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27+ Travel Bloggers Take A Trip Down The Memory Lane!

Reminiscing moments that count

There is no denying that traveling teaches you things you cannot learn in a classroom. Travel is important because it radically transforms us. By taking a break from the mundane life, you get an opportunity to perceive and discover new things like culture, food, history and more.

It also gives you a lot of time to introspect and understand how certain traditions are carried out around the world. It’s empowering to surround yourself with new cultures and people. It reinforces your zeal to broaden your horizons, to get unstuck and explore new directions.

Traveling presents you with knowledge and experience about places and diverse narratives. It connects you to new cultures and gives you a chance to meet new people. A trip reveals the attractions and flaws of an uncharted location. It is a kaleidoscopic adventure that includes a spectrum of colors, a host of possibilities and one eventuality — momentous bliss.

Travel is the ultimate vagabond experience. We travel because our life is defined and altered by experiences. The more experiences, the closer you are to eternal harmony with a world full of limitless treasures.

The modern day tourists surf artistic travel blogs, which have become a major source of inspiration for many who want to explore the crevices of this glorious world. We have gathered some of the favorite travel memories of 27 popular travel bloggers who gave in to their wanderlust. Read on to awaken your desire to explore!

1. Craig And Linda Martin

Get to know them: Craig and Linda have a passion for traveling, they have been traveling around the world since February 2006. Through their blogs, they show people how to travel independently, full-time, and debt-free!

Favorite memory: A nocturnal vineyard adventure!

“One of my favorite travel memories is from the time we were spending a week in the small Austrian town of St Anna am Aigen. We were there for work, teaching English in the local high school, and we were delighted to find that it was in the middle of wine country. Although it was winter, we walked the local Weinweg( wine walk) which took us around the neighboring vineyards, and stopped in the vinothek in the town center.

One day early in the week, we discovered that our dinner options were really limited – the only cafe had closed at 6 pm, and the lone restaurant was closed that day. There was no shop to buy picnic ingredients with and the nearest restaurant 3km away, down the dark highway – and we did not have a car.

Soon, we remembered about heuriger. Someone had given us rough directions, so we headed off into the dark night, armed with a small torch to light the way. The first obstacle was 50 or so steps from the ridge, where the town was perched down the valley below. This staircase deposited us in a dark vineyard: we followed the vines to a gray road a couple of hundred meters away. At the road, we turned to the right and saw in the distance, a dim light beckoned us. When we arrived, we saw that the light seemed to belong to a modest house: there any signage to let us know that this was a farm restaurant. We tentatively tried the door.

A blast of light and conversation almost made us take a step back – it seemed like the whole town was there. In fact, the mayor was holding a meeting in the side room. We took a seat and were soon given glasses of local wine and a plate of cold cut meats and cheeses – a jauser. Simple food, but so delicious, and the perfect end to a nocturnal adventure.”


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2. Barbara Weibel:

Get to know her: Barbara Weibel is a wild soul who gave up her well-paying job to pursue her passion for traveling. She took this decision in 2007 and is a full-time globe trekker today!

Favorite memory: Holding hands with the Dalai Lama!

“I have experienced some astounding moments during my 10+ years of travel, but nothing can beat meeting the Dalai Lama. I applied and was accepted to be in the press corps when he traveled to Washington D.C. in 2010 to perform the Kalachakra for World Peace ceremony. On the last day of the event, the monks in his retinue dissolved the sand Mandala they had painstakingly created for the event and transported it to the banks of a river, where it was poured into the water during a special blessing. Attendance at the event was restricted to the members of the press. Luckily I grabbed a spot front and center when his motor car drove up. I bowed my head and held out a silk scarf for His Holiness to bless. The next thing I know, someone grabbed my hand. Startled I looked up and found myself holding hands with the Dalai Lama. His clear liquid eyes looked directly into mine and that famous boy grin spread across his face, he knew I was incapable of speech and seemed inordinately amused by it. He finally let go and continued toward the tent where the ceremony would begin. I believe that this memory of Dalai Lama’s childlike smile and twinkling eyes will act as a deterrent against improper behavior for the rest of my life.”


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3. Annette White:

Get to know her: Annette White is a serial adventurer and the creator of an award-winning travel blog. As an obsessed new traveler, she wants to check the world off her bucket list one destination at a time!

Favorite memory: When balloons became the source of joy!
“One of my favorite (and most heartwarming) travel memories was bringing balloons to an orphanage in Tanzania. Almost instantly, there were adorable African children at my feet, each wielding colorful twistable balloons. Some were wearing them as hats; others were making attempts at producing animals and a few of the younger ones were simply using them as pacifiers. One smarty-pants even tried to turn a bright yellow one into a water balloon, somewhat unsuccessfully. The laughter that encompassed the dirt courtyard and the smiles on their faces were priceless.

The orphanage, on the outskirts of downtown Arusha in Tanzania, was hidden under a bumpy dirt road and painted in a friendly pale blue. There were forty-eight children that called it home, many of them came outdoors when we arrived, to greet us with a shy “Karibu,” which means “welcome” in Swahili. We were there to volunteer for the day and I came armed with fun—balloons that could be turned into animals. It was a simple toy that in a matter of minutes transformed bashful youngsters into creative, spunky kids.

