Discover The Top 10 Attractions & Places To Visit In Dublin

Top 10 Places To Visit In Dublin

Best attractions in Dublin:

With a vibrant nightlife, traditional cultural events, historical sites, breath taking scenery in the suburbs, stunning edifies and monuments, fine architecture, sublime literary field, and modern amenities, it is no wonder that Dublin remains one of the most sought after European holiday destinations for visitors from all around the globe. A very ancient city that has witnessed centuries of struggle, it has always been the center of social, economic, and cultural activities that shaped the history of Ireland. This small capital with massive reputation is a blend of heritage and selfindulgence and will definitely not disappoint you where you’ll perceive languages and stomach it up with foods from all four corners of the world. With stunning outdoor settings, inspiring cuisines, historical landmarks, notable museums, and cultural centers, the city also has much to offer in terms of leisure and entertainment. Head out with a Dubliner and you’ll spoilt for choice for a vivacious nightlife. We at Taxidio recommend these top 10 tourist attractions during your stay in Dublin, Ireland.

Dublin Castle one of the best places to visit in Dublin
Dublin Castle:

Unearth the historic heart of Dublin which served as English administration headquarters for centuries. Today, it is a major government complex and one of the best places to visit in Dublin. This attraction visited by a large number of travellers. A major part of the structure still remains from the 18th century, which is depicted in the rooms that are heavily adorned with painted ceilings and a throne dating back to 1821. The stately rooms are currently used for official engagements and events.

Kilmainham Gaol:

An erstwhile prison which has been transformed into a museum, Kilmainham Gaol is a historical place and a must visit attraction in Dublin where many Irish revolutionaries were once imprisoned. There is an art gallery where paintings, sculptures, and jewelry of prisoners are on display. Other items in the collection include an original copy of the Proclamation of the Irish Republic, manuscripts, photographs, newspapers, weaponry, medals and uniforms

Kilmainham Gaol, a major attraction in Dublin
Christ Church Cathedral is one of the best attractions of Dublin, Ireland
Christ Church Cathedral:

Christ Church Cathedral is a quaint place of worship with alluring interiors and exceptional architecture. The crypt is one of the largest in Britain as well as Ireland and also the earliest surviving structure in Dublin. The crypt houses the famous ‘Cat and the Rat’, a mummified cat and rat. There is also a cafe, the treasury, cathedral shop, and audio visual presentation in the crypt.

Croke Park:

Acknowledged as the largest stadium in Ireland, Croke Park is the headquarters of the Gaelic Athletic Association with a capacity of 82,300. The park is often known as Croker and is named after Archbishop Thomas Croke. Take a stadium tour to visit the team dressing rooms, warm-up areas, and the media center before going pitch side via the players' tunnel. This tour promises an incredibly unique and unforgettable day out making its way into one of the must visit places in Dublin.

Croke Park, a must visit place in Dublin, Ireland
Guinness Storehouse one of the top attraction and best place to visit in Dublin
Guinness Storehouse:

Unarguably one of the most exemplary attractions of Dublin, Guinness Storehouse lets you learn about how beer, the world-famous drink, is made through an interesting tour. The tour starts with the guests being handed over a refreshing pint of beer, and then takes them on a journey of the beverage's history and the various levels and stages involved in its processing. With numerous bars, restaurants, and cafés, you ought to experience this high-spirited journey.

Trinity College:

A world in itself, the Trinity College tour collates the 4 buildings of the entire university and provides the visitors an in-depth insight into the 400 years of history. You get to see the magnificent buildings and the Book of Kells exhibition which is like a fresh page almost every time you visit this place. The entire tour is hosted by the knowledgeable and enthusiastic students of the college.

Trinity College, one of the famous and recommended places to visit in Dublin, Ireland
Chester Beatty Library a famous attraction in Dublin
Chester Beatty Library:

Named after the mining magnate, Sir Alfred Chester Beatty, the Chester Beatty Library is one of the top attractions in Dublin and has a large compilation of Sacred Traditions and Artistic Traditions. The items on display include manuscripts, miniature paintings, rare books, drawings, and decorative arts as well as a large collection of Islamic and Far Eastern artefacts. Don't miss out on the temporary exhibitions held during your visit as they include astounding works of art.

Phoenix Park:

One of the largest walled recreational spaces in Europe, Phoenix Park is an urban park spanning 1,750 acres of land and is a popular attraction in Dublin. With vast areas of grassland and tree-lined avenues, the park houses a herd of wild fallow deer. It includes the residence of the President of Ireland, the Dublin Zoo, the Papal Cross, monuments, People’s Gardens, magazine fort, and many other interesting spots.

Phoenix Park one of the best attractions in Dublin, Ireland
Grafton Street, a top rated tourist attraction and the best place to visit in Dublin
Grafton Street:

Tagged as the world-famous shopping streets of Ireland, Grafton street has a tremendous variety of retail stores ranging from bars, cafés, boutiques, hotels and restaurants that cater to the high-end needs of shoppers. This street has also become a firing table for musical acts highlighting the cultural aspects and giving an opportunity to different street performers to showcase their talent. The Grafton street is one of the best places to visit in Dublin.

Natural History Museum:

Also called the Dead Zoo and ‘museum of a museum’, the collections here have remained unchanged since the Victorian times. The zoological collection in this museum is extensive and comprehensive with larger specimens being exhibited in glass cases and the smaller ones kept under glass. The exhibits mainly include Irish animals and specimens of many extant animals.

Natural History Museum, one of the best tourist attractions in Dublin