Top things to do in La Digue

Top things to do in La Digue

Top things to do in La Digue

The beauty of La Digue lies in its white sandy beaches, turquoise water, mesmeric sunsets and verdant jungles. All these together make this city almost surreal. The island reflects the authentic traditional Creole culture. You can’t simply get enough of the Creole cuisine and architecture in the city. Try different restaurants and indulge in some beyond sumptuous dining experience. A trip to the Island of La Digue is definitely incomplete without tasting the different types of bananas. Anything and everything with bananas in it are worth tryingly

Anse La Reunion:

Located on the west coast of La Digue, the Anse La Reunion is one of the best beaches in the city considering the safety factor, water sports and accommodations. The beach offers you an array of excellent facilities and services and spending a vacation here is worthwhile. The icing on the cake is its simple and easy access to the beach.

Anse Cocos:

Located in the east of La Digue, Anse Cocos beach lies along the coast from Petite Anse and is a 30-minute walk from Grand Anse. The very first settlements on La Digue, Anse Cocos used to be a small village and a large production house of Copra. Presently, there is a lack of facilities on the beach. Nonetheless, the unique features of the beach make a visit here worthwhile. You can spend a whole day here by sunbathing and paddling in the sea.

Anse Severe:

What’s a trip to the city of beaches if you haven’t experienced sunset by holding your significant other’s hand? Anse Severe is one of those beaches which will let you experience the same without any disappointment. Enjoy the serene environment with your partner here at Anse Severe. The beach is famous for a number of reasons, and topping the list is the perfect view of the sunset: blazing, yet calm. Also, there is a tiny snack shop and bar at the northern end of the beach along with a small boutique. You can spend your whole day strolling, sunbathing, swimming, paddling and snorkeling.

Grand Anse:

Located around 4 kilometers or so from La Passe, the picture-perfect beach of Grand Anse is the longest one on the island of La Digue. It draws fewer visitors because of the efforts required to reach the destination. Swimming here is very risky due to the strong offshore currents during the southeast monsoon.

Petit Anse:

Petite Anse is the sister beach to Grand Anse and can be reached by walking across the rocks from Grand Anse, following the footpath. It is a secluded beach on the island of La Digue. Swimming here can be dangerous but it’s a good spot for sunbathing or picnicking.

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