Top Attractions in Munich

Top Attractions in Munich

Top Attractions in Munich

Beautiful cobbled streets, cultural attractions, quirky boutiques, extensive art collections, pulsating nightlife, music festivals, traditional delicacies, and what not – Munich has a lot to offer to keep the tourists busy. A perfect blend of history and modernity, the city also boasts of a rich cultural history and has museums with international acclaim. Marvel at the ancient and new-world architecture depicted in its numerous castles, edifices, and churched. If you are a nature-centric person, this city has enough parks and green landscapes along with museums and palaces to entertain its tourists. Munich combines various stylistic periods into a stunning mix of historical and modern architecture. The city of dreams in Southern Germany is situated in the midst of a beautiful pre-alpine countryside and offers a spectacular variety of culinary, artistic and cultural highlights – a perfect environment for your congress. Visit this city where fine architecture, rich culture and brass music co-exist with Lederhosen, fashionable streets, beer gardens, and sumptuous food.


An architectural gem of Munich, Frauenkirche stands among the most famous landmarks in the city and dates back to 15th century. Both the onion domes and the twin towers are unmistakably noticed from anywhere in the city and visible from miles around. This late-Gothic brick edifice has devil’s footprint on the floor of the church and you may climb the south tower which offers a breathtaking view across the rooftops of Munich and on to the Alps.

Allianz Arena:

Wish to get clandestine insight into this extraordinary stadium? Embark on a tour with one of the guides and experience the atmosphere from the point of view of a professional footballer in the players' area and explore tiny exciting details of this architectural edifice. Visit the Middle-tier, dressing rooms, players' tunnel, mixed zone, promenade exterior and much more at this stadium with a huge seating capacity of 75,000. Don't miss out on the major highlight which is the color-changing exterior of the stadium.

Englischer Garten:

More popularly known as the 'English Garden', this 900-acre park is among the biggest city parks in Europe and once served as the hunting ground for the Bavarian army. One among the largest urban parks in the world, you may head here for numerous leisure activities or just people watch. The park is an abode to brooks, ponds and 4 big beer gardens and makes for a perfect place for a nice evening stroll or Sunday lazing.

Nymphenburg Palace:

Situated towards the west of Munich, Nymphenburg Palace used to be the summer residence of the Bavarian monarchs and 5 generations of Wittelsbach rulers were a part of its construction. Gaze at the interiors that are adorned with spectacular furnishings, marble tables, mural paintings, and lovely portraits. Don't miss out on the 'Gallery of Beauties' commissioned by Ludwig I, which makes it the city's favorite attraction.

Munich Residenz:

One of the most significant palace museums in Europe, Munich Residenz used to be the royal residence of the Bavarian monarchs and also served as the seat of Government from 1508 to 1918. Tagged as the largest city palace in Germany, it is well worth a visit because of its architectural brilliance and associated history.

St, Michael’s Church:

Labeled as the largest Renaissance church in Munich, St. Michael's Church was built in 2 stages and stands as one of the finest Jesuit churches in the world. The style of the building has drawn inspiration from the Southern German Baroque architecture. Marvel at the alluring exterior of the church adorned with numerous bronze statues embracing the statue of Michael the Archangel sited amidst 2 main doors. Many dukes and kings of Bavaria are buried in the crypt of the church.

BMW Museum:

A mecca for any automobile enthusiast, the BMW museum in Munich details the evolution of the automobile manufacturer BMW. Located near the Olympiapark, it comprises of BMW Welt, plant and museum and proffers a stunning representation of the company, brand, product, and history. Spread on an area of 5000 square meters, it is an abode to over 125 attractive automobiles, motorcycles, and engines. The BMW museum enjoys rave reviews and is quite entertaining for non-car buffs as well.


The site of the popular Oktoberfest, Theresienwiese (Theresa Meadow) is an open space in the Munich borough of Ludwigsvorstadt-isarvorstadt. Other than the Oktoberfest, it hosts various markets and events throughout the year. You will spot statues of Bavarian leaders along with the Bavaria statue which is an 18 meter high Amazon in the Statue of Liberty tradition, oak wreath in her hand and lion at her feet.

Deutsches Museum:

Rethink if you feel the word 'museum' is boring for Deutsches Museum will change your perspective. Tagged as the enormous and oldest science museum in the world, it exhibits masterpieces in science and technology and makes for a fascinating and interactive place for young as well as old explorers. Founded in 1903, it entertains approximately 1.5 million visitors per year.