Discover the best places to visit in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Best places to visit in Lucerne

Top things to do in Lucerne

Gateway to Central Switzerland, Lucerne lies on the shores of Lake Lucerne and is placed within a stunning mountainous scenery. The tourist destination is popular for its fascinating lakeside setting, various watch shops, excellent attractions and the nearby excursions to Mount Pilaturs, Rigi and much more. Lucerne is a city of rich museums, vibrant town squares, picturesque wooden bridges and historic churches. Historic houses here are adorned with frescos while the churches will take you back to the 17th century. A wealth of cultural events rule the ever-glittery Lake Lucerne. With the fog ascending off the water and the mountains approaching above in the morning sun, it's not difficult to understand why individuals are entranced by the moving landscape around Lucerne. Where else would you be able to sit and look at mountains, a waterway, and a lake in addition to structural treasures like a late-medieval wooden bridge and a florid church. Popular known as: The city of Bridges, Squares and Music, but most of all, the City of lights, legend tells that an angel cast light upon a place and told the anglers to fabricate a chapel in honour for their supporter St. Nicholas. Afterward, the house of prayer turned out to be a piece of the religious community "Luceria", thus the name Lucerne. ------ The first city that joined the Everlasting League of the 'three forest cantons' in 1332, Lucerne is located an hour away from Basel and offers outstanding mountain views, a scenic medieval quarter and lake cruises. The tourism capital of the country is located on the edge of Lake Lucerne and was a regular halt on the 'Grand Tour' route of Europe in the past, serving visitors like Goethe, Mark Twain and Queen Victoria. Past the Lucerne lake are the mountains, snow-secured lasting through the year, commanded by the immeasurably great pinnacle of Mount Pilatus. And also an exceptionally all around well-maintained Old Town, there are sunny old squares, charming temples, a unimaginably beautiful wooden extension, wide lake-side promenades, and at the city's heart the startling dark seriousness of the Culture and Congress Center, which gives a sharp differentiation to the interesting quality all around. The city is stuffed with history, because of its key position as a passage between Protestant Northern Europe and Catholic Italy. Lucerne or Luzern also makes for an excellent base to explore the surrounding region, with a variety of excursions to chose from; be it the mountain lifts or boat trips. Below mentioned are the 7 best places to visit in Lucerne, Switzerland.


One of the most significant sights in the city of Lucerne is the Kapellbrücke that was built in the first-half of the 14th century. Europe's oldest footbridge is also home to a collection of paintings taking you through a journey of Lucerne’s rich history. The chapel bridge was once a part of the defence system to protect the city from enemies and was terribly damaged by fire in the year 1993. The bridge was rebuilt and restored soon and today it stands as one of the best visited and photographed place in the country.

Lion Monument:

The ever-popular Lion Monument was constructed to honor the Swiss soldiers who died during the French Revolution in 1792 and was designed by Thorwaldsen in the year 1820. The monument features a massive figure of a dying lion taking breathing his last in protected stone lair. The monument is enclosed by lush trees and is known as one of the best places to visit in Lucerne.

Swiss Museum of Transport:

For those who peek interest in transportation will find solace here. As the name suggests, The Swiss Museum of Transport takes you through a journey of the development of transport and mobility on railways, roadways, waterways as well as airways and space. Go through over 3,000 items, multimedia exhibits, simulators and interactive exhibitions and also explore the planetarium and an IMAX theater. Kids will certainly love the museum's chocolate-themed exhibit.

Lucerne Culture and Congress Centre:

Admire the majestic architecture and one of the most fascinating concert halls in the world at Lucerne Culture and Congress Centre. Built in the year 1995 by architect, Jean Nouvel, the building is home to a convention center, a multifunctional hall and a globally-popular concert hall with out-of-the-world acoustics, a highly recommended place to visit in Lucerne. The 3 distinctive buildings stand together in a line and cover themselves with a magic roof. Do take a tour through the center to marvel at the brilliant architecture.


Stroll around the northern side of the city's old town and bump into this wall that was constructed between 1350 and 1408. The wall swanks 9 stunning towers built in variant styles. The part that was built around 1386 is almost still intact. You can climb on 4 of the towers - Wacht, Zyt, Mannli and Schrimer for extraordinary views of the lake, city and enclosing landscape. The Zyt tower also houses the oldest clock of the city that was built in 1535; the clock chimes hourly, exactly a minute before all the other clocks of the city. You can admire the mechanism inside the towers and also click some photographs.


Enclosed by 3 mesmerizing lakes, Mt. Rigi features a tall summit 5,898 feet above sea level and is a year-round destination served by Europe's oldest mountain railways. Also referred to as Queen of the Mountains, Rigi is the best place to visit in Lucerne for nature lovers who will enjoy the many walking trails and ski slopes, tackling the hiking paths all the way to the top. Once on top, admire the stunning views that the beautiful city has to offer and don’t forget to take photographs.


Lucerne houses a multi-purpose stadium that is mostly used for football matches and is the home stadium of FC Lucerne. The stadium can hold up to 16,800 people and was opened recently in the year 2011. The stadium replaced Stadion Allmend and includes a fans section that features 390 rail seats for safe standing.