Discover The Top Attractions & Places To Visit In Copenhagen

Top Tourist Attractions In Copenhagen

Top attractions in Copenhagen:

Beautiful cobbled streets, cultural attractions, quirky boutiques, extensive art collections, buzzing nightlife, jazz music festivals, modern Nordic food and what not - Copenhagen has plenty of places for travelers to visit. Being a perfect blend of history and modernity, the city’s ancient and new world architecture can be seen in its numerous castles, museums, historic buildings and churches. The city also has a good number of parks and harbours to entertain its guests all around the year. Being the capital of one of the happiest countries on this planet, Copenhagen is also known as one of the most environment friendly cities in the world. Head to this beautiful city which proffers stunning beaches, natural landscapes coupled with elegant lakes and its top attractions. Here’s a rundown of the best attractions and places to visit in Copenhagen.

Kronborg Castle one of the best places to visit in Copenhagen
Kronborg Castle:

It is a charming Renaissance castle from the 16th century on the seashores of Elsinore city, 50 kilometers from Copenhagen. Having played a key role in the history of northern Europe during the 16th and 18th centuries, this castle contributes to the symbolic value of the Danish people. It is renowned all over the world as Elsinore, which was the setting of Shakespeare's Hamlet and has remained intact till present date.

Rosenborg Castle:

Having been the royal residence till around 1710, Rosenborg Castle features 400 years of art treasures and renaissance architecture. It houses a museum that has Royal collections, artefacts related to royal Danish culture, Crown Jewels and Danish Crown Regalia on display. Being well-preserved, it promises an enchanting journey in time and makes your visit very interesting. It is one of the best places to visit in Copengahen.

Rosenborg Castle, a major tourist attraction in Copenhagen
Copenhagen City Hall, one of the top attractions to visit in Copenhagen for tourists
Copenhagen City Hall:

Designed in National Romantic style, Copenhagen City Hall is a classical building with an outstanding clock that definitely demands a visit. Københavns Rådhus, as called in Danish, has a lavishly decorated front, a statue of Absalon above the balcony, and a tall slim clock-tower. The City Hall is the most beautiful attraction in Copenhagen and draws a lot of traffic all throughout the year, especially gathering special attention during rain showers.

Tivoli Gardens:

Give your adrenaline rush a kick at this enthralling amusement park. Tivoli Gardens is an excellent spot for those who want the best of both worlds: casual strolling as well as adventurous rides. Tagged as the most-visited parks in Scandinavia, it experiences around 4 million visitors annually. Best known for its wooden roller-coaster, it features many other rides out of which the carousel stands second-tallest in the world offering panoramic views of the city. It also holds some great musicals, ballets and concerts. When in Copenhagen, visit Tivoli Gardens without fail.

Tivoli Gardens, a major tourist attraction in Copenhagen
Det Kongelige Bibliotek, one of the best places to visit in Copenhagen
Det Kongelige Bibliotek:

An enormous library amongst the Nordic countries, Det Kongelige Bibliotek contains innumerable historical treasures and copies of works that were printed in the country dating back to the 17th century. In 1999, Black Diamond was opened beside the old one and was labeled such because of the outside coat of black marble and glass. It also houses a concert hall in addition to the library.

Copenhagen Cathedral:

Designated as the National Cathedral of Denmark, the Church of Our Lady is an architectural brilliance and a mustsee for all visitors. The church seats more than 1,100 people and the interior is decorated with 12 apostles. This church has one of the largest and oldest bells in Denmark that dates back to 1490. The place has a special ambiance and you will instantly feel the serenity once you enter its premises, making it one of the top attractions in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Cathedral one of the best places to visit in Copenhagen
Botanical Garden a famous tourist attraction and best place to visit in Copenhagen
Botanical Garden:

Located in the heart of Copenhagen, the Botanical Garden is spread across 10 hectares housing an impressive collection of living plants and also makes available preserved plants and fungi for research purposes. With more than 13,000 species, the garden has been divided into various sections and also has one of the oldest trees 'Taxodium' from 1806. It is worth an evening stroll, especially during spring and summer.

Roskilde Cathedral:

A great tourist attraction in Copenhagen and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Roskilde Cathedral is a grand Gothic as well as Romanesque cathedral made of red bricks and one of the finest architectural monuments in the country. It has tall spires and accommodates a considerable number of graves of many kings and queens. The church experiences over 125,000 visitors annually and also hosts concerts throughout the year.

Roskilde Cathedral, one of the best places to visit in Copenhagen
Nyhavn one of the major tourist attractions in Copenhagen

With a canal stretching from Kongens Nytorv to the harbor, Nyhavn is a vivacious district with a beautiful waterfront. The major highlight of this area are the brightly-colored 17th and 18th-century houses, bars, cafés, and restaurants lined up along the northern side which gives the area an appealing touch whereas the southern side has lavish mansions including the Charlottenborg Palace. There is also the Great Memorial Anchor, a monument commemorating the people who sacrificed their lives during World War II.

SMK – Statens Museum for Kunst:

Taking the visitors on an exciting journey through 700 years of art and its history, Statens Museum for Kunst (SMK) has collections ranging from the Renaissance period to cutting-edge contemporary. The museum contains close to 9,000 paintings and sculptures, approximately 240,000 works of art on paper, and more than 2,600 plaster casts of people from ancient times. It collects, registers and maintains Danish and foreign art dating from the 14th century to present day. If you love art, this is the best attraction in Copenhagen.

Statens Museum for Kunst one of the best places to visit in Copenhagen