Top things to do in Montevideo

Top things to do in Montevideo

Top things to do in Montevideo

The capital Montevideo is a film stuck in the timeless backdrop of fin-de-siècle architecture, riverside promenades enclosed by sandy beaches and shady plazas. A place where residents revel into life's smaller things and simple pleasures. Amid the quirky barrios, cafes, banks and boutiques, you will find stately Beaux-Arts and Art Deco buildings, colonial churches and leafy squares taking you through the glorious past of the city. History Buff? The museums are your calling. Party Hunter? The city's tango bars await. A Foodie? Fill that stomach in over 50+ restaurants dotted across the city. Explorer? Discover the cobblestone streets that complement the massive skyscrapers. Montevideo is like a multi-subject book, with different chapters giving you a reason to stay. Welcoming more than 3 million visitors every year, the city is emerging as one of the continent's coolest and vibrant capital and marking its way on the traveller's radar!

Discovering Montevideo is all about being spontaneous, so get a head start and start planning your trip!

Ciudad Vieja:

Lying on the tip of a small peninsula projecting out of Montevideo, Ciudad Vieja stands as the historical center of the city and is sprawling with fascinating buildings. Boasting of both old and modern architecture, this center is your place to stand in and click some quirky photographs. After exploring the activity houses, head to the city's port, where several museums and a great open-air market welcomes you for spending some quality time. It is a great place for throwing the night away with bars bustling around and youngsters flocking on the streets.

Castillo Pittamiglio:

Get a glimpse into the life of infamous architect Humberto Pittamiglio at the castle he called home. Quaintly snuggled between Pocitos and Punta Carretas on Rambla, Castillo Pittamiglio is an eccentric structure that will not only enchant you with its quirky facade but also leave you intrigued about the region's history through its displays. Take a guided tour of this open book of alchemy and unfold the hidden message behind the work of architect related to alchemy, the stories and meaning of the stairs, patios, corridors, towers, halls and statues that make up the building. Note: The guided tour cost around UYU $130.

Playa Pocitos:

In this summer land, you will definitely want to cool down so find yourself on the sandy beach of Pocitos for a quick dip. Green foreshore and soft sand, the area is swamped by people during holidays. Beach football and volleyball are a common thing here, so feel free to join and show your skills. Get involved into one of the regular boat races or enjoy the scenery while munching on a bite at one of the many restaurants and cafe's that are lined at the beach.

Teatro Solís:

Indulge in a true cultural experience at the oldest theater in the country. Dominating Plaza Independencia, Theatre Solis is an important icon of the city that was built in 1856 and underwent major changes that was designed by Philippe Starck around 1998-2005. Immerse yourself in old-world splendor and opulence at this restored theater that will captivate you with its spectacular exteriors as well as interiors. Wander through different rooms and halls with your guide to bask in the cultural essence or go bind the scenes to interact with the performers and if you are lucky, you may even catch them performing live. Local art shows, operas and folkloric performances find their way to this theater.

Plaza Independencia:

Enclosed by busy streets and numerous important buildings, one of the major plazas of the town, Plaza Independencia is the beating heart of Montevideo. The square is dominated by a 30-ton equestrian statue of Jose Artigas, the national hero who was one of the major contributors in the struggle of independence of the country and below the statue lies a mausoleum that is home the remains of revolutionary leaders of the country. The link between the old city and new city, the plaza marks the beginning of the main street of the city and is the natural seat of official public events.

Constitution Square (Plaza Martiz):

Wander through the oldest plaza of the city and find yourself surrounded by the historical structures like old town hall, mother church and more. Commonly referred to as Plaza Constitution, Plaza Matriz is a lively square that was once the beating heart of the colonial city. Sit by the fountain and chill under the trees at this leafy square and see the local life pass by right in front of your eyes or let the locals captivate you with their artistic charisma and rhythm of the Candombe drums or just munch on some traditional food at one of the food kiosk near the plaza. If you pass by in the mornings, then the antiques fair with an array of stalls selling trinkets and souvenirs will definitely force your feet to stop by.

Mercado Del Puerto:

Lying at the base of perez Castellano, Mercado Del Puerto is a lively market in an old port building that give you a taste of the local flavor of the town. Munch on some mouth-watering delicacies in the outdoor-seating restaurants while being entertained by the local musicians or sample a fresh “asado” (a grilled meat on traditional open fire) from a kiosk while filling up your bags with crafts. Whether you want to learn more about the history of the city or just socialize with locals, this market has got it all. Stop by on a Saturday to enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Carnival Museum:

Known to be a gateway to the spirit of the country, Museo del Carnaval is the place where you can enjoy the infamous carnival of Uruguay that blends numerous cultures in its forge all year. Come and dive deep down in the colorful environment of one of the longest celebrated fiesta in the world to learn more about the immigrants that founded the city and their customs, fashions and beliefs. Showcasing instruments, colorful costumes, models, masks, photos and recordings used in the past carnivals in a chronological order from colonial times to modern day, the museum was the first in its kind with a real cobbled stone street built inside it. Take a break from the tour to visit the cafe located right behind the museum or relax at the courtyard to see some entertaining performances.

Montevideo Metropolitan Cathedral:

Also referred to as Iglesia Martiz, the Montevideo Metropolitan Cathedral is the seat of Roman catholic archdiocese of the city and one of the oldest structures in the city. Dominating Plaza Matriz, this striking church features the image of the patron-saint of Uruguay and is one of the main religious destination for the devotees. Designated as a National historic landmark, this church is also known to be the mother cathedral of countries of southern South America.

Palacio Salvo:

A historical icon in the city, Palacio Salvo was originally supposed to be a hotel, but today is a mishmash of private apartments, commercial offices, music studios and radio stations. Situated at the intersection of Plaza Independencia and Avenue 18 de Julio, this Italian Gothic structure with influences of neo-romanticism and classic architecture was once the tallest building of the continent. Reach the top of the palace to enjoy spectacular panoramas of the city or learn more about the history of this excellent building from a tenant. You can even rent an apartment here.

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