Geneva tourism, best places and attractions to visit in Geneva

6 Top-Rated Attractions & Places To Visit In Geneva, Switzerland

Best places to visit in Geneva

Renowned as the city of peace, Geneva is Switzerland’s second largest city and an abode to the headquarters of UNO. Head here to explore the alluring quayside, the ancient alleyways, the green spaces, which act like an open invitation to for a leisurely stroll. With Lake Geneva being an important natural landmark of the city thronged by locals as well as visitors, the city is also jam-packed with hotels, jewelers, boutiques, restaurants, and chocolatiers. Being the undisputed fashion capital of the country, Geneva is speckled with top-notch brands and luxury retail outlets. The culinary scene here is not really the best but is improving with time and apart from the world-renowned cheese and chocolates, Geneva is catching onto the international food scene. All in all, the city is reckoned as a place where people like to enjoy their wine after a long day. Here are our top 6 recommendations for the best places to visit in Geneva.

Jet deay Fountain one of the best places to visit in Geneva
1. Jet d’eay Fountain:

Originally built in the year 1886, the Jet d'eau (water jet) Fountain was constructed to regulate the excess pressure of a hydraulic plant in the vicinity. The fountain is easily one of the tallest fountains in the whole world and dominates the skyline of Geneva. The engine of the jet pumps around 500 liters of water per second and the water achieves an elevation of 140 meters where water is pushed at an exhilarating velocity of 200 kilometers per hour making it one of the best attractions in Geneva.

2. Cathédrale Saint-Pierre Genève:

The oldest architectural treasure of Geneva, Saint Peter’s Cathedral is considered as one of the most impressive place to visit in Geneva located atop a hill. The cathedral overlooks the entire city of Geneva and its north tower offers panoramic views the city's landscape. There is an archaeological museum in the basement where you will be able to discover treasures that date back to antiquity.

Saint Peters Cathedral is considered as one of the most impressive attraction in Geneva
European Headquarters of the United Nations a must visit place in Geneva
3. European Headquarters of the United Nations:

One of the most important international bodies in the world, the United Nations is headquartered in Geneva. The headquarters are built on a generous piece of land and the structure comprises of an Assembly Hall which can accommodate approximately 2,000 people. In addition to this, the Council Chamber at the headquarters has unique gold murals which depict the human struggle for peace. The complex is accessible only if you opt for guided tour. The people who have toured Geneva claim that it is mandatory place to visit the European Headquarters of the United Nations.

4. Lake Geneva:

Spread over an area of 582 square kilometers, Lake Geneva is the place to visit for all the water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. The lakeshores offer an amazing view and are really popular amongst the locals as well as visitors. Lake Geneva is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the best place to visit for spending some time alone. You can pamper yourself with a relaxing cruise or you can swim in the clear waters of the lake. There is an option of fishing as well. Bol d’OR, a major European 24-hour-long motorcycling race held annually crosses this lake.

Lake Geneva is the top attraction for all the water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers
Flower clock, a top rated attraction in Geneva
5. Flower Clock:

Known as the renewable masterpiece attraction of Geneva, the flower clock is situated at the corner of Jardin Anglais. Created in the year 1955, it contains around 6,500 flowers and plants. The beauty is that the floral arrangement changes according to the type of season. Obviously, the clock is extremely pretty but another mindblowing fact about the watch is that it tells time according to the Swiss precision and time is transmitted by a satellite. The second's hand of the clock is the longest in the world with a length of 2.5 meters.

6. Patek Philippe Museum:

Located in the heart of the Plainpalais district, Patek Philippe Museum was established in the year 2001 and displays the most exquisite creations of the brand’s master watchmakers. The visitors can take their time in taking a look at the unique watches produced all over the world. There is a library within the museum which is solely dedicated to horology, which is the study and measurement of time, and the subjects associated with this field. The museum takes the visitor on an exciting journey which passes through 5 centuries of watchmaking.

Patek Philippe Museum a famous tourist attraction in Geneva