Top Attractions in Ljubljana

Top Attractions in Ljubljana

Top Attractions in Ljubljana

Tagged as Europe’s greenest and most livable capitals, Ljubljana is laced with alluring edifices and striking architecture and often described as a ‘jewel-box’. The old world feel combined with modernity provides a unique charm to Ljubljana which makes it a much frequented global tourist destination. It is not some renowned attractions that make Ljubljana a favorite holiday spot. The city itself has a peculiar allure with its cultural and natural setting. Ljubljana offers a relaxed and slow paced experience for those who are looking to spend their days away from the hustle of the busy cities. The city has preserved some of its old world treasures in its streets, buildings, and bridges whereas the fascinating fairytale views of the Old Town and the panoramic nature takes one to centuries back. And, of course, the historical and cultural heritage of the city is the biggest attraction for those who would like to dig into the magnificent past of Ljubljana.

The Tivoli Park:

Scattered across the city center, Tivoli Park is the largest verdant shade card of green in the capital city covering an area of approximately 5 kilometers. You will spot 3 grand horse chestnut tree-lined walks landscaped with ornate flower-beds as well as numerous statues and fountains. Head here to relax or spot a variety of birds and get clicked at various buildings and artworks that stand in the park.

Franciscan Church of the Annunciation:

Located at a prime location right in the heart of Old Town, Franciscan Church of the Annunciation is a notable edifice on the Prešernov trg square standing in red color. Marvel at the façade adorned with a copper statue of St. Mary, Ljubljana's largest Madonna statue making it a major highlight. Preserved as a cultural monument of national significance, numerous tourists flock here while visiting the city.

Ljubljana Castle:

Ljubljana castle is perched on a hill just above the downtown overlooking the largest city in Slovenia and has a huge castle complex. Originally a medieval fortress built during the 11th century, it was formerly used as a penitentiary. Later, it was considered as a residential complex and today used as a major venue for cultural events. Hop on the funicular ride to reach this castle and enjoy the breath-taking views and once at the top, soak in the history and marvel at the architecture.

Ljubljana Zoo:

Labeled as one of the major tourist attractions of the city, the Ljubljana Zoo is sprawled over an area of around 19.6 hectares. Established in 1949, this place is well renowned for habitats of Dinaric, Mediterranean, Pannonian, and the Alpine. You will spot around 500 animals belonging to 119 species comprising of unique animals such as raccoons, lynxes, Siberian cranes and many more. Let your children make the most of their visit to this zoo.

National Gallery of Slovenia:

Proceed to the National Gallery of Slovenia, the main art museum of Slovenia, that is an abode to the largest collection of visual arts known to have been collected right from the medieval century comprising of the 20th century. Marvel at the alluring 19th-century neo-Renaissance Palace it is housed in and gaze at the collection of older art including European paintings, and few Italian paintings, as well as the Robba fountain.

Dragon Bridge:

The most renowned attraction in the city, Dragon Bridge was erected in the honor of the 40th anniversary of the Emperor rule. If you don't have a photograph here, it'll be difficult for you to assert to have visited Ljubljana. Gaze at the 4 stunning dragon statues which are a masterpiece and the bridge is considered a technical heritage and an excellent example of Art Nouveau architecture.


Metelkova is renowned as an autonomous cultural center situated in the heart of the city sprawling over 12,500 square meters. Named after the 19th century, this is the familiar place comprising barracks of the former military and was created during the year 1993. If you happen to be here after sundown, this area turns into a hub where live music, art galleries, and parties take place.

Congress Square:

Standing as one of the major squares in Ljubljana, Congress Square is situated right in the heart of the city and is also an abode to the Star Park. The square is encircled by various prominent edifices including the Baroque Ursuline Church of the Holy Trinity, the Kazina building, and one of the few Neoclassical buildings remaining after the earthquake.

Ljubljana Botanical Gardens:

Ljubljana's oldest standing institution and attraction, the Botanical Gardens are an abode to over 4,500 different species and also their sub species. Spot one-third of the species native to the country while the rest belong to other parts of Europe or other continents. Head to the glasshouses to gaze at over 380 plant species native to the tropical forests around the world.

Prešeren Square:

Being the central square of the city, Prešeren Square makes up for the part of the old town's pedestrian zone and is renowned as a major meeting point. If lucky, you may spot carnivals, sports, political as well as protest events that take place here. Renovated in 2007, it pulsates not only as the historic center but also a spiritual center and is thronged by photographers and tourists.

Museum of Illusions:

Won't it be amazing to understand what human mind can see? Proceed to the Museum of Illusions to see how much your eyes can be swindled. Having almost 40 optical displays, the museum plays around with the minds of visitors and lets you seek the information on how is it done. You'll also spot a Games room and a shop where you can try your hand at some tricky puzzles as well as do some gift shopping.