Top Attractions in Florence

Top Attractions in Florence

Top Attractions in Florence

Visiting Florence should be on your bucket list if you are an ardent lover of art and history. The city is every Literature lover’s favorite place! This historic city is home to many well-known artists, painters, authors and sculptors like Dante, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli and others from the Renaissance period and early Middle age. Renowned as the wealthiest city in Europe, it is also the cradle of Renaissance filled with magnificent treasures. The Arno River is the most beautiful river alongside which you can take an evening stroll or take a ride along the boat and soak in the best panorama. Rightly referred to as the Golden City of the Italy region thanks to of the wonders of Art and Adventure it provides the tourists and the excursionists with. The capital City of Tuscany has too much for you, come here if you want to get lost in the art and History of the past.

Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore one of the best attractions in Florence
Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore:

The third largest church in Europe earmarked to Santa Maria, Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is 90 meters high and around 150 meters wide. The church has long window panels on the outside and stands as an important part of the Renaissance and Italian gothic architecture. The exterior is ornamented with polychrome marble panels depicting shades of green and pink along with an intricate 19th-century Gothic revival facade.

Uffizi Gallery:

An informative guide to the history of the Florence, Uffizi Gallery stores some of the most notable works and a huge collection of masterpieces. The innards of this largest and best-known art gallery in the world have exhilarating panoramas built solely on the great Renaissance architecture. The royal paintings and refined sculptures dating back to Italian Renaissance are definitely worth the visit.

Uffizi Gallery one of the best places to visit in Florence
Giottos Bell Tower one of the best places to visit in Florence
Giotto’s Bell Tower:

An expressive example of 14th-century Gothic architecture in Florence, Giotto's Bell Tower rises to a height of 84.7 meters and falls among the 4 most principal monuments on Piazza del Duomo. Attired in white, red and green marble, this awe-inspiring bell tower is considered to be the most alluring campanile in Italy. After a climb of more than 400 steps, you can access the large protruding terrace that gives an all-embracing view of the city.

Palazzo Vecchio:

Palazzo Vecchio, known as the civic center of Florence, is a huge palace built between the 13th and 14th centuries. The entrance to this palace is galactic with 2 grand statues. Having 3 majestic courtyards, the second floor of this palace has various intriguing rooms like the Hercules Room, The Room of Jupiter, The Room of Cybele, The Ceres Room, and many more.

Palazzo Vecchio one of the best places to visit in Florence
Bargello National Museum one of the top attractions in Venice
Bargello National Museum:

A former prison now turned into an art museum is a palace of people and undoubtedly one of the most important museums in the city. An abode to some of the greatest artistic paintings, this museum is a favorite amongst artists from all age groups and is synonymous to sculpture. The meandering shape of the structure makes it all the more interesting. The inner courtyard and stairs of the palace are very rough and intense, which people admire from outside.

Cappella Brancacci:

Situated inside the church of Santa Maria del Carmine, Cappella Brancacci houses the best Renaissance art dating back to the late 14th century. This alluring chapel is named after an old noble family of Florence called The Brancacci. You can admire 2 layers of frescoes inside the chapel that have an intense radiance.

Cappella Brancacci, a top attraction in Florence
The Boboli Gardens, a major attraction in Florence
The Boboli Gardens:

The Boboli Gardens are one of the few attractions in Florence which have a different architecture in terms of style and design. These beautiful gardens are very forsooth and shaped into a clear-cut artistic manner striking a resemblance to the early time of Mannerism. It holds the two famous pieces, the Isolotto and the fountain of Neptune, which is a must see.

Perseus Statue:

The statue of Perseus holding the head of Medusa in his hand is a bronze sculpture erected in Loggia die Lanzi in Piazza del Signoria. The sculpture portrays the story from the classical age of Perseus and Medusa, which is a crucial part of the Roman History. The tourists can get an overview of the story by just a glimpse of the sculpture. The tall, dark, intense and substantial sculpture is beautiful enough to grasp every visitor's attention.

Perseus Statue one of the best attractions in Florence
Ponte Vecchio, a most visited attraction and the best place to visit in Florence
Ponte Vecchio:

One of the most-visited attractions of the city, Ponte Vecchio is a medieval stone-closed spandrel arch bridge over the Arno river still eminent for shops built along it. The present occupants include souvenir sellers, artefact dealers and jewelers, where butchers were initially located. The uniqueness of this place is the opportunity lovers get to affix padlocks at various places, especially on the railing, and throw the key into the river as a sign of eternal bonding.

Basilica of Santa Maria Novella:

One of the most important Gothic churches in Tuscany, Basilica of Santa Maria Novella is an architectural marvel which is sure to leave you spellbound. The imposing green and white marble facade dating back to 13th and 15th century provides a gorgeous look to this complex. The basilica is an abode to artistic masterpieces with attractive frescoes by Domenico Ghirlandaio, romantic church corridors, and frescoed chapel.

Basilica of Santa Maria Novella one of the best places to visit in Florence