Top Attractions in Constanta

Top Attractions in Constanta

Top Attractions in Constanta

Situated at the crossroads of several commercial routes, Constanta is Romania's oldest and main Black Sea port and one of the major commercial hubs in the region. The city is worth exploring for its archaeological treasures, beach resorts, open-air restaurants, historical monuments, ancient ruins and the atmosphere of the old town center. Constanta is more than just an entry point to the Black Sea coast. It is a beautiful city with a long and interesting past, attested by its various Roman vestiges, historic buildings, ancient ruins and mosques that grace the Old City Center also boasting about its traditional villages, vineyards, and Danube Delta. Explore all the interesting attractions in Constanta.

Casino Constanta:

Located at 2 Elisabeta Boulevard along the Black Sea, Casino Constanta is a historic monument built in Art Nouveau style between 1904 and 1910 according to the plans of Daniel Renard. It is a prime example of the faded city splendor and is listed as a historic monument by Romania's Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs. This casino once hosted glamorous royal parties, but now sits completely abandoned. Though you cannot play, this is a must-visit attraction in Constanta thanks to its beguiling architectural details.

Museum of National History and Archaeology:

Located in the old center of Constanţa, the Museum of National History and Archaeology Constanţa (MNHAC) is home to a huge collection of artefacts from Romania's and Dobruja's history. Having been built in Romanian architectural style during early 20th-century, it served as a town hall until 1921 and is one of the best places to visit in Constanta. It presents Greek, Byzantine, Romanian and medieval objects (stone, bronze and iron tools and weapons), ceramics, antique architectural elements, telegrams, bronze and gold coins, maps and magazines.


If you love dolphins, you wouldn't want to miss the chance to visit the Romanian Dolphinarium in Constanta. The dolphinarium was opened in 1972 and is also known as Constanta Dolphinarium or Delfinariu Constanta. There are various shows that are organized in the amphitheater pool combining dolphins from the Phocoena relicta species and Delphinus delphis ponticus species with seals from the South Atlantic.

Aquarium Constanta:

Located in the Tomis Harbour of Constanta, the aquarium in Constanta is a section of the Natural Sciences Museum. Whilst this aquarium is small in size, it holds a decent selection of fish and marine creatures belonging to different geographical areas. It has around 60 species of fish from Black Sea and Danube Delta and species of fish from tropical and subtropical areas. It makes for a great outing with kids.

Modern Beach:

Situated next to the marina, the Modern Beach is a sun-kissed shore favored by the locals and tourists alike. It makes for a great attraction for kids, adults as well as pets. It is also full of fancy hotels, cafés, clubs and bars.

Mosque of Constanta:

Located in Ovid Square area, the Mosque of Constanta (Carol I Mosque) is the major religious Muslim place of worship and an outstanding architectural marvel of the city. It is also listed as a historic monument by the Romanian National Institute of Historical Monuments and is known for its unique mixture of Egyptian, Byzantine and Romanian architecture.

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