Top things to do in Lagos

Top things to do in Lagos

Top things to do in Lagos

A lovely little jewel tucked away in the Algarve, Lagos is a fantastic historical town and one of the most favorite holiday destinations across entire Europe. The city has a scenery very different from the rest of Portugal and is specifically known worldwide for its wonderful geography which includes beautiful coastline, hills and various beautiful orchards. This beautiful, historic city has become a popular holiday destination as it offers visitors a splendid coastline, glorious beaches, buzzing nightlife, various adventurous sports and a charming historic center. If idyllic beaches are your thing and also you are someone who likes golf, watersports, dolphin watching and off-road jeep safaris, you will definitely love Lagos!

Praia Dona Ana:

Surrounded by steep flamboyant strata cliffs, Praia da Dona Ana is a postcard perfect beach and is often tagged as the best beach on Algarve. Having bagged the tag of 'Best Beach in the World, it stands at a walking distance from the city center and stays crowded even on summer weekends. This popular beach cove known for its imposing cliffs and crystal clear water is a major attraction in this city. Note: The only way to reach the beach is by taking a long flight of steps which is why it is unsuitable for disabled and older visitors.

Lagos Zoo:

Although not very big in size, Lagos Zoo houses as many as 120 animal species and 200 botanical species from 5 continents. You can embark upon a journey which will take you through 350 species from all over the world with different shapes, sizes and sounds, mixed with the cultures of the 5 continents. Conservation and preservation of both animals and plants are taken very seriously at the zoo, captivating visitors and instilling a sense of respect for the environment. Head here for a perfect outing with family and kids.

Farol da Ponta da Piedade/Lagos:

Located just to the west of the town, just a half an hour walk from the center of Lagos, Ponta da Piedade is a marvelous section of coastline, made up of caves, grottos and sea arches that nature has shaped over thousands of years. It is undoubtedly the most spectacular natural feature of the Algarve coastline and the number one tourist attraction in the city. Boat rides, kayaking trips, and hang gliding are very popular here. Note: There is no public transport and the only way to reach the site is by car or on foot.

Ponta da Piedade:

For an unforgettable scenic walk and beautiful views of the caves and cliffs, take a walk up to the lighthouse. Unfortunately, entry to the lighthouse is not open to the public, but with the backdrop of the ocean and neighboring palm trees, it makes for a wonderful sight. Just behind the lighthouse lies the crowd-pulling Ponta da Piedade and you may take a kayak or boat trip to reach there and explore the grottos that lie on the way.

Igreja de Santo António:

The Church of St. Anthony is one of the major highlights in the religious canvas of Algarve and frequented by a large number of religious tourists. Known for its extravagant Baroque decoration and 18th-century blue and white azulejo panels, the church also houses a rare statue of S. Elói - the patron saint of goldsmiths.

Pinhao Beach:

Surrounded by red and orange cliffs, clear waters representing Caribbean white sands, Praia do Pinhao is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches of the Algarve coastline. Tucked between Praia don Ana and Praia da Batata, it is not a very big beach but definitely a small paradise in the city of Lagos. The cozy atmosphere and the magnificent views attract a large number of visitors. Avoid going in the dark due to the steepness of the cliff and lack of light.

Infante Dom Henrique:

A monument dedicated to Henry, the navigator, Infante Dom Henrique is a statue right in the center of the square established in 1960 which was the 500th anniversary of his death. Get clicked near this statue and stroll around the street named after him.

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