Top things to do in Akureyri

Top things to do in Akureyri

Top things to do in Akureyri

Named as the capital of North Iceland, Akureyri is a bustling as well as Iceland’s most young and happening city. Perched at the head of Eyjafjörður, Iceland’s longest fjord, you can expect cool cafés, marvellous restaurants, some art galleries, and also night-crawlers, which isn’t a case in other rural Icelandic towns. The city’s botanical gardens and parks are a blend of refreshing and brushed up feel and you’ll also spot lots of interesting museums here. On the edge of the city is a surprising forest of pine trees and birches, which makes for an ideal starting point for your explorationof the wild lands of the Oxnadalur valley. Once in Akureyri, you’ll appreciate the charm of its colored houses that line up on the green hills and the unique and enchanting setting of the city on the banks of the Glera River.

Akureyri Art Museum:

Dating back to 1993, Akureyri Art Museum plays a prominent role in the cultural life of the city and is one of the youngest art museums across Iceland. Located amidst the town center, this museum is a treat to all visual art lovers and comprises of numerous exhibitions and works of the highest artistic standard. The museum welcomes ingenious new talent, both domestic and foreign.

Northern Lights:

When in Akureyri, don't miss out on the most spectacular natural shows that take place on our planet. Occurring due to the solar winds and earth's magnetic field, this beguiling light show takes over the skies from September to April. Having the dominant colors as white and green, there are beautiful color variations to be captured through your lenses.

Akureyri Church:

Being the symbol of the city, the Akureyri Church is well-renowned for its architecture and majorly for the suspended ship hanging from its ceiling which reflects an old Nordic tradition of votive offerings for the protection of loved ones at sea. Head to this Lutheran spiritual abode perched high on a hill overlooking the town while in Akureyri.

Botanical Garden Akureyri:

Known as the northernmost botanical gardens in the world, this garden is a well-renowned site thronged by tourists and locals alike. Established in 1912, explore a wide variety of Icelandic as well as foreign flora and also 6,000 alien taxa and 430 species of native taxa growing here. With a scenery of local and foreign flora, the garden is indeed a very relaxing stopover.

Lofthellir Lava Cake:

Enter a mystical world of ice formations and darkness at the Lofthellir Lava Cave, a natural cave boasting of the best ice carvings currently renowned in Iceland. With a total length of about 370 meters with a ceiling of about 15 meters, you are surely going to be left awestruck while exploring this unique cave. Some of the other fantastic sceneries in the same area, such as Dimmuborgir (Dark Castles), are one of Iceland’'s most popular natural tourist attractions.


One of the best places in Iceland for cross-country and downhill skiing, Hlíðarfjall welcomes visitors from the beginning of December to the end of April. The elevation on the ski slopes ranges from 500 to 1,000 meters and is majestically clad with snow during winters. Enjoy the beautiful views of the fjord and participate in numerous activities.

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