Top things to do in Frankfurt

Top things to do in Frankfurt

Top things to do in Frankfurt

A city with the most imposing skyline in the country, Frankfurt is known as one of the most desirable cities to live in as well as visit and boasts of an impressive collection of museums, art galleries, and historic edifices. Nicknamed as ‘Bankfurt’ and ‘Mainhhattan’, the city’s skyscrapers and high-office buildings date back to the 1920s. Frankfurt is also celebrated for a thriving diversity and cultural scene where the museum embankment on both sides of the River Main has gained the city an excellent reputation across the entire world. An internationally diverse city, the best thing about it is that no matter where you are traveling from, you’ll always bump into people who speak your language or a restaurant that serves your favourite food. Thanks to the warm and friendly people here, you’ll always feel at home!

St. Paul’s Church:

A symbol of German democracy, St. Paul's Church (Paulskirche) was first consecrated in 1833 as the principal Evangelical Lutheran Church. The red sandstone neoclassical building comprises of a wealth of information about the German democratic system and an amazing mural made by Johannes Grützke. This oval-shaped church should definitely be a must-see on your visit to Frankfurt.

Alte Oper Frankfurt:

One of the most outstanding concert halls of major importance, the Old Opera House of Frankfurt (Alte Oper Frankfurt) is one of the significant attractions in the city. Rebuilt in 1981 after the severe bombings of 1944, this beautifully ornamented building is located in the inner city district known as Innenstadt.

Eschenheimer Tower:

Standing right in the heart of the downtown, Eschenheimer Tower is a 47-meter tall Gothic tower comprising of 8 levels and 2 attics. Tagged as the highest tower in the country, it was built in 1428 and formed a part of many watchtowers of the former city formations. The tower is still as it is whereas the ground floor has been refurbished into a bar and restaurant.


Standing as the city hall of Frankfurt since last 600 years, Römer is one of the most important historic buildings in the city. It is famed for its 3-gabled front and the "Römer" balcony and continues to be the seat of the city's Lord Mayor even today where the city councillors meet.

Frankfurt Cathedral:

A Roman Catholic Gothic Church located in the heart of the city, Frankfurt Cathedral served as the site of coronation for Holy Roman Emperors for approximately 30 decades. The cathedral characterizes beautiful architecture including the spectacular 800-year-old window and holds a museum having exhibits from the cathedral's treasury. Rising 95 meters above the city center, the cathedral can be seen from afar and no one can afford to miss this historic beauty.

Main Tower:

The Main Tower is a technical masterpiece that awaits to offer you awe-striking architecture combined with culinary art and an observation deck. It welcomes thousands of tourists every year to enjoy the incredible views of the city. A visit to this 200-meter high skyscraper should definitely be on your list while visiting Frankfurt.


Popularly known as the Fountain of Justice, Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen is a prime tourist highlight of Frankfurt. Its history dates back to the early 7th century and it is believed that during the Imperial Coronation that took place centuries ago, this fountain flowed with wine for citizens to freely enjoy. Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen is located in the picturesque Romerberg square of the city and is an artistic depiction of Justitia, the Goddess of Justice.

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