Top Tourist Attractions & Best Places To Visit In London

Top Tourist Attractions In London

Best Places To Visit In London:

Not just a capital city but a multicultural metropolis with a vibrant life, alluring nature, and a rich culture, London is an exciting place to visit with a plethora of sights, attractions, and adventures for people of all ages. With a diverse range of cultures, religions, and people, the city is truly a representation of the world population. Home to four UNESCO World Heritage Sites, London is rich in history and heritage and the traditional as well as modern aspects of the city coexist quite beautifully. Gaze at the stunning edifices and structures as well as architectural wonders like the Tower of London, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, and a lot more that proffer a glimpse of the rich cultural past and present of the city. For those interested in exploring the natural scene of the city, there are many parks, gardens, and riverside views that provide the most beautiful outdoor spaces to relax. If you are a shopaholic, you’ll be spoilt for choice as the options and range of goods are endless right from flagship stores to local markets. Here’s a rundown of the top attractions and best places to visit for a tourist in London:

The London Eye, a top attraction in London
The London Eye:

Tagged as Europe's tallest Ferris Wheel, the London Eye is a major landmark situated on the South Bank of the River Thames. Rising 443 feet (135 meters) above the ground, its wheel has a breadth of 394 feet (120 meters) and 32 enclosed passenger capsules, which accommodate up to 25 people, allowing them to freely walk inside the capsule. It has also been described as 'The World's Tallest Cantilevered Observation Wheel' and welcomes 3.75 million visitors annually.

Tower of London:

A Royal Palace, a fortress, an infamous prison, one of Britain's most-visited historic sites and a top attraction in London. The Tower of London is a historic castle that is sure to pique your interest. The tower has played an important role in English history and was besieged various times. The White Tower, commonly known as the Donjon has been described as 'the most complete 11th-century palace in Europe'.

Tower of London, one of the best places to visit in London
Hyde Park, one of the best places to visit in London
Hyde Park:

With an uncanny ability to make you forget that you are right in the center of a city as busy as London, Hyde Park is one of the biggest city parks from over the world. Sprawling over 142 hectares, this park is embellished with more than 4,000 trees, a huge lake, an emerald pasture and enchanting flower gardens. This park caters to everyone’s needs, where you can enjoy cycling, swimming, boating, and skating along with pitches for games, tennis courts, and a majestic children’s playground. If you hear stomach growl, head to the 2 lakeside restaurants that serve everything from a scrumptious meal to a cup of coffee.

Piccadilly Circus:

If you wish to take a break from shopping and sightseeing and watch one of the busiest squares, head to Piccadilly Circus to take amazing pictures with the neon lights, 19th-century fountains, and iconic hoardings. You can also sit next to the statue of Eros and marvel at the architectural beauty. Grab some food while you walk around the best attraction of London.

Piccadilly Circus one of the best places to visit in London
Lords Cricket Ground one of the major attractions of London
Lord’s Cricket Ground:

Popularly known as the “Home of Cricket”, Lords Stadium is named after is founder, Thomas Lord, and houses world’s oldest sporting museum. Home to the Ashes Urn and the MCC, this ground is also known to host international matches. With a huge seating capacity of 28,000, the stadium will embrace you with its vivacious cricket vibes.

Big Ben:

The Houses of Parliament’s iconic clock tower, Big Ben is one of the most-visited attractions in London. Loosely, Big Ben is a title allotted to the huge bell inside the clock tower that weighs more than 13 tons and is the world’s largest clock. One of the most important signs of the United Kingdom, it has been featured in many films and looks its best at night when the 4 clock faces are illuminated. Don’t miss out on this spectacular attraction while visiting London.

Big Ben, one of the top attractions in London
Oxford Street one of the best places to visit in London
Oxford Street:

Known as United Kingdom’s best-loved High Street, Oxford Street has over 300 retailers ranging from designer outlets to department stores being the most frequented shopping street in Europe where over half a million people shop on the street. It is a blend of unrivaled shopping, captivating history, beguiling architecture, mouth-watering food and matchless deals. Head here to fill your bags as well as your stomach.

Buckingham Palace:

Falling under the category of few operating palaces in the world, Buckingham Palace has open to visitors during the summer months for more than 20 years, and is one of the most-visited attractions in London. Whether you are visiting this place for the first time or you are a palace connoisseur, this palatial structure will never fail to keep you interested. Be it the 19 staterooms, the beautiful grand staircase, sculptures and paintings, the majestic throne room, collection of porcelain, 39-acres garden, the special exhibitions or the garden café and shop, everything is worth visiting.

Buckingham Palace one of the top attractions in London
Royal Albert Palace, a top attraction in London
Royal Albert Palace:

A Grade I listed building, Royal Albert Hall is a world-renowned concert hall that has been holding prom concerts annually every summer since 1941 with a huge seating capacity of over 5,000 seats. Undoubtedly one of the most distinctive and treasured buildings in the United Kingdom, many leading artists belonging to different genres from all over the world have performed here. Get enrolled for one of the tours to understand this architectural marvel in detail.

Westminster Abbey:

A living pageant of history, Westminster Abbey greets over 1 million guests to traverse this astonishing 700-year-old building. With audio guides available in more than 11 languages, every visitor can marvel at the mind-blowing architectural works, paintings, and inscriptions on the statue. It is also famous for the burial or commemoration of the most eminent personalities in the country's history.

Westminster Abbey one of the best places to visit in London