Top things to do in Casablanca

Top things to do in Casablanca

Top things to do in Casablanca

In the 10th century, the Berber fishermen found the modern city of Casablanca and subsequently it was converted into a strategic port called Anfa by the Phoenicians, Romans and the Merenids. Being the largest city of the kingdom of Morocco, the coastal city boasts the world’s largest artificial port but it offers no ferry services. The highlight of the city is the landmark building, Hassan II Mosque. Most of the visits in the city are into the museums, which exhibits the French deco and architecture from the French reign in the history of the city. Street stalls and local restaurants serve economical food and defines Moroccan cuisine, but if you intend to go to hotels then it’s not such a bargain as they are meant to aim the tourists. Alcohol is hard to find here, usually only in licensed bars and restaurants, so don’t expect to get drunk and behave whatever way you want to!

Hassan II Mosque:

Located closed to the sea, Hassan II Mosque was designed by an architect named Michel Pinseau and is the largest mosque in the country. Built in 1993, the minaret stands tall at 210 meters and has a laser at the pinnacle which dazzles at night and is directed towards the Mecca. There is a guided tour of the mosque for non-Muslim visitors.

Royal Palace:

The King of Morocco and his family reside in the Royal Palace. Unlike the Buckingham Palace, the general public isn’t allowed to enter the premises. The palace is secured heavily and has seen many famous personalities visit the palace as guests of the king. Even though there are restrictions on public access, the Royal Palace is a famous site in the city.

Plage Ain Diab:

Located in the Anfa district, Plage Ain Diab is an ideal beach for a picnic and a relaxing time with your family. There are a number of stalls on the beach which serve traditional Moroccan mint tea.

The Old Medina:

Old Medina is a small town in Casablanca depicting the sheer beauty of traditional Moroccan crafts. Visit this town to experience the dazzling beauty of the city.

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