Top things to do in Jakarta

Top things to do in Jakarta

Top things to do in Jakarta

Transformed and advanced from a colonial area to a modern metropolis, Jakarta is the ideal destination for a short stay and offers its visitors with a jumble of culture, race and language. People of profuse origins reside here and this is what makes Jakarta stand out from the other Asian cities. The effects of the colonial era on Indonesia, as well as Jakarta is distinctly displayed in the museums here. Lying partly on the coast, Jakarta is known for the seafood and some restaurants are known to blend different cuisines and serve you with some delicious food. Although Jakarta is not that notable for amusements parks or resorts, but is the dwelling place of the majestic beauties like the rhinos, tigers and elephants. For party animals, Jakarta offers a pulsating nightlife. This capital city is bound to offer something for its visitors and will surely take your vacation to a higher level.

National Monument:

Regarded as one of the most famous landmark in Jakarta, National Monument inside Merdaka Square is a 132m tall obelisk which depicts the struggle of the country for Independence from the Dutch. The pinnacle of the tower has a ‘Freedom Square’ which symbolizes the people’s efforts to achieve freedom and the crowning of Independence. The tower consists of a historical museum at the plinth of the tower and a lift that takes you to the top of the tower and leaves you spell-bind with the dazzling view of the city and the sea.

National Museum of Indonesia:

National Museum of Indonesia is a museum cum information centre educating the nation about the culture and history of Indonesia and also strengthening the relationship with other nations. Located in the heart of the city in Central Jakarta, the museum is locally known as the ‘Museum of Elephant’ because of the elephant statue on the front side of the museum, this museum is worth a visit to know about the culture of Indonesia.

Istiqlal Mosque:

The National mosque of Indonesia also known as the ‘Istiqlal Mosque’ is the largest mosque in Asia with a total capacity of more than a lakh people. The mosque was named ‘Istiqlal’ which means Independence in Arab, to celebrate the independence of the country from the Dutch. Located in Central Jakarta, the interior décor of the mosque is simple and is one of the well-known destination for tourists in Jakarta.

Grand Indonesia:

Grand Indonesia is one of the busiest mall located in the centre of Jakarta. Home to a variety of famous luxurious and restaurants of different cuisines, Grand Indonesia is the ideal place to shop while you are in Jakarta. The mall also offers a tourist privilege card which can be obtained by showing your passport at the concierge desk, to get the best discounts on over 50 stores.

Jakarta History Museum:

Located in Old Jakarta, Jakarta History Museum is built on the city hall which was known as the Stadhuis. The museum has a rich collection of the Indonesian Heritage and displays the collection that depicts the development of Jakarta through various stages of history. The Museum is a must see for all history aficionados.

Baywalk Mall:

Bay Walk Mall boasts some of the high street fashion brands as well as popular local brands. Located right next to Jakarta Waterfront inside the Green Bay Pluit Apartment, this mall is crowded all the time with tourists all year round.

Plaza Indonesia:

Located in the heart of the city, Plaza Indonesia is a 6-story shopping mall with stores of Fendi and many other top designers at around every corner. The mall is known for high fashion and lifestyle brands.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Located on the outskirts of the city, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is a miniature park of the archipelago where all the islands have been replicated on a huge lake and one can see the entire group of islands in a day. This extensive theme park houses an orchid garden, a bird sanctuary, swimming pools and restaurants of different cuisines. The highlight of this park is the Indonesian Museum built in Balinese architecture is known to house arts, crafts and costumes depicting the culture of Indonesia.

Ancol Dreamland:

Ancol Dreamland also known as Taman Impian Jaya Ancol is a resort located on Jakarta’s beachfront and offers a variety of amusement rides, a golf course and a number of hotels. Popular amongst the tourists, this amusement park is a must visit to witness the thrill and have an unforgettable experience. You can also visit the Ancol Paintball and the Pasar Seni (Art Market) nearby on your visit to the Ancol Dreamland.

Ragunan Zoo:

Ragunan Zoo is the largest zoo in a rainforest setting stretched over 363 acres of green land in South Jakarta. The Zoo houses more than 270 species of birds, animals with a lot of flora. Ragunan Zoo is one of the two zoos in the world known to house a diverse population of animals and birds. It also has some indigenous animals as the Banteng Wild Ox, Komodo dragon, Sumatran Tiger and the Orangutan Tapir. Do visit this zoo while you are in Jakarta.

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