Top Attractions in Santiago

Top Attractions in Santiago

Top Attractions in Santiago

Being the capital of the country which is deemed to be a land of many contrasts, Santiago is a box of some of the most breathtaking landscapes on the planet. Home to about 7million people, this ever expanding metropolis will entice you to experience its vibrant culture, artistic museums and lavish nightlife. Apart from being the economic and educational hub of Chile, Santiago is a living postcard of nature with numerous green spaces dotted across the city. Whether it is in the numerous arts and performance spaces or the street performers or food kiosks, you are sure to get a glimpse of Chilean culture everywhere. Underneath the all-modern infrastructures lies the beautiful historic city that still holds its ancestral roots. The culinary scene of Santiago encompasses various traditional and international cuisines, making it a paradise for all food lovers. Classy, Energetic, Eccentric and Cultural, Santiago is fast-becoming a destination in its own right and with good reason.

Valle Nevado Ski Resort

A place to visit during winter amidst the snow-capped peaks and experience the unique skiing, Valle Nevado, soaring 3,600 meters above the sea level has the largest skiable domain of around 23,000 acres in the continent and the latest ski lift technology. Whether you wish to touch the highest quality snow or enjoy the white adventures in the wonderful summits of the Chilean Mountain, this ski resort packs all of the mountain, services and comfort for you. Inspired by the French ski resorts and modern structures, the well-groomed slopes, terrain covered by heaps of snow and complete Andean meadows of the off-piste surface of the resort makes it a perfect family getaway during both, summers and winters. Nudge the adventurist within you as you experience heli-skiing in the Andes and discover the hidden landscapes while you fly over these majestic mountains. Due to the excellent facilities that it provides, Valle Nevado also hosted World Cup of Snowboard. It offers the hemisphere's first Super Half-Pipe during the summer season.

Palace of La Moneda

Home to the Chile’s presidential offices, the building boasts of Italian architecture, wherein tourists can wander around in the inner courtyards to admire the beautiful structure. Built in neo-classic style, the architecture depicts the Roman influences, nominated for UNESCO as World Heritage Site, this is the only Italian-made structure that exists in the whole of Latin America.

Plaza de Armas:

Smack in the middle of the historic district lies the social epicenter of Santiago, the shaded Plaza de Armas. Enclosed by the neoclassical fronts of the most imperative structures of the city, including the Metropolitan Cathedral, the federal building; and the breathtaking Correo Central. The revered expanse of stone, cement, and sculpture is utilized as a meeting point for people from across the cultural spectrum. Come here to enjoy the relative peace and quiet by playing chess with the outdoor club on the eastern side of the plaza or admire the art work displayed while listening to some music or just let the Cueca dancers entertain you on a Sunday afternoon. Out of the infinite amount of things to do, you can also join the locals for a cup of coffee, and of course practice the well-known Latin American past time, people-watching.

San Cristóbal Hill:

Dominating the skyline of the city, San Cristóbal Hill, rising 860 meters above the ground right in the beating pulse of the city, is an iconic landmark of Santiago. Reminiscing the Cristo Redentor of Rio de Janeiro is the statue of Virgin Mary, a snowy white structure made up of cast iron that is perched at the summit of this forested mountain. Embark on a journey in a funicular that will take you to the top of the hill while enjoying the different landscaped sections on your way. At the peak, you will come across the green lung of the city, Metropolitan Park, which serves as a scenic retreat from the daily humdrum. Other attractions here include a botanical garden, a zoo and the Anahuac Culture and Community Centre.

Parque Metropolitano de Santiago:

The beating heart of the city, Parque Metropolitano de Santiago is a giant nature's land that features spellbinding panoramas of the Chilean capital. Fenced by attractions like Piramide, Chacarillas and Bosque de Santiago, this massive garden features cable cars, a zoo, forest, green space, historic statues, pools and more. Covering over 40% of the city, this green jewel is an ideal destination for nature lovers who seek peace and calm away from the humdrum. Step in a cable car at the park to reach the summit of Mount San Cristobal while enjoying the stunning mountain scenery creating a perfect backdrop for pictures or just wander around the park and soak up all that natural beauty. You can also practice various recreational activities like jogging, hiking, cycling and more at this park.

Estación Mapocho:

Built to commemorate the centennial anniversary of Chile, Estación Mapocho served as a lifeline for railways between Argentina and Chile for several decades since its opening in 1914. A stunning exemplar of old European architecture, the train terminal was revamped in 1994 and has been serving as a cultural center since then. Declared as a national heritage monument, this center stages frequent performances and concerts focusing on traditional music as well as hosts cultural activities, artistic expressions, exhibitions and more. After sundown, this area turns into a tumultuous activity hub with bars catering to the rowdy crowd.

Barrio Bellavista:

Situated just a stone's throw away from the rumbling La Alameda neighborhood and the fluvial Mapocho river, Barrio Bellavista captivates you with its kaleidoscopic streets and magnificent architecture complemented by the beautiful Andean backdrop of San Cristobal hill. Walk through this vibrant Bohemian district and surround yourself with colorful graffiti art that is masterfully painted on the walls. Sip your coffee and watch the local life pass by as you rest on one of the tables that are lined along the pavement of the main street. A perfect getaway for foodies, treat your stomach at one of the tantalizing restaurants or grab a drink at one of the snazzy bars, this barrio caters to all tastes. For those who like to give their credit card a thorough workout, the local handicraft market and Patio Bellavista shopping mall is your place to be.

Museo Interactivo Mirador:

Nestled within Parque Brasil, Museo Interactivo Mirador or MIM is a cultural space that offers an educational experience in an interactive and playful environment. Be fascinated by the wonders of science, art and technology as you come across around 300 engaging modules divided into 14 thematic sections at this unique museum. Inaugurated in 2000, the museum also features a small city "Ciudadela" for little ones to learn more about daily life and a wide range of activities for all ages. Even though it is located in the city, MIM exhibitions travel every year to make it presence felt in the other cities.

Mercado Central de Santiago:

A place that blends flavors with traditions, Mercado Central de Santiago is for the ones who would like to skip the chic restaurants and indulge in the fresh smells, colors and cultures through the diverse cuisines from the different localities of Chile. Stroll through the market and let the locals show off their culinary expertise to treat you with some of the freshest Chilean produces like the famous crab, seafood, herbs, shellfish, cheeses, Chilean pisco sour, meats and more along with the best wines from the region at one of the many restaurants and stalls. If you wish to try their recipes, you can buy the ingredients from the fishmongers too. Some stalls also sell handicrafts.

Chilean National Museum of Natural History:

Trailing the fascinating past of Chile right from the European discovery of the continent till the modern day, the Santiago Museum of Natural History, a treasure trove of the natural and cultural heritage of the city, is a perfect escape for the history buffs. Explore the rooms of this century-old museum and marvel at the exhibits that take you through the different epochs of the region covering topics such as wars, industry, the conflict between the natives and railroads to name a few. The highlight of the place is the 17-meter blue whale skeleton that stands in the center hall and the mysterious Easter Island writings or glyphs that date back to over 500 years. Apart from the historical displays, the museum also features art relics, portraits of key personalities and more in its galleries that attract the art enthusiasts along with interactive exhibits detailing the ecological progression of the country that piques the interest of nature lovers.