Top things to do in Fortaleza

Top things to do in Fortaleza

Top things to do in Fortaleza

The Brazilian Miami- A perfect combination of sun-drenched shorelines, lip-smacking cuisines and dynamic nightlife has tourist flowing to this capital city of the state of Ceará. The crystal waters and long coastlines of Praia Do Futuro and Praia de Morro Branco blends well with the rich Brazilian culture at Dragao Do Mar Theatre, all in a tropical climate, to create an infectious vibe that charms its way into the hearts of thousands of people seeking fun and merrymaking. One of the biggest cities and a hub of economic activities, the city is one of the best places to try out the traditional dishes like feijoada, churrasco and carne de sol. The adrenaline hungry folks can have their slice of heart-thumping activities at one of the beaches and parks while the night-crawlers can take advantage of the city’s hip nightlife at one of the many clubs and bars that are lined up at the promenades. This sprawling metropolis hypnotizes couples with a picture-perfect view of the sunset. Be it wandering around the Centro neighborhood or lounging at one of the beach shacks or surfing along the blue lagoons, Fortaleza is your answer to a perfect getaway!

Centro Dragão do Mar de Arte e Cultura:

Reviving the neighborhood of Iracema, Centro Dragão do Mar de Arte e Cultura is a huge cultural space boasting of modern architecture. Within its massive area of 30,000 square meters, the Dragon of the Sea Center houses the Dragão do Mar theater, the museum of the culture of Ceara, the museum of contemporary art, the Rubens de Azevedo planetarium and other performance spaces. Learn more about the history and culture of the state on your visit, which is dedicated to Francisco José do Nascimento, a national hero who initiated the abolitionist movement of the slave trade in the country.

Parque Ecológico do Cocó:

Set up in 1991, Parque Ecológico do Cocó or Cocó Park is the ideal place to lose yourself in the arms of nature. Built to protect the mangrove swamps from encroaching the highways and the industrial zone, the reserve is perfect for a walk with its paved paths. One of the most famous parks in the city, the park features places for sports and recreational activities, an amphitheater, a forest, outdoor events and shows, and a café. Do take the boat ride along Rio Coco to enjoy the flora and fauna of this park.

Ingleses Bridge:

Often referred to as the Metallic Bridge, Ponte dos Ingleses is a pier elongation of the port on Iracema beach to improve the infrastructure. One of the most emblematic cluster of structures in the city, this historical bridge with its fascinating landscapes attracts visitors of all ages. Come to this tourist landmark and see the sun setting into the horizon as the peaceful sound of the crashing waves soothe your mind.

Praia do Futuro:

The Future Beach or Praia Do Futuro is a paradise for bathers and swimmers with its soft golden sand and strong waves. One of the cleanest beaches in the city, the beautiful shoreline is known for its calm atmosphere, dunes, and Barracas. A lot of rustic restaurants and bars are lined up along the beach front serving the best cocktails and regional seafood. The beach attracts most of its visitors during the weekends. Note: The waves are a little rough here, so be careful before you dive in or go for a swim. Beware of pickpocketers that roam near the restaurants at night.

Praia de Morro Branco:

Located about 80 miles from the city, the Morro Branco is a typical Ceara beach known for different tones of sand that are used mainly for sand art. Explore the Labyrinth Morro Branco formed between the cliffs due to the corrosion. Hike up the lighthouse that will stump you with its stunning landscapes of the sea and glorious sunset. Various open-air spaces on this beach serve as a favorite picnic spot for families. The silence and solitude of the beach, creativity of the artisans in the handicraft fair and the friendly nature of the buggeiros makes this beach one of the most sought after tourist destinations. If you are looking for some village experience, then the nearby fishing village of Tracoá is just the place.

Fortaleza de Nossa Senhora da Assunção:

Meaning "The Fort of Our Lady of Assumption", Fortaleza de Nossa Senhora da Assunção was the birthplace of the history of Fortaleza. Located on the left bank of the Marajaitiba river, this fortress currently serves as the headquarters of the 10th Military Region of the Brazilian army. Mostly occupied by the army, only some parts of the fortress are open for exploration. However, do visit the small museum inside the fort that is dedicated to General Antonio de Sampaio, a national hero who was buried in the fort. Do not forget to see the imposing statue of another hero, Martins Soares Moreno and the panoramic views of the sea from the courtyard.

Aterro Praia Iracema:

A tribute to the wife of Martim Moreno, the lead character of Iracema novel by famed writer José de Alencar, the Iracema beach and its walkway is always buzzing with both locals and tourists. The beautiful shoreline of the beach, the ancient English bridge, the statue of Iracema and his family at the seafront, its historical past linked to the culture and the lively atmosphere around the inviting restaurants and bars makes it a popular social hub. The highlight of the neighborhood, however, is the Dragão do Mar Cultural Center which guarantees you a diversified perspective of the city.

Central de Artesanato do Ceara (CEART):

This handicraft center in the heart of the city is your place to be to buy some traditional art pieces made from wood, textiles and ceramics. This is a fascinating spot as the local artisans show off their artistic skills and present you with their masterpiece.

Passeio Público:

Officially known as Praça dos Mártires or the Martyr's Square, the Public Garden is the most ancient square located in the heart of the city. A popular gathering place for the locals, this urban space is known for its exotic flora. The Baobab trees planted by Senator Pompey forms the highlight of the park. Dating back to the 1890s, the current square was renovated again in 1940 and has been serving as a favorite picnic spot since then.

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