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7 Best Visa-on-Arrival Destinations for Indians

Are you one of those travelers who love to live on the edge? Who just grab their passport when it gets too much to handle and rush to whichever place comes to their mind? Well in that case, it is downright essential for you to know the availability of international options!

You’d be surprised to know that 52 nations across the globe offer visa on arrival for Indian citizens. So here are the 7 most offbeat and exceptional destinations to plan your spontaneous trip to:

1. Bhutan, Asia

We always tend to undermine beautiful locations simply because they are too near to us. Bhutan, the land of gorgeous monasteries (Dzong as they put it) is all set to amaze you with its architectural marvel and natural beauty. It’s as much a haven for Buddhism followers as for adventurers. The impeccable, untouched panoramas are best explored by hikers, bikers and mountain climbers. As getting visa on arrival is really easy for Indians, there are no restrictions whatsoever. The trip would cost you less than an iPhone!

2. Jeju Island, Asia

Just as Indians have Malaysia and Maldives up the charts, Koreans have Jeju island for easy access. Climb up to Korea’s highest mountain Mount Hallasan, a UNESCO world heritage site that is also a dormant volcano. The Crater lake here is the most breathtaking view of Jeju. Cheonjeyeon and Jeongbang waterfalls, Manjanggul Caves, Jungmun beach and Jusangjeolli cliff are among other nature’s bountiful creations. And the best part, it is one of the locations where Indians get visa on arrival!

3. Cape Verde, Africa

With a minimal Visa fee and validity of 6 months, Cape Verde offers you the most amazing vacation experience. Talk about the stunning beaches like Praia de Santa Maria or Praia de Chaves, the versatile local markets or the mouthwatering local food, Verde is an unarguably all-inclusive vacation. Hike up to Pico do Fogo, an active volcano and highest peak in the area, to catch the most spectacular sunrise and sunset views. Water sports and nightlife are too much fun to handle.

4. Mozambique, Africa

The infinite coastline and sublime beaches of this African land are ideal for honeymooners, peace seekers and family vacationers alike. For hardcore divers, there’s the Quirimbas Islands to try scuba and snorkeling. The Bazaruto archipelago and Benguerra islands are perfect for water sports. For wildlife enthusiasts, the place has Gorongosa National Park. The place offers a visa on arrival for a stay of up to 30 days.

5. Bolivia, South America

There’s no better place to gawk at the Andes than Bolivia, the land of Inca civilization remains and other historically significant sites. Explore the world’s largest Salt Flat, Salar de Uyuni. The quaint town of Copacabana holds its eminence to the blue-turquoise Lake Titicaca. Then there’s the picturesque city of La Paz. Visa on arrival for Indian citizens is valid for 90 days, but you need to present your hotel reservation, documents and itinerary to get one.

6. Jamaica, North America

Jamaica is no hidden gem, but it’s a surprise you can plan a vacation here without any hassles of pre-determined Visa. Popular for its Rastafarian culture, Caribbean lifestyle and the epic Bob Marley Museum, Jamaica is an all-time party place. Visit Negril for water sports and nightlife fun. The Green Grotto caves at Runaway Bay are worth dying for. For history devotees, there’s the Spanish Town to give you some cathedral and museum experience. Visa isn’t required if you are staying for less than 14 days.

7. Samoa, Oceania

Samoa stands apart from its other beach rivals with its reef-bordered shores. The beach and nightlife in Apia is way too vibrant and lively. Those looking for serenity, there is Lalomanu beach, while the thrill seekers can head on to Manono island for adventure activities. Visa on arrival for Samoa is valid for 60 days, provided you present your onward ticket and sufficient funds to cover the expenses.

Here is a rather elaborate update in your bucket list. Make sure you travel to all of these ‘less-of-a-paperwork-headache’ countries with the convenience of visa on arrival for Indian passport holders. Happy Travels!

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