Top Attractions in Graz

Top Attractions in Graz

Top Attractions in Graz

Graz is a city where classic architecture blends seamlessly with the modern influx. There is no shortage of historical places in Graz that paint a picture of the region from the middle ages and adding to its uniqueness, it is regarded as a UNESCO World heritage site. The old museums standing in the city are complemented well by the modern installations. Also regarded as a University town, Graz has a large young crowd making the city all the more vibrant which is also reflected in its active nightlife. Graz has something for every type of traveller, and any type of budget. Graz also has wonderful gastronomical attractions which delight visitors with the traditional Styrian cuisine as some of the best and oldest restaurants in Austria can be found in the city. If one gets tired of the city, there are plenty of spaces to explore outside the city including prehistoric caves, breathtaking gorges, mountains and woodlands.

Styrian Armory, the best place to visit for tourist in Graz
The Styrian Armory:

The Styrian armory is the world’s largest historic armory and contains more than 32,000 pieces. The highlight of the museum is the perfectly preserved 17th-century armor including items that were used in the Turkish Wars. The collection includes armors, helmets and weapons including early muskets and pistols.

Grazer Murinsel:

Murinsel is an artificial island in the middle of River Mur tethered at both sides by foot bridges. The island was built to commemorate selection of Graz as the European capital of culture in 2003. The island is made out of steel and is shaped like an upside down seashell. It consists of a café, a playground for children and a stage used for concerts and other events.

Grazer Murinsel a top attraction in Graz
Schloberg, a famous attraction in Graz, Austria

Schlossberg is 473-meter tall hill above Old Town Graz and can be reached by a 3-minute funicular ride or a 20-minute walk. The main attraction of the hill is the 28-meter tall clock tower (Uhrturm) where stood a castle which was destroyed during the Napoleonic wars. In addition to the clock tower, is the 94-meters deep Turkish Well, the 35-meter tall belfry with its 8-ton bell, a café with great views of the city and an open-air theatre.

Schloss Eggenberg:

This palace was built for the Eggenberg dynasty in 1625 at Johann Ulrich’s request. Built in Baroque style with hints of Gothic architecture in some places, almost everything in the palace is designed based on astronomy, particularly zodiac signs and religious mythology. A guided tour of the palace is available in German and English.

Schloss Eggenberg one of the best places to visit in Graz, Austria
Hauptplatz, one of the famous attractions and best places to visit in Graz

The history of the town hall in Graz shows the growing importance of Austria's second largest city. Around 1550, the city administration moved into a town hall in Renaissance style. A new and larger hall in classical style replaced the old building in 1803. Since 1878, a monument/fountain has towered above the market stalls luring with visitors with hot franks, dairy products, fruits, ice cream and pumpkin seed oil.

Basilika Mariatrost:

Being one of the most famous pilgrimage sites of Styria in Austria, it is located on top of the Purberg Hill in Mariatrost. It can be reached using 200 stairs and is known for its Baroque architecture. The characteristic attributes of the church are the 2 front towers and a dome visible even from a great distance. The main altar includes a statue of Madonna originally created in the Gothic period around 1465 and the frescoes on the ceiling are of particular importance.

Basilika Mariatrost one of the famous attractions of Graz
Stadtpark, one of the best places to visit in Graz

Stadtpark is like a green island in the middle of the roofscape of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage City. During the day, kids storm the enormous playground next to strollers and bon vivant settling comfortably on the park benches. And if you have some nuts in your pocket, you will be able to make new friends at the park - the local squirrels.