Top things to do in Calgary

Top things to do in Calgary

Top things to do in Calgary

Nestled between grasslands and highlands, Calgary is a classic urban sprawl surrounding you with profound beauty, extravagant restaurants and ever-pulsating nightlife. Be it a solo trip or a family vacation, the city welcomes everyone with open arms and vibrant charms. Explore the magic of the Canadian Rockies that sit at the doorstep or unfold the mysteries of the arid lands and let the incomparable natural beauty surprise you at each bend. The cultural scene of Calgary blazes with a spectrum of arts accompanied by the annual rodeo ‘Calgary Stampede’ that will embraces you with the Wild West spirit. It rouses the majority of the city and a lot of travelers to enjoy a boots-and-Stetson picture that is as yet a lifestyle in the district. Once a mounted police station, the city has since sped into the future as a corporate community for fiery innovation and green industry ventures. It hasn't completely surrendered its wilderness roots. From the residents at the Calgary zoo to the Heritage Park History Village, this mountain high city offers both adventure and history in the same setting.

Calgary Zoo:

Conveniently located in the city's downtown, Calgary Zoo conserves and sustains wildlife while inspiring action to preserve the endangered species and protect susceptible genetic diversity. Comprising of 120 acres of land, the zoo is known to be one of the largest ones in Canada, housing over 1,000 different animals and featuring captivating exhibits. As a part of their conservation program, the zoo focuses on saving 80 endangered fauna species in Western Canada that include the swift fox, northern leopard frog and Vancouver Island marmot. The highlight of this zoo is Zoolights, an animal-themed show with a marvelous display of lights, making it Western Canada's largest annual light show.

Heritage Park Historical Village:

No matter what time of the year it is, Heritage Park Historical Village, the largest and thriving history museum in the country, always has something compelling to offer to all its visitors. Discover the history of the early west by exploring the interactive exhibits or uncover how the invention of automobiles impacted the city's culture, all at this park. The park focuses on Canada's historical stages starting from the fur trading phase to the prairie railroad town phase that has been displayed across 127 acres of lush greenery. Offering a terrific opportunity to learn about the great historical happenings in the country along with adventurous activities and interactive exhibits, this parkland narrates the stories of the western settlement of Canada in a unique and exciting way.

Prince's Island Park:

Commonly referred to as the Urban Oasis (an island on the Bow River), Prince's Island Park is a splendid park located in Downtown Calgary, hosting many vibrant and busking events all year round. Offering everything urban from bike paths and walking trails to playgrounds and shaded picnic areas, people of any age group can have a great time unwinding at this park. The Canada Day celebration and Calgary Folk Festival held at this park, are celebrated with traditional gusto and great fervor.

Calgary Tower:

For enjoying a riveting scenery of Calgary city and the lands beyond, ascend to one of the highest observation decks in the world, which is housed in the Calgary Tower. Located in the downtown Calgary, this 191-meter tall tower is designed to withstand earthquakes and also includes a revolving restaurant, Sky 360, which offers an ultimate dining experience alongside the panoramic views of the city below. The tallest structure in the city, the Tower is just a few seconds away as the high-speed elevator carries 25 passengers at a time to the top in not more than 62 seconds.

Calgary Stampede:

One of Canada's foremost tourist attraction, Calgary Stampede is an event venue accommodating the best of concerts, parades, stage shows and midways in Calgary. The venue is best-known for organizing the world's largest rodeo, which is a 10-day event featuring the preeminent competitors of the rodeo world and animals. The captivating rodeo event includes Barrel Racing, Novice Bareback, Junior Steer Riding and Bull riding among others. The other major events you should look forward to are Evening Show, Dog Bowl and Bell Adrenaline Ranch.

Stephen Avenue Walk:

One of the major shopping districts in the city, Stephen Avenue Walk in downtown Calgary bustles with historical buildings, food chains, cafés, souvenir shops, entertainment hubs and other kiosks. The 'Galleria Trees'- large white effigies on the street steals the attention of thousands of visitors at this pedestrian mall. Sip on a coffee, be entertained by a cultural event and buy one of the locally made souvenirs or just stroll through and be amazed by the colorful flower baskets hanging on the stalls; this street has got it all for you.

Glenbow Museum:

For all the art lovers, Glenbow Museum, a premium museum dedicated to art and history, is where you will encounter outlandish landscape paintings, famous Canadian prints collection by world-famous artists like Walter J. Phillips, collections of Alberta pottery, numismatics and a lot more. The museum portrays Western Canada's culture by providing a glimpse into the life and livelihood of people in the 19th century. Featuring over 20 permanent galleries and a library comprising of 100,000 periodicals, newspapers and books, one of the largest museums of Western Canada offers its visitors an extremely knowledgeable experience.

Fort Calgary:

Strategically erected in 1875 to prevent the trading of alcohol and to establish Canada's independent authority, Fort Calgary, recognized as a National Historic Site, has been positioned as Calgary's center where the past, present and future of the city meet. Also known to be the birthplace of modern Calgary, the fort serves as a historic site and museum featuring informative exhibits and displays that narrate the story of the city's past.

Devonian Gardens:

For a memorable experience, visit Devonian Gardens, which is an indoor botanical garden fenced with glass and garnished with koi ponds, fountains and a photogenic living wall, on the top floor of "The Core Shopping Centre". Be prepared to get amazed as you enter the garden of natural light, featuring over 550 trees and ponds teaming with fishes while participating in their wonderful drop-in programs. The garden is wheelchair accessible and includes amenities like event spaces, meeting rooms, playgrounds, free Wi-Fi, and playgrounds for children.

Spruce Meadows:

An all-season equestrian facility in Calgary, Spruce Meadows is famous for hosting show-jumping, commonly referred to as "stadium jumping", which is a part of English riding equestrian events. The venue also hosts the production of a popular TV series based on show-jumping named Spruce Meadows Chronicles by a television facility. Besides show jumping, other events that are enjoyed here include conventions, dressage events and trade shows. Major tournaments held at this facility are CSI ‘Canada One’, CSIO Spruce Meadows 'Masters' Tournament (September), and Name the Foal contest among others.

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