Top Attractions in Edinburgh

Top Attractions in Edinburgh

Top Attractions in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a city of somber theatricality, with much of this quality deriving from its setting among crags and hills and from its tall edifices and spires of dark stone. This alluring city provides heady mix of urban lifestyle with scenic natural landscapes to its visitors. It is a royal city in true sense as it was one of the important residences of British Crown and several outstanding examples of architecture have been built over centuries. To witness the architectural marvels in the city, start your trip with the iconic Edinburgh Castle. Also, take some time out and stroll through the New Town streets which were home to rich people of the city whose Gregorian houses were designed with utmost creativity and lavishness. When in Edinburgh, make sure you don’t miss out on a enjoying some authentic scotch whiskey. While touring the city, drop by any of their quaint cafes, bars and restaurants that serve both, European and Asian cuisines.

Edinburgh Castle one of the best attraction and place to visit in Edinburgh
Edinburgh Castle:

Situated atop the Castle Rock, this lonely fortress with its imposing structure stands as a window to the long history of Scotland and its royalty. Awe inspiring architecture, a priceless collection of historical treasures, and breathtaking scenery make this World Heritage Site an unforgettable experience for every visitor.

Holyrood Palace:

Walk into this stately mansion of the Scottish Kings and Queens where hundreds of years of history present itself in all splendors. The State Apartments and the Royal Chambers silently tell the awe-inspiring tales of yore. The exquisite collection of art at this official residence of the royalty is sure to enchant you with its aesthetic appeal and antiquity.

Holyrood Palace one of the best places to visit in Edinburgh
Royal Botanic Garden is one of the best places to visit in Edinburgh
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh:

A nature lover’s paradise, this botanic garden is more than a museum of plant life. While the extensive collection of living plant species and preserved specimens provide an excellent research resource, the canopy of imposing trees, the lush greenery of herbs and shrubs, and the hypnotic fragrance and colors of hundreds of flowers create an island of tranquility and natural bounty. The beautifully landscaped gardens serve as the ideal spot to unwind and relax in the lap of nature.

Princes Street Gardens:

One of the best public parks in the city, the sprawling green garden is adorned with diverse monuments and memorials that accentuate the charm of this popular center of entertainment and relaxation. A pretty gardener’s cottage, an enchanting cast iron fountain, central bandstand, railway tunnel, and the annually changing flower patterns of the Floral Clock make this place a fairytale-like land to explore.

Princes Street Gardens one of the top attractions of Edinburgh
Camera Obscura & World of Illusions, one of the best attractions in Edinburgh
Camera Obscura & World of Illusions:

Watch the city unfold itself before you in a live show projected on a table by a huge periscope. Move a house here, skew a street there, take that tree to another spot, and be the town planner with the highly interactive show where you can play with the elements. If that is not enough, enter the world of illusions and be lost in a collection of mazes, puzzles, and tunnels. The Camera Obscura & World of Illusions makes for a great outing for children.

Mary King’s Close:

Legends, myths, and eerie stories welcome you into this underground close that had once been a bustling open street. Experience life as it was in the 17th century as costumed characters relive the past in the well-preserved streets and houses of the close. Transport yourself into a time ravaged by the plague, listen to ghostly stories, and take photos in a forgotten land hidden literally under the sites and sights of modern life.

Mary Kings Close the most famous attraction and place to visit in Edinburgh
Scottish National Gallery one of the major attractions in Edinburgh
Scottish National Gallery:

Be ready to be mesmerized by the greatest artworks of the world including masterpieces of legends like Jacopo Bassano, Van Dyck, and Giambattista Tiepolo. The neoclassical building that houses the national art gallery is a treasure house of fine art from the Renaissance period to the early 20th century. This is definitely a must-visit for every art and history lover.

Edinburgh Zoo:

If you thought koalas lived in Australia, pandas lived in China, and penguins in the icy cold poles, you are in for a surprise. Head to the Edinburgh Zoo where you can meet them all enjoying their Scottish abode among a host of other inmates. Located on a natural hill slope, the Edinburgh Zoo is home to hundreds of species of animals, birds, reptiles, fishes, amphibians, and invertebrates. Do not miss the Animal Antics show where the most adorable animals display their talents and tricks to the curious onlookers.

Edinburgh Zoo one of the best places to visit in Edinburgh
HMY Britannia one of the best place to visit in Edinburgh
HMY Britannia:

Step back in time as you follow the footsteps of royalty in this floating palace that has served the British Royal family for more than 4 decades. The sheer opulence and grandeur of the rooms and halls, the intricate design elements, majestic furniture, elegant furnishings, and the enviable collection of paintings, artefacts, and photographs are a visitor’s delight. Enjoy a tea in the Royal Deck Tea Room or buy a souvenir from the gift shop to take back home a slice of the royal life onboard.

St. Giles’ Cathedral:

Include this historic city church in your visit as it stands as an architectural marvel with its Thistle Chapel, stained glass windows, monuments and memorials of notable personalities. The crown steeple that dominates the skyline of Edinburgh adds to the charm of this centuries old structure which is an important religious place of the Church of Scotland.

St. Giles Cathedral the best place to visit in Edinburgh