Top Attractions in Salzburg

Top Attractions in Salzburg

Top Attractions in Salzburg

For many people, Salzburg is synonymous with ‘The sound of music’ as the city is the birthplace of Mozart and continues to be a very musical city even today. Apart from music, you get a chance to devour mouth-watering cuisine at the world’s oldest restaurant, learn about the historic past and baroque architecture at oldest cathedrals, museums, and markets and soak in the natural beauty by hiking to the nearby mountains providing breath-taking views of the city. Festung Hohensalzburg, a magnificent edifice, offers fantastic views and should not be missed out while visiting this city. Being the 4th largest city in Austria, it is one of the best preserved city centers of the Alps and got the tag of UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. Dreaming spires, verdant hills, and romantic gardens, and attractions loved by millions of visitors from across the world, this is undoubtedly the busiest place of Europe.

Hohensalzburg Castle:

Perhaps the most recognizable spot in the city, this 900-year-old fortress is one of the biggest and best-preserved fortresses in the whole of Europe. Accessible by a speedy ride in the Festungsbahn funicular or a 20-minute walk from the city center, the castle was first built in 1077 by Gebhard von Helfenstein, although much of what is seen now dates back to the 16th century. One of the highlights of the castle is the Golden Hall which was used for lavish banquets, and today it is used for year-round concerts which mostly focus on Mozart’s works. Also of note are the Church of St George in the courtyard and the Fortress Museum which displays medieval weapons and gruesome torture devices.

Museum der Moderne Mönchsberg:

Located on the Mönchsberg’s cliffs, Museum der Moderne Mönchsberg exhibits modern and contemporary visual arts from the 20th and 21st century. Some of the artists whose works have been exhibited here are Alberto Giacometti, Dieter Roth, and Emil Nolde. Apart from the collection of international works of art, this museum serves as a platform for contemporary representatives of Austrian art scene and also manages some photographic collection.

Haus der Natur

Haus der Natur, a nature and science museum, is a tourist magnet attracting visitors from far and wide. It includes an aquarium, a reptile zoo, a science center and museum of natural history. Dinosaur exhibits show what the world must have looked like millions of years ago. The science exhibits let you interact and learn, and the aquarium lets you play with live snakes and lizards. Their variety of exhibits allows visitors to learn and make new discoveries.

Schloss Hellbrunn:

The Hellbrunn Castle also known as ‘Lustschloss’ and ‘Pleasure Palace’, is a major tourist attraction built on the command of Prince-Archbishop Markus Sittikus von Hohenems. Visitors can take a tour of the castle and gain historical knowledge and wander around Wasserspiele. The castle houses elegant ballrooms, a garden filled with fish-laden ponds and mythological sculptures. Today, the palace is also famous for international concerts and seminars.

Salzburg Old Town:

Being the 4th largest city in Austria, Salzburg has clean roads and well-preserved attractions set against the ice-tipped Alps. Salzburg’s Old Town was honored with the tag of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. A large ensemble of beautiful Baroque and medieval buildings is located in the Old Town which attracts many visitors.


One of the largest city squares, Residenzplatz is located in the heart of the Altstadt or the Old City. The main attraction of this square is the Residenzbrunnen, a magnificent marble sculpture from which a fountain emerges which was made in 1661 by an Italian sculptor and is considered as one of the most beautiful fountains in Europe. The square is also frequently used for concerts and celebrations like New Year’s Eve parties and Christmas Markets.

Salzburg Cathedral:

Salzburg Cathedral or Dom Zu Salzburg with its twin 79-meter high towers is a masterpiece of Baroque art and greets you with its 3 massive bronze gates symbolizing faith, love, and hope. The high altar has a painting by Donato Mascagni depicting the Resurrection of Christ. Also worth a visit is the Cathedral Museum which houses various objects from the Salzburg archdiocese like the 8th century Carolingian Cross of St. Rupert, Gothic status and items from the treasury.

Mirabell Palace:

Built in 1606 by Prince Archbishop Wolf Dietrich, Mirabell Palace was remodeled in 1721 in baroque style and was further restored in 1818 in a neo-classical manner after a fire broke out. The striking features of the palace are its grand staircase with a number of statues created by Georg Raphael Donner, the Marble Hall which is still used for concerts and functions and the Schloss Mirabell Baroque Museum which exhibits art from the 17th and 18th centuries. Another feature that attracts many tourists is the Mirabellgarten laid out with baroque landscape design which is accessible from 06:00 hrs to dusk.


One of the most modern tourist attractions in the city, Hangar-7 is a place with an exciting display of historical airplanes, helicopters, and F1 racing cars. One of the most rated restaurants in the city, Ikarus, has its abode here. If you fancy motorbikes, or planes are your passion, this is the place for you. As it was created by the founder of international energy drink Red Bull, Dietrich Mateschitz, it contains many Red Bull and Toro Rosso Formula cars, Red Bull aircraft, sponsored motorbikes and much more.


Largest ice cave in the world, Eisriesenwelt is one of the most gigantic and famous attractions of Salzburg made up of natural limestone. A journey through these caves is very mysterious, unique and exciting, and is accessible only with the help of a guide and a gas lantern. Also known as the World of Ice Giants, it is one of the true miracles on earth with natural ice statues and evolutions. Pay a visit to discover an underground world of natural beauty.