About Taxidio

Taxidio is the first global automated trip planner, which seamlessly brings a logical connect to the process of destination selection, itinerary creation, travel guides, booking and sharing. We cater to the entire value chain of a traveler’s requirement, by bridging the gap between travel planning and execution.

Taxidio’s Mission

To provide convenient and personalized travel experience for the explorers.


Taxidio’s Vision

To create a seamless travel experience by being the one-stop shop for the Do It Yourself traveler.

Destination Recommendation

In a world of over 190 spectacular countries, why limit yourself to only a selected few?
Most often than not, travelers are unaware of many countries/cities that fall into their genre of travel, which they could catch a glimpse of. Here’ s where we come to their rescue!
We enable you to select your travel parameters, on the basis of which we run a search query and enlist all the destination recommendations generated by our mammoth database. But if you’re among those who already know where they want to go, all you have to do is feed in your destination, fine-tune your travel requirements with a quick selection of parameters and let us take care of the rest.
Once you define the parameters of your trip, we step into your shoes and accumulate the best results based on your travel preferences.

Designing Itineraries

Travel planning can be a very daunting task. We add method to the madness by automating the process to create travel guides that are tailored to your needs. As you align your travel parameters, in a matter of a few clicks, we craft out the ideal itinerary for you.
Through our technological prowess, we minimize your hassle of browsing through countless websites.

Best Bookings

We don’t just stop at being an itinerary planner. We push the boundaries and provide you with the option of instantly booking an accommodation that suits your points of interest. Be it hotels or homestays, we’ve got you covered. Plunging even further, we offer you a one-stop-shop for booking attraction tickets in advance, at the best rates to save you time and money.