Top things to do in Costa Brava

Top things to do in Costa Brava

Top things to do in Costa Brava

Costa Brava or the ‘rugged coast’ has a myriad of attractions to visit and adventures to embark upon and stands as the best among the country’s 3 principal holiday coasts. Get ready to witness diverse cultures fused into one giving you a truly unique and one of a kind experience. This city sets a perfect example for a beautiful getaway, be it the weather or attractions. If you wish to visit sandy beaches, rocky coves, tranquil villages, or mountain scenery, this Spain’s alluring city has something to offer for all types of visitors. Covering the coastal towns of Girona Province, Catalonia, Costa Brava is lined with stunning beaches that will give you the adrenaline through the adventure sports as well as relaxing walks by the waves. Apart from soaking in the beautiful coastline, you can also feast on a diverse range of tourist attractions that will keep you busy and leave you asking for more. Don’t miss out on the steep cliffs and coves where you are surely going to get amazing clicks for your Instagram.

Monasterio de Sant Pere de Rodes:

Located in the northeast of Catalonia in the Province of Girona, Monastery Sant Pere De Rodes is a beautiful Benedictine monastery giving an instant feeling of relaxation and calm upon entering. The church was consecrated in the year 1022, engulfing this place with history. It also stands as one of the best examples of Romanesque architecture. Along the western facade stands a 12th-century bell tower impacted by the Lombard style.

Cap de Creus:

Situated at the most easterly point of Spain, Cap de Creus Natural Park is a wild terrain of 450 million-year-old rocks abraded by the Tramuntana wind. Covering an area of 13,886 hectares, this park was formed in 1998. Interestingly, everything about this place feels like an adventure, including the road that leads you there. If you are a nature-lover, you will enjoy this place thoroughly as it has some beautiful cliffs and coves.

Casa-Museu Salvador Dalí:

Whether you’re an artist, art connoisseur, or a dilettante just exploring art with an immense appreciation for it, you must visit the Dali Museum. It displays the works of the late surrealist painter, Salvador Dali. The iconic museum is a must-see when in Costa Brava as it captures the artist’s essence.

Santa Clotilde Gardens:

You don’t need any crystal-ball gazing to know that you will love your time spent in a novel setting of botanical gardens. These beautiful botanical gardens atop a hill giving you surreal views and are characterized by its comparative absence of flowers and presence of sculptures. Make sure you stop by this breathtaking attraction with in Costa Brava.

Rambla de la Llibertat:

Head to this dreamlike promenade, which was developed in the 13th century for a market, but now aligns major brands and food joints along its path. The street is characterized by low-ceiling arcades and unequal arches. It is known as the main commercial and entertainment center of Girona.

Recinte emmurallat de la Vila Vella:

An old town crammed with tremendous artistic and historic value, Recinte emmurallat de la Vila Vella was built in the 12th century for protection purposes. It was fully restored and rebuilt in the 21st century to make it the breathtaking site as it is today. It is a small walk up but you will find charming restaurants on your way along accompanied with scenic views.

Platja de Fenals:

Located in Lloret de Mar, this sprawling beach has a variety of activities you can choose from to enliven your time along the shore. Parasailing, waterskiing, kayaking and skating are among the different adrenaline-fuelled activities you can try out. Although this is the second largest beach in Lloret the Mar after the Lloret Beach, it is less frequented by locals, making it more serene and peaceful.

Sant Joan:

Dating back to the 11th century, Sant Joan Castle is situated atop the hill that separates the beaches of Lloret de Mar and Fenals. It is a long walk up to set foot in the castle but once you accomplish this task of climbing, you are sure to be baffled by the riveting views of the surrounding that it offers. Also known as Forcadell Castle, it is one of the most sought-after attractions of the city.

Jardí Botànic Marimurtra:

Natural beauty is synonymous with Costa Brava and that draws major tourists to the city from all over the world. One such natural gem is the Jardi Botanic Marimurtra, a public garden with more than 4,000 species committed to Mediterranean and sub-tropical flora as well as cacti and other exotic plants from arid regions. The walk up to the gardens on the hill is invigorating, especially because of its spectacular view.

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