Top things to do in Bratislava

Top things to do in Bratislava

Top things to do in Bratislava

The beautiful city of Bratislava is shrouded in history with its cobbled roads and medieval architecture one of them being the Coronation Route that once was the main site for crowing of Hungarian rulers. This magnificent city looks like a frantic blend of wild and urban as well as classic and contemporary. Along with preserved spires and squares from the 18th century, the city also boasts of the modern era monuments and alluring statues. Overlooking the Old Town, the castle looks like a daydream encircled by forest-fringed riverbanks and jungles behind. Moreover, no visit to Bratislava is over without a walk on the Navy Most Bridge built on the river Danube which has been an integral part of city’s rich cultural development and that of its bordering nations like Austria and Hungary. Adding to all this, city’s nightlife acts like a magnet for any type of party animal and also foodies can indulge in tasting the full range of Middle Europe’s renowned cuisine.

Bratislava Castle:

The location and the size of the Bratislava Castle have made it one of the most visited attractions of the city. Standing at a pronounced hilltop, the pre-Romanesque structure was settled in the 9th century. Known as Sigismund’s Castle, there are various events organized here amid the castle's beautiful architecture.

Devín Castle:

A structure that can be found on postage stamps and money, the Devín Castle stands for the name ‘Devin’ which means eminent things in Slovak. The castle touches each part of the city's history. The tiny watchtower, also known as Maiden Tower, is one of the most interesting parts of the castle. There is also a 4th-century Christian chapel, a statue of a woman in white and a zoo.

St. Martin’s Cathedral:

One of the oldest and the largest churches in the city, St. Martin's Cathedral dominates the skyline of Bratislava. The Kingdom of Hungary was coroneted during the period from 1563 to 1830. The crucifix of the architecture tours you through the Gothic tradition the city followed. You can enjoy the picturesque remains of the structures surrounding the cathedral. There are organized tours are for 2.5 EUR. However, the entry is free.

Michael’s Gate:

Deemed to be the main entrance to the city of Bratislava, the Michael’s Gate leads you to a number of exclusive shops, restaurants, and cafés. Built in the 17th century, the small pedestrian bridge takes you through a range of musicians and people selling different souvenirs. There are 2 rings of city walls, a Barbican, 2 bastions and a falling bridge to view. Although the city walls could not survive, you can still enjoy watching the Barbican.

Primate’s Palace:

One of the most prominent and stunning buildings in the city, the Primate’s Palace, was established in the 18th century. The Habsburg Royalty is beautifully reflected from this structure. The arrases and the chandeliers bring out the best of the remarkable history of the place. You will find statues of different historians at the top of the palace along with the collection of 17th century English tapestries.


A military cemetery and a memorial monument, Slavín is home to many burials of soldiers of the Soviet Army who lost their lives liberating the city during the World War II. The beautiful view of the city can be profoundly seen from the top of the castle which is known as the National Cultural Monument. The names of the soldiers are written in Russian over their tombs. Established between the years 1957 and 1960, the place is named as the National Cultural Monument.

Bratislava Zoo:

Covering an area of 96 hectares, Bratislava Zoo has over 175 animal species and over 900 specimens such as terrarium animals, gnawers, apes, beasts and hoofed mammals. The beautiful and vivid pavilions are housed in the gardens. Different educational programs are held here for children’s amusement.

Man at Work – Čumil:

A unique bronze statue, the Man at Work (Čumil) is the statue of a man that is known to be a watcher. The statue gives a life-like appearance and is valued for its sheer creativity. Thronged by tourists and locals, this statue adds a modern touch to the historical center and is an eye-catching marvel. Don't forget to take a picture with this statue if you are in Bratislava.

Franciscan Church:

The oldest religious and the existing building in the city, the Franciscan Church was constructed in 1297. The church formerly served the townspeople for larger gatherings. The Gothic architecture of the church is considered to be one of the finest structures across the whole of Bratislava being witness to a number of historical events of the city.

Sad Janka Kráľa:

Known as the first park designed for the visitors and the locals of the city, the park is decorated in unique Baroque Classicism with trees planted across the eight-leg star. There is a Gothic-styled statue of Janko Kral in the park which is known as an important landmark of the place. You can find a range of different plant species such as maklura orange, Ginkgo biloba, dawn redwood and much more.

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