Top Attractions in Rotterdam

Top Attractions in Rotterdam

Top Attractions in Rotterdam

Tucked away in the Dutch Province of South Holland, Rotterdam has a lot to offer in terms of architecture, art, culture, cuisine, nightlife, and panoramic nature. More than ancient edifices and structures, it is the architectural innovations and design concepts of the modern masters that invite you to this port city. The skyline is dominated by post-World War II structures that rebuilt the city after the bombings during the war and the unique angles and shapes make the edifices stand tall among the regular European constructions. The country’s 2nd largest metropolis proffers you a diverse community, an overwhelming number of arts, pulsating nightlife, a plethora of world-class museums, contemporary art galleries, renowned architectural specimens, sumptuous culinary affair, and a lot more!


Head to the Euromast, known as the Crow's Nest observation tower, while in Rotterdam for it gives the best views along with a culinary extravaganza. Greet your day by having your head in the clouds, raise a toast, or fuel your adrenaline by practicing abseiling down the highest tower. Hop on to the high-speed elevators to get to the top and enjoy your time there.

Rotterdam Zoo:

Renowned as the Blijdrop Zoo, this is one of the oldest zoos in the country and an abode to an aquarium, botanical garden and several animals. Over one and a half a million visitors are welcomed to encounter numerous animals at one of Europe's most beautiful zoos. Visit the aquarium which consists of many species of fish, sharks, snakes, and a large group of penguins. There are various breeding programs held for Asian elephants, red pandas and Siberian cranes. The Dutch National Primula Collection and Dutch National Bromelia Collection are also housed in the garden.

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen:

Browse through numerous art collections and a unique compilation of paintings and sculptures exceeding 140,000 pieces at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. The paintings in the museum are renowned as one of the best in the world and you can also view the sculptures in the park which form a part of the collection. Do not miss out on the spectacular temporary exhibitions that are held throughout the year if you happen to be in Rotterdam around the same time.

Cube Houses:

A bizarre and striking architectonic wonder in Rotterdam, the Cube Houses stand one among the city's icons. Based on the concept 'living as an urban roof' and designed by architect, Piet Blom, the cubes sit titled on hexagonal poles that are made with concrete floors, pillars, and wooden framings. They also house a pedestrian bridge at the top of the house.


Erasmusbrug is the largest bridge that connects the north and south parts of the city and has the architectonic highlights with their texture. Nicknamed as "The Swan", thanks to the structure of the bridge, many events are hosted with the help of the bridge. It depicts a pylon, pale blue color with a strong horizontal base.

Miniworld Rotterdam:

Labeled as the largest indoor miniature world, Miniworld Rotterdam is an exciting and versatile experience for the entire family. Be alert as a day lasts only for 24 minutes here and before you know the night will fall and numerous tiny lights will light up the darkness. Take a glance at the large landscapes and funny things depicting the life of local people.

Maritime Museum:

Tagged as the oldest and largest museum harbor in the city, Maritime Museum discovers the enormous effect that shipping has on our lives. Embark upon a journey through the past and present, and gain knowledge through the exhibitions conducted for various age groups. Visit the ancient cranes, vessels, listen to the stories, admire the activities, hop in some activities, and marvel at the 25 unique objects from its century-old collection.

Stadhuis Rotterdam:

Also renowned as the Town Hall, Stadhuis Rotterdam features Byzantine, Roman, and Art Deco and is symmetrical in design with the main entrance. The richly adorned facade features various sculptures and the monument is presented with a large landscape and is accessible with 2 entry gates.


The Rotterdam market hall design is avant garde bearing the shape of a giant airplane hangar. Marvel at the interior of the hall painted with huge colorful panels on their walls, ceiling and depicts a lot of fruits. The indoor market hall is multifunctional as it houses apartments, retail space, as well as a Horeca.

Stadion Feijenoord:

Popularly known as De Kuip, Stadion Feijenoord was built in the 1930s and has a seating capacity of 51,117. Presently the home stadium of football club Feyenoord, it also has been one of the home grounds of the Dutch national team and has organized over 150 international matches. This stadium has also hosted concerts since 1978 and had performances by Michael Jackson and Pink Floyd.