Top Attractions in Krakow

Top Attractions in Krakow

Top Attractions in Krakow

Poland’s 2nd largest city, Krakow, is a hidden historical as well as visual gem and comes steeped in legend and myth. Following a legend that it was discovered on the defeat of a dragon, there is no denying that a mythological atmosphere pervades through its alluring streets and squares. Wawel Castle stands as the focal point, while the Old Town boasts of magnificent churches and museums attracting a large number of visitors. Having a Stone Age history that takes you back to around 200,000 years, you’ll bump into a range of historic edifices and churches that speaks volume of its vivid historical past. Covering both the banks of Wisla (Vistula) river, this city also brags about a vivacious nightlife.

Wieliczka Salt Mine:

The Salt Mine of Wieliczka is an amazing route through which you can enjoy the various historical components of the city. With routes such as the Graduation Tower and Pilgrim’s Route, you could experience the mysteries and the history imbibed in this aged salt mine. The prayerful contemplation and the excavations are sure to make your ride an interesting one.

Wawel Castle:

Wavel Castle stands as one of the most prominent landmarks across the country. There are 5 separate sections to this castle – the Exhibition of Oriental Art, Royal Private Apartments, Lost Wavel, State Rooms and Crown Treasury and Armoury. The architecture of the castle, which is now known as a museum, will take you back to the 16th century.

Main Square:

The gravitational center of the city, the Main Square of Krakow was designed in the year 1257. It is known to be one of the largest medieval squares across the country and is laced with beautiful townhouses. There is a Cloth Hill right in the middle of the square which was established in the 14th century.

The Cloth Hall:

An iconic structure situated right in the middle of the market square, the Kraków Cloth Hall has graced the city since the mid-13th century. By 1574, the Hall was known to be one of the most magnificent buildings across the entire town. There are merchant stalls that include silk, leather, and various spices.

St. Mary’s Basilica:

St. Mary’s Basilica is a two-tower Gothic church renowned for its hourly trumpet call which cannot be missed by any visitor to the city. The brick building with a wooden altarpiece, stained glass windows, and a starry ceiling is an iconic structure in the heart of the city.

Planty Park:

Planty Park is a chain of smaller gardens that are linked together to form the most popular public park and walkway in the city. Dotted with refreshing garden elements like ponds, fountains and monuments, each garden retains its own typical style and characteristics. It offers a pleasant place to stroll around during the afternoons.

Wawel Cathedral:

A sacred site in the city of Krakow, the Wawel Cathedral is a graveyard of all the national heroes and Royal Kings of Polish. The construction of the cathedral began in the year 1320. There are no less than 18 chapels in the interior. You can find the beautiful tombs of various kings, a museum, a library, and archives.

Rynek Underground Permanent Exhibition:

An expansive underground museum situated below the city market square, the Rynek Museum pays an ode to the history of the city. The exhibits include 3D projections and reconstructed scenes as well as objects such as 12th-century workshop, aqueducts, merchant’s stall and more.

Kościuszko Mound:

Erected in memory of the national leader Tadeusz Kościuszko, this artificial mound atop Bronisława Hill is made up of soil brought by the people of the Poland from all part of the country for three years. A mimic to the historical inspirations, the Kościuszko Mound is one of the most significant symbols of the independence of the country.

Polish Aviation Museum:

A stunning place to visit on your tour to Krakow, the Polish Aviation Museum hosts a range of brilliant aircrafts on display and is a must-visit for those who are fascinated by the intricacies of the aviation industry. From missile launchers to modern jets and rockets, you are sure to find everything here. The presence of tanks used by the military of the UK, Germany, Russia, the US, and Poland during the World War will take you back to the turbulent time of the war.