Travel Consultancy

Plan your entire trip in detail under the guidance of our in-house travel expert.

Travel Consultancy

1.What is Taxidio’s Travel Consultancy and how is it helpful? Our team of travel experts at Taxidio are highly adept in planning personalised itineraries as against selling standard travel packages. We understand that each traveller has a distinct set of expectations from a trip and that is exactly what we deliver through our consultancy services by:

• Understanding you – Our team does a thorough study on the type of traveller you are. We understand your requirements and preferences based on which we suggest which destination(s) you can travel to. These include single/multi-countries and cities within these countries. We ask you about your travel history, preferences of your trip companions, weather/temperature preferences, interests like food, nightlife, culture, shopping, adventure sports, and more.

• In-destination planning – Our psychometric study further enables us to design a fully-customised itinerary for you. We then move on to the in-destination planning and recommend the top attractions to visit, best day trips to take and best places to stay at. In addition, our travel experts also suggest the best restaurants, places to party, and local activities that you can participate in.

• Bookings – With Taxidio’s consultancy, all your bookings can be made and managed in one place. We book the ideal accommodation (hotels, hostels, villas, etc.) for you based on your budget and the location of the property that is most convenient to you. We also pre-book your attraction tickets, day trips, activities, local and inter-state transport at the best prices.

2.Why do I have to pay for this service? We believe that travelling is not an expense, but an investment. Keeping that in mind, we ensure that you maximise your holiday experience at the lowest possible price. The team of travel consultants at Taxidio leave no stone unturned in understanding your preferences and budgets as a traveller and designing a detailed itinerary in accordance with that. While travel agents give you basic holiday packages, Taxidio provides an end-to-end solution for all your travel needs, which explain the time and effort we put in to make sure your trip is planned to perfection. From giving you the best-suited choice between different modes of transport to ensuring you cover the best of what a city has to offer, our travel consultancy services are directed towards minimizing your overall expenditure.

3.Will Taxidio help me get a visa? No. While we don’t undertake visa applications, we provide visa guidance and may suggest suitable third-party agents who can help you get a visa.

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