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If only I had an itinerary…

7 reasons why you need a travel itinerary planner

Let me tell you a story of this one time I realised I was in dire need of a break and decided to take a 10-day trip to Paris. Since I was working late hours to compensate for the long leave I was taking, all I had time to care about was my visa. Once that arrived, I booked the cheapest flight and the most budget-friendly hotel I could find and set out on my much-awaited holiday, which later turned out to be a travel nightmare. My hotel, though inexpensive, was far from most of the places I wanted to visit. I kept an entire day only to explore the Louvre Museum, only to reach there and find out it was closed since it was a Tuesday. Even my visit to the Eiffel Tower was stalled by a few hours, thanks to the long ticket line I had to wait in.

But let me not bore you with more details and just cut to the chase.

My trip tanked because I didn’t have an itinerary since I spent more time romanticising about a spontaneous trip, than planning it. No agenda, no maps, no timetables; just wherever the road leads me. Bad idea! Learning from my experience and that of few others I know, I’ve realized how essential an itinerary can be, no matter where you’re headed.

1. Combat your FOMO:

The internet is full of “Best things to do” and its only natural to get overwhelmed by all the information overload. An itinerary helps you create an outline of your interests and places that you will specifically like. That way, you will be able to cut through the clutter and not miss out on destinations that really matter.

2. Use your time well:

There will always be deviations from what you intend to do. And when you are on a tight budget and limited number of days, wasting time running from pillar to post is the last thing you want out of your holiday. An intelligent itinerary planner keeps you within a predefined structure, by breaking down your days into something similar to a to-do list so that you can manage your travel days well. Depending on the traveler you are, you can chalk an itinerary that gives you enough space to make the most of your time.

3. Money matters:

Let’s face it, money matters the most while traveling. You not only have to be mindful of the conversion rates, but also keep a close tab on your expenses so that you don’t go overboard. With an itinerary in place, you have a clear picture of where you will be heading and what your costs will be.

4. Factor in the internal commute:

No matter where you travel, a significant chunk of money goes into getting from one place to another; be it from your hotel to your sightseeing point, or from one city to another. With an itinerary planner you will be able to anticipate the traveling that is involved and the transportation cost that you will have to bare.

5. Smarter bookings:

What’s the point of shelling out money by commuting back and forth from your hotel to your sightseeing locations? The best part of an itinerary, with special emphasis on an online itinerary planning tool is that it shows you all your attraction spots on a map, enabling you to account for the distance between one place to another. That way you can book a hotel that is closest to where a majority of your attractions are located.

6. Jump the queues:

Why wait in long lines when you can buy your attraction tickets in advance? Online itinerary planning has its perks, one of them being the ease of purchasing tickets and passes to various attractions like museums, amusement parks, architectural marvels, and much more. You not only get to waltz in, but also get great deals and offers online.

7. Your personal guide:

There’s nothing more comforting that knowing you have everything you need before embarking upon your big trip. Itinerary planners are accessible on any of your smart devices and let you keep a track of where to go and how to get there, along with managing your expenses, giving you details about where to shop, what hospitals are nearby, where the embassy is, what the weather is like and so on.

Trip planning is no cakewalk. It can be a tedious process with countless hours of research and patience. Taxidio encompasses all the above mentioned points along with plenty others to ensure that you travel planning is as relaxed as your holiday itself.

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