Top Attractions & Things To Do In Brno, Czech Republic

Top Attractions & Things To Do In Brno

Best places to visit in Brno

Tagged as a good starting point for South Moravian Region, Brno is an abode to various universities, stunning castles, historic monuments, and many other fascinating attractions blending rich history with modernity and innovation. Also regarded as a University Town, Brno has a massive young crowd making the city all the more vibrant which is also reflected in its nightlife boasting of some of the best pubs and clubs in the region and making it a must-visit for all the night-crawlers out there. The city offers numerous attractions coupled with beautiful natural views to large number of people visiting the city every year. Brno has something for every type of traveller, and any type of budget. If you are someone who enjoys natural beauty along with cultural diversity, you are definitely going to love this city! Below mentioned are our recommendations for 10 best places to visit in Brno:

Spilberk Castle one of the best places to visit and a major attraction in Brno
Špilberk Castle :

Dominating the spectacular skyline of the city of Brno, Špilberk Castle is situated on a hilltop founded in the 13th century by the Czech king Přemysl Otakar II. It persistently reminds about the safety and defence it provided to Brno for over 7 centuries. Considered to be the city's most important landmark, it was moderately changed into a huge baroque fortress and then into barracks from a major royal castle. This is undoubtedly one of the top attraction in Brno, Czech Republic.

St. James’ Church:

Located in James' Square (Jakubské náměstí) in the center of the city, Church of St. James (Kostel sv. Jakuba) is a perfect landmark owing to its sheer size and distinct style. It is known for its architectural brilliance and is a perfect example of the late Gothic architecture in the Czech Republic from the 14th and 15th centuries. The church was categorized as a national monument in 1995 and is very famous attraction among tourists in Brno.

St. James Church, the best place to visit in Brno
Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul a major tourist attraction in Brno
Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul:

Standing atop Petrov Hill in the center of the city, the Cathedral of St Peter & Paul is a national cultural monument. It is one of the most important pieces of architecture in South Moravia and is best known for its gothic revival and baroque architecture. Visitors might also like climbing the cathedral tower to have a beautiful view of the city.

Old Town Hall:

Dating back to 13th century, the Old Town Hall of Brno is the oldest secular building in the city and offers mesmeric views of the city. Various unique symbols and legends of the city can be found in the building and passage itself. Having been established in 1240, it served as the town hall from 1373 to 1935, and now the premises are used by the Brno Tourist Information Centre. The main portal dates back to the Gothic period, but the Renaissance style additions were made recently.

Old town hall one of the best places to visit in Brno, Czech Republic
Villa Tugendhat is one of the top attractions in Brno
Villa Tugendhat:

A historical building and one of the pioneering types of modish architecture in Europe, Villa Tugendhat was designed by the German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe between 1928 and 1930. The mesmerizing architecture of the building highlights the application of innovative concepts to satisfy new lifestyle needs. Being one of the top attractions in Brno and due to high demand for tickets, it is recommended that you reserve a tour at least one month in advance.

Labyrinth under the Cabbage Market:

Located in the historical center of Brno, Labyrinth under the Cabbage Market is a system of old cellars and medieval passageways. It lies beneath one of the oldest squares of the city and was formerly used for food-keeping, beerbrewing and other things. An underground tour (6-8 meters below the Cabbage Market) provides valuable insights into how the people in the Middle Ages stored food in their cellars.

Labyrinth under the Cabbage Market one of the best places to see in Brno
Observatory and Planetarium one of the best attraction in Brno
Observatory and Planetarium:

Located on top of a hill close to the center, Brno Observatory provides an unusual experience for both, the young and old. This educational institution is put together with a great concept. You can gaze at the starlit sky, hear about the solar system, explore outer space in the astronomical observatory and also enjoy performances related to celestial bodies. You must definitely include the planetarium in your list of top attractions and best places to visit in Brno.

Zoo Brno:

Stretched across an area of 65 hectares on the outskirts of the city, the Brno City Zoological Garden houses animals from all continents of the world except the Antarctic. The endangered species whose captive breeding is done here include Sumatran tiger, Przewalski's horse, and also few local species like the little owl and rare rodent species like European ground squirrel. A rarity in the zoo is the pavilion of the Tropical Kingdom.

Zoo Brno, one of the best places to visit in Czech Republic
Veveri Castle one of the major tourist attraction of Brno
Veveří Castle:

Located 12 kilometers northwest of Brno city center near the Brno Lake, Veveří Castle was founded in the 11th century. It is surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Podkomorské Woods. The castle bridge is mentioned as one of the first ferroconcrete structures which had later been decorated in baroque style. Thanks to recent renovations, this Gothic royal castle makes for a great visit.

Capuchin Crypt:

If you are a lover of history and art, this unique monument is sure to inspire you. It features gorgeous Baroque statues made by Jan Adam Nessman and a crypt established in the 17th century. The bodies in the crypt date back hundreds of years and have turned into mummies as a result of the geological composition of the ground and the system of airing.

Capuchin Crypt, one of the famous tourist attraction in Brno