Top Attractions in Rochester

Top Attractions in Rochester

Top Attractions in Rochester

If you seek a sojourn to delve deep into the American culture, then Rochester is your calling! From the many festivals and world-class events that it hosts to its wondrous culinary scene and an array of shopping places, Rochester offers something to love to travelers with varied interests. The charming neighborhoods of this thriving city hides some of best attractions including the International Museum of Photography which occupies the former home of George Eastman, the founder of Kodak and the second largest children’s museum in the country, the National Museum of Play at The Strong. The star of the city, however, is the Erie Canal, an active recreational waterway which narrates the story of “how the west began!” in Americas. Whether you wish to walk through one of the numerous wine trails, listen to great jazz in one of the many cultural edifices or go fishing on the Ontario Lake, this world of nature, art, music, photography and theater in New York’s stunning Finger Lakes region is buzzing a variety of things to see and do.

The Strong Museum:

A museum dedicated to the significance of playing in the American culture, The Strong Museum is home to one of the largest collections related to the history of playing that captivate the attention of a diverse audience from across the world. This huge interactive space offers hands-on exhibits for kids to learn, play, explore, dream and discover the importance of playing. Take your little ones to Wegmans Super Kids Market and see them perform daily chores like purchasing groceries, act as a baker or butcher or even make their own cooking commercial at WKID-TV station. After performing such tedious tasks, the Game Time! at the second level is the perfect place to take a break by solving puzzles and playing games that form a part of the museum's collection. Also known as the National Museum of Play, it houses the International Center for the History of Electronic Games, the World Video Game Hall of Fame, the National Toy Hall of Fame and the American Journal of Play among others.

Seneca Park Zoo:

Become a zookeeper for sometime as you visit this little zoo that is nestled within the Seneca Park. Interact with over 90 species of exotic wildlife including some species unique to the state of New York like African lions, white rhinos, olive baboons, Bornean orangutans and African elephants that take shelter under the care of experienced staff. The supremacy of polar bears, grace of elephants and playfulness of other animals makes Seneca Park Zoo a gem for explorers of the natural world.

George Eastman Museum:

Visit the George Eastman House, a manor built by the spearhead of popular photography and motion picture film and the founder of the Eastman Kodak. This museum is restored to its earlier appearance when he was alive and is considered to house 3 museums in one. It is the oldest photography museum and one of the largest motion picture archives in the world, which have illustrations of Rochester’s life in the early 20th century. One of the museums also exhibits the history of film and photography, while the other displays the enormous film and photograph archives. You may go for guided tours at this place to get a better insight of the museum.

Rochester Museum & Science Center:

Brimming with hands-on exhibits and activities, Rochester Museum & Science Center fosters a creative environment to flourish the knowledge of science, engineering, math and technology into the minds of the little ones. Immerse all your senses into their themed programs to unearth all the wonders of the region, our planet as well as what lies beyond. Take an opportunity to spark the interest in exploration as you zoom through space or test your strength as you climb a wall - there is an experience waiting for every age. Don't miss out the enormous mastodon skeleton that displays overwhelming information on Western New York’s post-glacial history. Other permanent exhibits focus on the 19th century Rochester, the people of the Haudenosaunee, the Underground Railroad and much more.

Corbett's Glen Nature Park:

Watch the mesmerizing shades of green unfold before you at Corbett's Glen Nature Park. This quaint park is festooned with wetlands, meadows, waterfalls and a variety of species of birds and animals. The park opens its arms for all nature-lovers, picnickers, hikers and photography enthusiasts. Embraced by greenery on all sides, the unblemished park is an ideal place to spend some time in nature’s lap while in Rochester.

Corn Hill:

Evoking the memories of the premier flourishing neighborhood of the city, Corn Hill, presently is the original residential nucleus of Rochester. Travel back in time as you walk across shady streets and admire the magnificent restored Victorian-styled mansions complemented by wrought-iron. Sharing edges with the river as well as the downtown of the city, this area served as an abode to numerous political leaders and famous personalities. Whether you wish to browse through the retail shops and boutiques or grab a bite from one of the tantalizing restaurants, this neighborhood offers endless options for everyone. When in town, do not forget to attend the famous Corn Hill Arts Festival that takes place here annually.

High Falls:

Settlers in the area were attracted to these majestic High Falls right from the start. The High Falls are a roaring 96-feet long waterfall at the center of the city that have played a significant role in shaping the history of Rochester. Inspiring the wanderers of Genesee Valley, a tour through this picturesque natural phenomenon takes you to the old Pont de Rennes pedestrian bridge that features panoramic views of the gushing Genesee River and its Gorge. Take a trip down the memory lane and learn more about the key personalities who lived in the city and the 1816 factory ruins or walk on the historic bridge to gaze at a 240-foot replica of the section of the original raceway used to power mill wheels. There is a small museum/visitor center as well as some old milling equipment around this area.

Genesee Valley Park:

Designed by noted landscape architect, Frederic Law Olmsted, Genesee Valley Park is an ideal destination for nature lovers and sports enthusiasts. Constructed on the naturally occurring rolling pastoral fields, this 800-acre park is a hub for golfers, crew teams, bikers, kayakers, hikers, and cross-country skiers who come here to show off their strength at softball diamonds, multi-use/soccer fields, a cricket pitch or one of the two 18-hole golf courses.

Ontario Beach Park:

Known for the Denzel Menagerie carousel that has been captivating the interest of kids for over a century and the pristine shoreline of the great lakes, Ontario Beach Park provides all that is necessary for a perfect day out. Finding itself in the northwest quadrant of the city, the sandy coastline attracts swimmers from all over to take a dip into the crystal blue waters of the lake. Whether you wish to lounge back and soak up the sun or take a romantic stroll along the pier to watch the picture-perfect sundown or set on a sailing journey in a boat to enjoy the alluring scenery, the park offers numerous choices to everyone. There are beach equipment and toys available on rent too.