Top things to do in Krabi

Top things to do in Krabi

Top things to do in Krabi

Krabi is one of the nation's tourist destinations of the highest potential and is a place gifted with natural attractions like crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, extensive coral reefs, waterfalls and numerous caves etc. The lush vegetation, western-style restaurants and blood-pumping adventure sports add to the beauty of the town. Don't even miss the chance to discover the caves topped with stalagmites and stalactites and if you are feeling adventurous, then don't stop your feet to climb up the mountains. The provincial capital is also a major hub to travel to the area's most popular beaches and islands, including Ao Nang, Ko Phi Phi, Klong Muang, Ko Lanta and Laem Phra Nang. The town itself is a paradise for the unamicable sights here is reason enough for you to grab your camera and stroll your way through the pleasant landmarks and streets. Invest your time here devouring delectable flavors, going by the social sites and hanging out around the river, where unwinding is obligatory and beguiling perspectives rule.

Railay Beach:

What makes Railay Beach a hugely popular coastline in Krabi is the fact that it is one of the most secluded strips of sand located in the town and is accessible only by boat. Come and plunge into the cobalt water of the beach or do as the voyagers do and climb rocks from one of the 700 trails in the surrounding area. The crystal clear waters, spotless sand and unwinding atmosphere makes it a heavenly destination. Get away from the noisy city life and grab onto some local delicacies from the on-ground restaurants. Railay Beach Viewpoint is where you can enjoy excellent views from the top. Situated on tall cliffs overlooking the shoreline, the viewpoint is known for stunning perspectives of the enclosing sea, coast and palm trees below. To reach the viewpoint, get ready to pass through narrow pathways and twisted trails. Ropes will certainly help you along the routes, so don't worry. Hiking boots are highly recommended.

Hong Island:

Explore the isolated Hong Islands that feature the excellent sheer rock walls of the region. Even though the principle island is uninhabited, apart from the birds, white gibbons and goliath screen reptiles which can be spotted relaxing on the white sand shoreline, the island is a great place to relax in the secluded surroundings. Hong also features snorkeling spots, lagoons and excellent sandbars. To make the most of your trip here, go for a kayak tour that will allow you to discover the island at its best.

Phra Nang Beach:

Another photogenic beach situated in Krabi is the Phra Nang Cave Beach, a favorite among locals and tourist alike. The sandy beach is hidden in an attractive cove and offers mind-boggling vistas of the surrounding region. Dive into the blue waters of the beach or take your pick from a wide range of water sports for some adrenaline rush. You can grab some excellent refreshments and meals from the local eateries on the beach.

Emerald Pool:

Take a dip into the warm and crystalline waters at Emerald Pool, a hot spring concealed away in a forest. The main spring is popular among locals and tourists and is an excellent place to swim in the turquoise waters. Hike up to get through the dense woods and spot animals that have found a home in the forest. Note: Do consider taking a guide.

Viking Cave:

Take an invigorating 90-minute boat ride to reach Tham Phaya Nak or Phi Phi archipelago's, Viking Cave that is situated on the eastern side of Phi Phi Ley. The attraction gets its name from the intriguing cave paintings of longboats that were similar to the Vikings. Some of the other paintings include elephants and a wide range of other boats like steamships and motorboats. A visit to the caves also permits you to explore one of the local industries; the harvesting of swiftlet birds’ nests. some say that these edible nests have the ability to promote good health and are great for your skin.

Bamboo Island:

Located 13 kilometers away from Ton Sai Pier, Bamboo Island is a perfect place to get away from the bustling crowd and everyday life. Here, you won't find any rock peaks, but just a tiny beach of white sand that adorned by turquoise waters. Rent the tents from on-ground vendors to experience one of the best sunrises in the country. You can carry your snorkeling gear along.

Tup Island:

Ranked as one of the most popular islands on Krabi, Tup is a mecca for snorkelers, as the water here is as invigorating as it could get. You can hire a boat and paddle your way through the waters at your own convenience. During low tides, stroll around across a sandbar to the nearby island and absorb the beautiful views.

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