Top Attractions in Helsinki

Top Attractions in Helsinki

Top Attractions in Helsinki

A true paradise for travelers, this Scandinavian nation offers a lot to see, do, and experience for visitors of all ages. Standing as a vibrant seaside city, it is jam-packed with stunning islands and great green parks and is refreshing at the same time, thanks to the number and quality of restaurants and nightclubs. Be it design, architecture, culture, or shopping, there’s enough to explore here whereas the large parks, forests, lakes, and coastline with a number of scattered islands ensure natural presence. Finns love to party and it’s more evident in central Helsinki on weekend nights where you might find the locals quiet at first, but meet them and you are surely going to discover a whole new dimension to people. The city’s cuisine scene is also prospering, with new eateries offering locally sourced menus, beer bars, and coffee houses. Helsinki’s older edifices, art-nouveau buildings, centenarian cafes, museums with Finnish heritage, and restaurants will ancient interiors remain an inherent part of city’s eccentric charm.


An inhabited sea fortress established on 6 islands, Suomenlinna is a UNESCO World Heritage Site frequented by locals as well as tourists. Also known as Sveaborg, it was built as a protection against Russian expansionism, but today this destination serves as an amazing weekend or a day getaway. This is a popular tourist attraction which is just a ferry ride away from Helsinki and should definitely be on your list while visiting this enchanting city

Uspenski Cathedral:

Overlooking the city from a hill, this Eastern Orthodox cathedral houses precious icons. Russian flavor is visible in each element of the church with its deep red walls, and green and gold onion domes. Marvel at the Golden cupolas and redbrick facade of one of the largest Orthodox churches in Western Europe.

Helsinki Cathedral:

A popular landmark accentuating the cityscape, this Finnish Evangelical Lutheran cathedral with its green domes border the Senate Square. The Neoclassical structure designed by Carl Ludvig Engel houses a cylindrical pulpit along with zinc statues of the Twelve Apostles placed at the apexes and corners of the roofline, which are a spectacle to behold.


Fuel your adrenaline at Linnanmaki while in Helsinki, by experiencing a wide selection of rides ranging from scary to easy-going. The 65-year-old roller coaster is the major highlight of the park along with many diverse arcade rooms with latest games. With a good location and great atmosphere, this park is a favorite among locals and tourists and is well-equipped with thrilling rides.

Sibelius Monument:

Commemorating the Finnish composer, Jean Sibelius, the monument is an abstract sculpture of hollow steel pipes that are woven to resemble an organ. Situated at the Sibelius Park, this sculpture by the Finnish artist, Eila Hiltunen is also called Passio Musicae.

Finnish National Theater:

With 4 permanent stages, this is the oldest theater in Finland that organizes theatrical performances in the Finnish language. For those looking for an evening of art and entertainment, the Club Scene in the theater offers soirees, discussions, drama, poetry nights, and much more.

Helsinki City Musuem:

If you want to explore the everyday life and history of the city’s people, this museum is the ideal place to look for the heritage of Helsinki. The city's past in its vibrant colors is depicted in about a million photos that the museum houses.

Helsingin Päärautatieasema:

An architectural journey is assured at the Central Railway Station with its Finnish granite covering, clock tower, and the spherical lamps held by statues that guard the entrance to the station. The green top of the clock tower makes it a distinguishing element of the whole structure.

Seurasaari Open-Air Museum:

Located on a picturesque island, the open-air museum is made up of transplanted wooden structures that complete the idyllic atmosphere of the forested region. The mid-summer bonfire is a visual treat that can be enjoyed in the landscape of the island as well as from boats in the waters around.

Natural History Museum:

This museum in Helsinki can make you time travel from a summer archipelago to a wintry zone in Lapland through its exhibits that show a great diversity of nature. Various categories of exhibitions are lined up, each being a part of various activities and themes where few display the course of evolution whereas the others talk about the secrets of bones. It is an extensive collection of taxidermy models and geological items and is a must-visit for people of all ages.