Top things to do in Pattaya

Top things to do in Pattaya

Top things to do in Pattaya

Highly accredited for its pulsating nightlife and water sports, Pattaya is undoubtedly a mecca for party animals and the adventurous aficionados. Although there are very few scenic attractions and beautiful beaches, the visitors here spend most of their time enjoying the vibrant nightlife of the town and in the daytime engage in the number of water sports the city has to offer. Apart from these 2 things, Pattaya also houses a huge number of other attractions such as sacred temples, isolated beaches, cabaret shows and forests. Gastronomically the town can be painted blue as it stands with an array of finest restaurants in the world for Thai food, and even for other cuisines, such as Indian, European, etc.

Pattaya Floating Market:

Expanding over an area of 1,00,000 square kilometers, Pattaya Floating Market is divided into 4 sections consisting of souvenir shops, a number of eateries, fruit stalls and a few art galleries. Housing over 100 shops, you can find also everything here at the floating market. Since the entire market is on a lake, hopping from shop to shop has to be done with a small boat like a canoe which is a thrilling experience and is a must-visit while you are in Pattaya.

Wat Yai Chai Mongkhol:

Lying on the Ayuthaya Island, Wat Yai Chai Mongkhol is a Buddhist temple popularly known for its architectural ingenuity which is visible through the impressive works on the chedi and stupa. The large temple complex houses a number of small and big statues including the famous reclining statue of the Buddha.

Walking Street:

Walking Street is the ideal place to blow off the steam in the entire country. Housing the most amusing and pulsating nightlife entertainment spots in Pattaya, right from adult entertainment to beer bars to authentic dining experience, this 1km long street has something to offer for any of your tastes.

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Gardens:

Nong Nooch is a botanical garden that stretches over a total area of 500 acres. It presents a variety of things inside such as themed gardens, rides, elephant shows, Sword fighting and Muay Thai shows, eatery, and more. The garden came to existence bearing lots of fruits like orange, mango, coconut, and more in its initial years. Khun Nongnooch and Khun Pisit bought this piece of land during the year 1954 and made it into a garden.

Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark:

Opened in 2014, Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark has been a huge success in Pattaya. The entire park houses about 150 water rides and is the largest aqua park in the world. Cartoon Network has a huge fan base in its Asian network and therefore, this theme park is a paradise of adventure and entertainment for children of all ages and even for the elder ones.

Art in Paradise:

Art in Paradise is a well-known modern art museum of Pattaya, which defies any common feature of a usual art museum. This art museum is a great place to visit in the city that presents trick arts which combine the elements of art and illusion. It is the only museum of its kind and is known to the world as an interactive art museum. There are two more museums called Art in Paradise of which one is in Bangkok while the other one is in Chiangmai.

Mini Siam:

A renowned miniature park in the fueang fa village of the city, mini siam houses a collection of miniature models of Thai and international monuments along with a number of cafes. Attracting tourists from around the world, the replicas placed in the park are of famous landmarks and are heavily acclaimed for their detailing by critics along with the tourists.

Sanctuary of Truth

Sanctuary of Truth is an enormous wooden construction rising to a height of 105 meters above the sea level. The construction of this gigantic structure was done keeping in mind how it must withstand the wind and the sunshine of the seashore at the Chon Buri Province.The architecture was set according to the ancient Thai methods, which were ingenious, and wooden carve sculptures covered every square centimeter of this building.

Sriracha Tiger Zoo:

Opened in 1997, Sriracha Tiger Zoo has always been a tourist driven place. Home to more than 400 Royal Bengal Tigers, this zoo park is a perfect place for the wildlife aficionados. One of the highly popular activities around this zoo is holding tiger cubs in the arms and feeding it milk.Another activity which is very intriguing is called 'Shoot and Feed' that allows the visitor to try their hand at shooting the target to feed them.

Big Buddha:

Situated at the peak of Pratumnak Hill, the Big Buddha is a large statue, placed at a perfect height makes it noticeable from a long distance. Built in 1940 when the city was a fishing village, this temple complex is well-known amongst the tourist for its intricate designs and beautiful statues. Also known as Wat Phra Yai, the highlight of the temple are the handrails of the entire stairway that go till the pinnacle of the hill run the design of golden dragons.

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