the best attraction in Santorini Greece
3. Akrotiri Archeological Site:

A largely unexplored area, Akrotiri Archaeological Site contains ruins of the Minoan Civilization, buildings from hundreds of years ago, and an antique lighthouse which is one of the most spectacular attractions in Santorini. Watch 1,000s of years unfurl in front of your eyes at this location that pays a grand tribute to the archaeological treasures of Santorini. A lot of historic splendour still remains to be explored by the specialists at this famous site.

4. Amoudi Bay:

Stunning brown cliffs, warm waters of the sea and the soothing sound of the waves; as dreamy as it feels, it is a place for real in this part of the city. Near the Oia village, you can enjoy a swim here as the waters aren'’t that deep, but comfortably warm almost the whole time of the year. A favorite spot for diving, you can also catch the beautiful sunset with a chilled beer or a glass of wine and treat your partner to a perfectly romantic evening.

Amoudi Bay, one of the best places in santorini for phenominal sunsets
Ancient thira, one of the must visit places in Santorini, Greece
5. Ancient Thira:

An antique city on an elevated surface known for preserving the history of the most happening port city of its time: Thira is a city for the history lovers and cultural seekers. It has beautiful stone structures ready to be explored. An old wonderland discovered through a long run excavation, it is one of the best places to visit by all when in Santorini.

6. Byzantine Castle Ruins:

If you wish to spot the most beautiful sunset in Santorini, head to the ruins of this 15th-century castle and get prepared to be swept off your feet with its breath-taking views. It is one of the most photographed places, thanks to its location and enchanting panoramas. The castle turned restaurant is one of the most visited places on the island, giving the tourists every opportunity to relish its delicious cuisine and enjoy its stunning architecture.

Byzantine Castle Ruins one of the best places in santorini for photographers
Catholic Cathedral Church of Saint John The Baptist, one of the best attraction in Santorini
7. Catholic Cathedral Church of Saint John The Baptist:

Baptists were always a part of the Greeks, be it in mythology or present day worship. The cathedral throws the biggest feast on the island and also resonates a real sense of peace and tranquillity, making it worth a visit. There are translators provided in case you want to stay for the mass.

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