Top Attractions in Buffalo

Top Attractions in Buffalo

Top Attractions in Buffalo

Often nicknamed as ‘the Queen City’, Buffalo is a beguiling city with its post-card perfect setting. Home to an amalgamation of different cultures, you will find that the city is always dressed in a cultural event or festival with the Dyngus Day and Saint Patrick’s Day Parade stealing the spotlight. An eclectic blend of masonry where historic edifices reside in harmony with modern era architecture, this lively town perched on the banks of Lake Erie is a perfect getaway to numerous sights and attractions- one of them being the stunning spectacle of Niagara Falls. From balmy beaches and veritable green spaces to award-winning museums and night-time food trucks, Buffalo just has a perfect balance of tradition and modernity. The structures designed by the gifted architect Frank Lloyd Wright beckons the architecture lovers while the city hall, Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site and fortresses narrate the tales of the city’s revolutionary past, this little town packs a blend like no other city. If you are someone who wishes to escape the congestion of traffic, explore a destination on foot or a bicycle, then you are definitely going to enjoy the warm and friendly city of Buffalo.

Niagara Falls:

From breathtaking scenery year-round to mind-boggling attractions, delightsome dining options, interactive exhibits, and an awe-inspiring sight of the famous Niagara Falls, the Niagara Falls State Park is a heavenly place to be at for a perfect vacation in nature's lap. If you wish to get a lucid view of the Falls, aboard the Maid of the Mist, which is the world's premium Niagara Falls boat tour, offering excursions for the tourists to explore the roar, take in the splendid views of the most miraculous natural wonder in the USA. You can board the double-deck boat at the Observation Tower and feel the extraordinary rush of the mist on your face as the boat leads you through the Niagara Falls.

Delaware Park:

Also known as Buffalo’s jewel, Delaware Park is recorded on the National Register of Historic Places and includes 4 baseball diamonds, a golf course, soccer fields and tennis courts. The park is split into 2 areas, namely, Meadow Park, which is the location of the Buffalo Zoo, and Water Park. Highlights of the park include the facsimile of Michelangelo's David, and the second largest free outdoor Shakespeare Festival in the United States after the one in New York City.

The Buffalo Zoo:

Established in 1875, the Buffalo Zoo houses an assorted collection of exotic and wild animals, reptiles, birds, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and above 320 peculiar species of plants. Being the third oldest zoo in the country, the zoo offers myriad of interesting exhibits like the Animal Pavilion that features Cinereous Vulture, and the Arctic Edge that amazes the visitors by housing Arctic and sub-Arctic species. The rope bridge at the zoo offers a limpid sight of the alligators and turtles below.


Known to be the crown jewel of the city, Canalside is a 21-acre green enclave right in the city center. It is a destination that entices visitors with tons of things to do from festivals and concerts to watersports and a variety of free activities. Whether you wish to take your toys in the water to practice some sports or participate in an outdoor yoga session or just enjoy a weekly concert in summer or flock to the ice to show off your ice skating or pond hockey skills during the winter, this lakeshore park has got it all. Conveniently connected to the Buffalo River, this is the best place to be if you wish to unwind with a craft beer in hand or just take a romantic stroll with your loved ones. It is also one of the major harbor centers of the state.

Buffalo City Hall:

Built after World War I, the Buffalo City Hall is a perfect example of art deco design featuring a stupefying stained glass ceiling and a massive 7-storey clock tower. One of the tallest buildings in Western New York, the city hall building is 378-feet tall and rises into the sky with 1,520 windows that peer out into downtown Buffalo. The hall is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the tourists are enticed not only by its architecture but also by the splendid city views from the building.

Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens:

Nestled within South Park in the city, Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens includes the Olmsted’s South Park, Victorian-style gardens, and the 1894 tri-domed glass conservatory building. Explore the garden and get amazed as you discover the extraordinary collection of plants and flowers, which are rarely found in one of the best botanical gardens around the world. Most plants grown at this botanical garden are native to the tropical and subtropical regions while some of them are native to the area. Visit this garden any time of the year and the herb collection, waterfall, bromeliad house, and the orchid house will never cease to captivate you.

Richardson Olmsted Complex:

Renowned as one of the city's most stunning and iconic buildings, Richardson Olmsted Complex, labeled as a National Historic Landmark, was designed by architect, Henry Hobson Richardson. Initially used for the treatment of the psychologically challenged people, the building later transmuted into a cultural amenity for the city, having Hotel Henry Urban Resort Conference Center and the Buffalo Architecture Center in the magnificent twin towers. There are many guided tours available at the complex, which take you through the interiors, elucidating the past, present and future of the complex.

Forest Lawn Cemetery

Forest Lawn Cemetery is an enticing cemetery in the city, mostly visited for musing walks, jogs or for picnicking. Several dignified and renowned people including the former United States President, Millard Fillmore, and the “Super Freak” singer- Rick James, were laid to rest here. It is recommended to book your visit to this place in advance so that you don't miss on the cemetery’s highlights. In order to make your visit more fruitful, paid tours are available on Sundays from June to October.

The Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site

Visit the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site and pore over the history of the paramount moment in time when the 26th President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt, pledged in 1901. The site demystifies the circumstances of the remarkable inauguration, as well as the impact Roosevelt had and continues to have on the whole nation. The museum was renovated and upgraded in 2009 to include new exhibits that take the visitors back in time through an immersive experience of sight, sound and interaction.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Martin House Complex

Situated in Buffalo’s Parkside neighborhood, Darwin D. Martin House is a remarkable architectural treasure built and designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, an American architect, for his friend. Visit this complex to see the ravishing interior and Wright's signature work from the 19th century. The complex features the main house, the conservatory, the wisteria museum shop, the carriage house and the pergola. Many tours are available at the venue for the visitors to get a deeper perspective on this amazing historical masterpiece.