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7 Alternate White Wedding Destinations

He proposed; you said yes. What are you waiting for? It’s your birthright to make the most important day of your life, the most memorable one. So jump in to the planning stage and think of where you want to say “I do.” Of course the gown, decorations and jewelry demand some thinking too, but the destination still remains the biggest style punch.

So, to ease your hunt a little, we’ve rounded up 7 most unique yet amazing destinations for a White Wedding.

1. The Inca Trail, Peru

If you have a perpetual love for nature and adventure, then this destination would click you in a second. Machu Picchu qualifies to be the most extreme and impressive destination for a white gown wedding. Although ceremonies aren’t permitted inside the park, this sacred valley has a lot other sites to beautify your wedding photographs.

2. The Amalfi Coast, Italy

The scenic delight of the Italian coastline has abundant options, from seaside views in Capri and winding cliff tops of Ravello, to colorful homes, churches and narrow lanes reaching the Mediterranean in Amalfi. This southern region of Italy leaves you with such memoirs of your wedding day that you feel like reliving them over and over! You can hire one of the wedding-planning crackerjacks to take the pains for you.

3. Tahiti, French Polynesia

A flowery Hawaiian wedding is cliché now. People have moved on to a newer location with the same Hawaiian touch – Tahiti. The lush landscapes, rain forests, vanilla farms and most of all, crowd-free beaches serve the purpose of an ideal wedding event. So if you don’t want to give a chance to your guests to nag over anything, be it service, location or food arrangements, go Tahiti!

4. Mykonos, Greece

If you are tying the knot between May and October and long for a cosmopolitan vibe in your wedding, then nothing serves better than Mykonos. The crisp white backdrops amidst blue Mediterranean waters and that 24/7 beach party scene gives you and your guests a lot to unwind. The guests can plan exclusive vacations for themselves, thanks to the amazing vicinities such as Santorini, Corfu and the historic town of Athens.

Greece requires a lot of paperwork beforehand, thanks to the political turmoil. But in the end, it’s all worth the effort!

5. Las Vegas, Nevada

Okay, a little cliché is allowed! For born carousers who end up getting married, nothing beats Las Vegas. From the florid Fremont Street to the flamboyant South End, Vegas is action packed 24/7. Go splurge out at City Center, arrange a pool party for your guests DJ-ed by headliners, or go next level with a celebrity guest. For a dreamy desert backdrop, choose Springs Preserve.

The process is simple. Show up at the county clerk’s office and present your ID to avail your marriage license. Book one of the umpteen chapels dotting the streets and boom – you are married in no time!

6. Vail Mountain, Colorado

Here in the western mountains, there is no trouble of finding a venue. Everywhere you look seems to be the perfect location. But once you see The Wedding Deck, an outdoor amphitheater built atop a hill, you will be slack-jawed! Imagine your guests aww’ing at you while you exchange your vows with a spectacular rocky backdrop. This would be the most dramatic and breathtaking vantage point of your life.

7. Limerick, Ireland, UK

If you want your D-day to be remembered as a perfect fairytale wedding, then what better than a castle-like setting amidst gorgeous landscapes! Take a pick from the seaside village of Limerick, hosting an ancient castle in Ireland. The ceaseless beauty of this romantic country and genuine hospitality of the Irish are sure to give you a perfect wedding.

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You get married once in your lifetime (well, mostly!) So choose the most appropriate destination suiting both of your needs. Every place mentioned in the above list will leave you speechless, but go with the one your heart skips a beat for.

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