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From Wall Street's high rising building to the neon of Times Square to Central Park's verdant ways, New York City beats with an irrepressible vitality. History meets hipness in this worldwide centre of diversion, finance, media, and fashion. Road life hums round the clock and moves from one territory onto the next. Manhattan remains the lively centre, the first among the Five Boroughs to consume your mind with palpable energy. Stroll through its long, winding roads and you'll see a cross-segment of the globe: the excited buzz of Chinatown, the erudite quiet around New York University and Central Park. Obviously, New York is in consistent flux, with swanky new hotels, opulent eateries, zesty bars, and enticing attractions popping up constantly. Regardless of whether you need to sip on a cocktail at the most sultry bars or give your credit card a thorough workout at the top-notch shopping labels in the best in class neighborhoods, this metropolis has everything for your needs.

New York's ability to astonish and pleasure visitors never waivers as it is a city which continually rehashes itself, setting trends which other world cities racket to take after.

Times square, one of the best and the most famous place to visit in New York
Times Square:

Popularly named as 'The Crossroads of the World' or 'The Great White Way', Times Square is the prime commercial and socializing hub in Midtown Manhattan. 'The Center of the Universe' or 'The Heart of the World' as it is rightly referred to, this plaza is one of the busiest pedestrian intersections in the world. Embellished with billboards and advertisements, Times Square draws a number of tourists each year becoming one of the world's most visited tourist attractions. Being the major center of the entertainment industry in the world, you will find numerous restaurant chains, upscale boutiques, impressive decor, Disney characters and various other enjoyment options here.

Central Park:

The beating heart of the city, the Central Park is unarguably one of the best urban parks in the world. It is the first park built in the country; designed by Calvert Vaux and Frederick Olmsted, the park is a safe heaven for the teems of migratory birds that flock here to rest every year. A peaceful getaway from the bustle of the sprawling Manhattan, you can stroll through the grounds and be left spellbound by the 50 fountains, lakes, zoo, ice-rinks theaters, sculptures, monuments, around 36 bridges and arches or just admire the magnificence of the place. Often referred to as the 'Crown Jewel' of New York City, it is one of the most filmed locations in the world. Housing 21 official playgrounds, this green oasis invites musicians, daydreamers, strollers and athletes from all over to lose themselves in the arms of Mother Nature. It also hosts various cultural events.

Central Park one of the top attractions in New York
Statue of Liberty the best attraction in New York
Statue of Liberty:

Owned by the government of USA, The Statue of Liberty was gifted to the United States from the people of France as a symbol of friendship. Labeled as a National Monument in 1924, it is acclaimed to be the universal icon of democracy and freedom that symbolizes liberty, opportunity, civil rights, harmony and the abolition of slavery. The copper structure dominating the Liberty Island is that of a robed female that characterizes a Roman goddess named the Libertas, who bears a torch over the head in one hand and a tabula Ansata in another. Known to be one of the most rewarding visits to New York, you will, however, need to secure your reservations through different types of tickets for the museum, pedestal or the crown.

Empire State Building:

Smack in the heart of the city, the Empire State Building is a 102-storey building that stood as the tallest skyscraper in the world for around 40 years since its construction in 1931. Recognized as a National Historic Landmark, the building is structured in the distinctive Art Deco style and the interiors boast of exhibits that will captivate your senses. Take a tour from the art-deco lobby and the historic and sustainability displays right up to the observatories. It is said that you have not experienced NYC until you visit the main observation deck of the Empire State Building, especially at night for some stunning city views. Do take a little souvenir home from the on-site gift shop or grab a bite from the food outlet.

Empire State Building, most popular attraction in New York
Brooklyn Bridge, one of the best attractions in New york
Brooklyn Bridge:

A majestic cable-style bridge looming over the East River, the Brooklyn Bridge has been a passage to many commuters traveling between Manhattan and Brooklyn since 1883. The construction of steel cables and granite towers cost no lesser than $15 million and more than 600 workers were involved in its establishment. The pioneer who created this bridge was John Augustus. To prove its stability, 21 elephants were made to walk over the bridge. This is undoubtedly one of the best spots in the country offering some jaw-dropping panoramas of the Manhattan and Brooklyn skyline.

9/11 Memorial:

The National September 11 Memorial & Museum or 9/11 Memorial was built to pay tribute to the 2,977 people who were victims of the terror attacks on 11th September 2001. It also memorializes the bomb blasts at the World Trade Center in 1993 that killed 6 people. This place will bring back a downpour of emotions as you go through the memorial.

9 11 Memorial one of the famous place to visit in New York
One World Observatory one of the best place to be in New York
One World Observatory:

Situated on the top 3 floors of the tallest skyscraper of Western Hemisphere, One World Observatory is a mesmeric spot to gaze at the vast horizon and feel the spirit of New York. Offering 360° panoramas of the city's skyline and beyond, explore the 3 levels of the observatory that will leave you amazed by its innovation. You can either visit the See Forever Theater and indulge in the crossroads, experience the pulsating city through the stories narrated by the locals or take a walk high over the streets of the sprawling metropolis at the expansive sky portal.

Rockefeller Center:

Built to provide employment during the Great Depression period, Rockefeller center consists of 19 tall commercial buildings spanning over 22 acres. Known for the art deco of the masterpieces and stunning architecture of the skyscrapers, it was proclaimed as a historical landmark of the nation in 1987. This half-timber center houses a picturesque outdoor ice-rink where tourists and locals lace up their skates to glide across the ice during winters. The iconic Christmas Tree and its surrounding decorations are world-famous and attract people from all over during the Christmas season. Do not miss the mesmerizing views of the Central Park and other landscapes of the city from the observation deck, 'Top of the Rock'.

Rockefeller Center one of the best places to visit in New York
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the best place to visit in New York for tourists
The Metropolitan Museum of Art:

Established in 1870, The Metropolitan Museum of Art or commonly known as ‘The Met’ is one of the largest fine arts museums in the world. There are over 2 million artworks spanning across different cultures and time periods segregated into 17 curatorial sections, which highlight arms and armor, decorative arts, Egyptian art, costumes, photographs, musical instruments and more. It is the largest art museum in the country and can easily be one of your favorite museums due to the huge range of exhibits, from Greco-Roman antiquity to African and modern art that it holds.

Bronx Zoo:

The largest metropolitan zoo in the country, the Bronx Zoo is situated in the borough of the same name and houses over 6,000 exotic fauna. Spanning across an area of 265 acres, you can spot various animals in the replica of their natural habitat. Uncover the clues that the fossils give to learn more about the prehistoric past of these animals or explore the enigma of dinosaurs through the dinosaur safaris. It also features various activities and programs that offer both, an interactive and fun experience.

Bronx Zoo one of the best places to visit in New York