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Best Day Trips from Austin

Best Day Trips from Austin

World class attractions, spectacular outdoor spaces, museums, music, wonderful ballet and the best shopping- Austin serves as a mecca to all these amazing things! Spend your morning paddling the lake and later, roam around and unravel the amazing things to do in Austin. Being a university city, the streets in Austin are lined with bars where the local musicians play their latest tunes while the students enjoy the night dancing to the beats. On any night of the week, you can find concerts kicking in across the city that are quite pocket friendly to attend

Austin is a city that is a bit different from the rest of Texas. It has got amazing music scenes. Featuring a mild climate that allows you to enjoy all the outdoor activities all year round, the city boasts a genuineness and generosity that every tourist looks for. And after exploring all of these amazing things, there is a lot to unwind in the periphery of this city. Check out these best day trips from Austin:

1. San Antoniox

There’s so much to do in San Antonio for nature lovers, culture buffs and even for children. San Antonio’s museum covers everything from interactive play to art. For a relaxing evening, you can also spend an hour in the lovely Japanese Tea Garden. The city also has an excellent local zoo with loads of different animals and long walks around the river. Take the bus to reach San Antonio in 1h 40m. Trains from Austin to San Antonio take around 3 hrs to get you there. But the best is to take a road trip and get there in 1h 15m.

2. Wimberley

This small town is tucked into Texas hills and has 2 perfect swimming holes- Blue hole and Jacobs Well, besides dozens of nature’s delights to explore. Don’t forget the bizarre yet charming “Bootiful Wimberley” boot trails to see an artistic display. 48 boots decorated by local artists and spread across the town. For shopaholics, a visit to Old Wimberley market is at it’s the best thing to do in Austin. Travelling here has all modes of transportation, train and bus takes 1h 10 minutes, and a drive will take 50 minutes to reach Wimberley.

3. Dipping Springs

It is a very old spot but its beauty had learnt to be perpetual in character. The first thing to do here is take a walk around the historic district. So, have a nice dip in the Hamilton Pool and roam around Rimer Ranch Park. Then you can also go to the Texas Hill Country Olive Company for a little culinary experience. Buses take 1h 30 minutes to reach this beautiful place. Alternatively, a taxi from the city can also be taken for the drive, which takes 30 minutes drive.

4. McKinney Falls State Park

McKinney Falls is a peaceful place to spend the day. This area is huge and hosts activities like hiking trails, swimming spots and loads of flora and fauna that force you to keep your eyes wide open. It is right in the backyard of Austin, making it an easy day trip option. The best way to reach this state park is by bus that takes an hour. You can also get a taxi from the city which takes 15 minutes drive.

5. Canyon Lake

Both the town and the lake itself are worth visiting when you travel to Austin. The town along Guadalupe River and the lake has plenty of water activities like swimming, boating and excellent fishing to offer. Not to mention the 80 mile shore that gives options like hiking, biking, horse riding, etc. You can get a train daily from Austin station to Canyon Lake and take almost 45 minutes to reach. Buses also run in every 20 minutes and takes 45 minutes.

6. New Braunfels

This town is the best day trip to Austin. The main attraction has Schilitterbahn – a wild water-park made of hair rising rides, slides for all and pools of every shape and size. And this is not it; the town offers more to do and to see like – the retro railroad museum, the McKenna children’s museum, Mini golf and Animal World and Snake Farm. Take a train from Austin Amtrak to reach this small town in 40 minutes. The buses that run take 1h 40m ride for the same. Taxis from the city can also bring you here and the drive takes 50m.

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