Top things to do in Bucaramanga

Top things to do in Bucaramanga

Top things to do in Bucaramanga

Colombia's one of the strongest economies 'Bucaramanga' is on a rollercoaster that is only going up and there’s no stopping it. With high standard living rate, the city has become a commercial hub and what remained as a historical destination now stands as one of the metropolitan regions of the country. Often referred as the city of parks, it is home to over 160 parks which are unique in their own way, from adventure parks to the quiet natural ones, the city is bustling with variety that extends their hands for a perfect getaway. However, this city is also for the energetic ones and the party hunters as a large number of bars and clubs that adorn the streets will definitely take your precious sleep away. Dine in the many restaurants and fill up that stomach with the traditional food ‘Culonas’ or definitely go for shoe shopping in this shoe-centered town. ‘Buca’ as the locals calls it, may not be a recognized tourist destination, but once you step your foot here, there’s no going back from the fascinating skyscrapers, spacious parks and the lively clubs that will make your stay a little longer than already planned!

Parque Nacional del Chicamocha:

Located at a distance of about 50 kilometers from the city along the Chichamocha Canyon, The Chicamocha National Park, most commonly known as Panachi, is a majestic urban space that is in perfect harmony with nature. Situated at an altitude of about 1450 meters above sea level, do not miss the aerial tram, which is one of the longest cable rides in the world that runs along a canyon. It also houses an Ostrich Park and Parque de las Cabras where you can interact with the animals and feed them. This park is for all the adventure-seekers as it offers a variety of activities for friends, families, couples including camping, buggy rides, cable flight, mountain climbing, kayaking and fishing. Wear your hiking boots and climb to the top to see some magnificent views of the city. Various activities have different prices starting from COP $2000.

Jardin Botánico Eloy Valenzuela:

Founded in 1982, Jardin Botánico Eloy Valenzuela or Eloy Valenzuela botanical garden is home to 400 species of living plant species and focuses on research, study and conservation of the Flora of the Eastern Colombia. A natural classroom for the little ones, this urban oasis displays a collection of exotic plant life including palms, ferns, flowering shrubs, peasant orchards, ornamental plants and more living in harmony with animals like squirrels, iguanas, butterflies and more.

Cigarras Park:

One of the most beautiful parks in the town offering recreational activities mainly for children, Cigarras Park is your place to leisurely walk around in an urban setting. Not only will you encounter various animals at this Park, but also beautiful shaded tress that will want you to open that picnic mat and play some soothing music.

Catedral de la Sagrada Familia:

A 19th-century building featuring two beautiful white towers, complemented by green/yellow dome that represents the city’s flag colors, Catedral de la Sagrada Familia is surely one of the most beautiful architectures of the town. The interiors are made from Carrara marble, paintings by Alberta Acuna and stained glass panels, which makes the inside of this Catedral look spectacular.

Parque del Agua:

A park that is purely dedicated to water, Parque del Agua promotes the importance of conservation and uses of this resource. It is an educational park with various attractions like fountains, canals and waterfalls, which are complimented by light shows in the night. Home to many fishes, you can even buy fish food at the entrance of the park or just enjoy the sight!

Saint Pío Park:

One of the most significant urban spaces in Bucaramanga, the Saint Pío Park boasts of handsome trees that provide shade to make a perfect setting for picnic lovers. Take a walk through the park to appreciate the beauty of nature and stumble upon the “Mujer de pie, desnuda” statue, a famous Botero sculpture in the city. Surrounded by concrete buildings, church, souvenir shops and restaurants, this green park is an ideal retreat for nature as well as art lovers.

Chicamocha Canyon:

This magnificent natural wonder of Colombia is the second largest canyon in the world. Located just around 50 kilometers from the capital city of Santander department, Chichamocha Canyon spreads over more than 108,000 hectares of land and is about 2,000 meters in depth. Nominated to be one of the new 7 wonders of nature, this imposing canyon takes its name from the river that begins from the foothills of Sierra Nevada del Cocuy and merges with Suarez River and Sogamoso River. You will also spot many native wildlife species like iguanas, tinajos, tigrillos and armadillos along with birds and plant species. Home to the Chicamocha National Park, it offers various options like paragliding, canoeing and more for all the thrill-seekers. Take a challenging hike through the canyon and reach the colonial village of Barichara or take the 6 kilometer-long aerial cableway and enjoy the spellbinding landscapes the canyon offers.

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