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Travel is Therapy

7 Reason That Will Make You Plan A Trip Right Away

It burns a hole in your pocket and demands undivided time from your busy schedule to leave everything behind and set out on a vacation. So why travel?

Well, like they say, ‘Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.’ There are some things money can’t buy. Travel is one such source of education that you can never attain if you are a couch potato. So here are a few benefits of experiencing the world with your own insight and wisdom:

1. Breaking the monotony is downright curative

Dragging the same old briefcase to office everyday makes you dull, unproductive and irritable. Giving yourself a break from this tedium helps you keep your worries at bay for a while. With the distance traveling gives you, you are able to clear your head and be at peace.

2. Travel is a scientific stress-buster

A vacation is a blissful faraway land that recharges your batteries and fine-tunes you to the life which had suddenly turned vacuous and inert. So when you come back, you feel so high-powered and happy in the same place and with the same people.

3. Travel makes you wiser and perceptive

You learn to embrace the new world, motley cultures and diverse people. You begin to discern individuality and respect the dissimilarities. Travel helps you widen your mental horizons and accept Change. It also makes you lose your long-held prejudices and become more open-minded about things.

4. You begin to rear lifetime memories

With every vacation comes countless photographs, souvenirs and memories that stay with you for life. You gather so many interesting stories from your sojourn that you start to have a lot to talk about in places that earlier made you uncomfortable. More so, when you are traveling with your family, friends and loved ones, you gather such amazing moments being together. The same old set of people that you’d started taking for granted begin to inspire ad entice you, thanks to a different place and setting. This happens as you begin to identify your relationships from a new perspective.

5. Making friends was never so easy

‘A journey is best measured in friends, not miles.’ Tim Cahill. Travel brings you in sync with the universe. You see so many new things and meet such amazing people that you’d never have in those four walls of your house. And you’ll be amazed at this untried side of your personality, wherein you would so easily strike a conversation with a complete stranger.

6. You realize the boundaries of your knowledge

Only when you step out of your comfort zone do you realize how much you missed in life being an idler. Experiencing the world in its entirety makes you recognize how indoctrinate and prejudiced you’d been. You begin to wonder how sweet and friendly strangers can be and how safe it is to sleep in a foreign land. You realize you much you need to learn in life; it’s an ever-ending education.

7. You suddenly realize the worth of your home

A week or two in a foreign land, no matter how well spent, make you realize how much homesick you can be. You begin to improvise the shortcomings of your habitat and value the perks of it after you visit an alternative lifestyle. For instance, a simple and basic necessity as clean water may seem like bliss after you return from a third world country, where mankind is living a battle every day.

In this one life that you’ve got, travel makes you live to the fullest. It’s time you convert your concepts about the world into experiences well earned.

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