When the memorable day was almost over, a little African girl came running toward me with her arms wide open, by pure instinct I scooped her up into my embrace. This was a thank-you that needed no words, one that crossed language barriers. A moment that filled my heart with happiness, and hers too.”


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4. Johnny Jet

Get to know him: Johnny Jet was afraid of flying, but his passion for traveling made him overcome this fear. Now he seems to spend more time in airports and on jets than anywhere else. Traveling completely transformed him as a person.

Favorite memory: A tribute to my mother

“I cashed in most of my miles to take mom to Europe in first class while she was really sick with cancer. She had a dream of going to Denmark, but she never wanted to leave us as kids, so she chose not to go. The one positive thing that came out of her cancer was that I was able to give her that dream. Cancer made her realize that life is not forever and that she needed to start enjoying it.

After a lot of persuasions, she finally agreed to go on the trip and I cashed in some miles and treated us to our dream trip. We got first class tickets to the places we only dreamed of going to. London( to shop and see theatre), Paris ( to see where she should have studied if she took the scholarship from Parsons), and the most important place: The island of Fyn in Denmark. We had a great trip, visiting Frankfurt, Strasbourg, Paris, Denmark, and Sweden. With cancer, she managed to do this itinerary all in two weeks. She loved it and I loved seeing her happy and excited. This trip remains as the best travel memory I have till date!”


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5. Mervin:

Get to know him: Mervin is a travel and adventure junkie who aimed to set foot on all the provinces in the Philippines and successfully achieved it. He is an advocate of promoting local tourism by sharing his experiences in all his travels to different parts of the country.

Favorite memory: The last chapter of the journey!

“The best travel moment of my life was when I finally set foot in the province of Sulu in the Philippines. It is a momentous event that I cherish the most because I finally conquered my personal goal of visiting all the provinces in the Philippines. I really had no words to express my happiness as it is an achievement I am most proud of as a travel blogger.”


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6. Sarah Schlichter:

Get to know her: She is a passionate traveler and a wizard of words. She aims at delivering expert travel tips, inspiring destination stories, and timely travel news to feed your passion of seeing the world.

Favorite memory: An encounter with the mighty polar bear!

“I have had too many cherished travel memories to count, but one that sticks out was an expedition cruise to the Arctic islands of Svalbard, in northern Norway. Our ship anchored at the edge of the pack ice and most passengers were on deck with their binoculars scanning for polar bears in the distance. I had given up and gone inside for lunch when an announcement came over the PA system. “Polar bear on port side!” I rushed back on deck and discovered a polar bear making its way toward the ship already so close I did not need binoculars! We all watched, spellbound, cameras clicking away, as she came within 50 feet of the ship’s hull. It was incredible to see such a beautiful animal up close in the wild.”


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7. Josh

Get to know him: Josh is a travel junkie and is passionate about photography. He likes to document all his adventures through blogs and encourages fellow travelers to try something new and exciting.

Favorite memory: Conquering Mt. Whitney!

“One of the best travel moments I have had in California was when I finally summited Mt. Whitney, the tallest mountain in the lower 48 states. I had tried for two years to get a permit for the hike and on my third year, I finally got it. Add to that, the training that it takes to summit a 14,000-foot peak, and you have the recipe for a fun adventure. After getting to Trail Camp (12,000 feet) with all of our gear, we set up a camp only to have wind and rain move in. The wind was so intense that the tent kept bending and smacking us in the heads while sleeping. This made it easier to get up at  4 AM  to start the hike to the summit. At around 8 AM, we finally got to the summit hut and were able to look down on the valley below and the route we came up. It is one of those travel experiences I will never forget.”


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8. JB and Renée

Get to know them: JB and Renee let their palette lead their travel. They are travel bloggers who visit various parts of the globe to satisfy their hunger cravings. If a destination promises to have interesting food, then you can be guaranteed that it is high up on their bucket list!

Favorite memory: A promise delivered, is a promise kept!

“The one travel memory I cherish the most is the hot air balloon ride Ren and I took over the moonscape of Cappadocia. Apart from the beauty of the landscape, what made it so special was that it was a moment 10 years in the making.

When Ren and I got married in 2005, we were both coming off fresh starts so I could not afford to give her a proper engagement ring. Being the practical woman that she is, she married me anyway. I promised her then that I would give her the engagement ring she deserved in Santorini on our 10th wedding anniversary. Fast forward to 2015, we celebrated our 10th anniversary by taking a trip to Turkey. She had no idea that I was carrying the engagement ring I promised her 10 years ago.

I waited until we were 3,000 feet above the ground before giving it to her. I asked her: “ Do you remember the promise I made to you 10 years ago?”, then I showed her the ring. She had tears of joy in her eyes. It was not Santorini, but I do not think she minded.”


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9. Siddhartha Joshi

Get to know him: Siddhartha is an Indian travel blogger who has a passion for traveling and photography. He is extremely passionate about inspiring the world around him to travel more, because he believes that traveling can break barriers and make us tolerant and accepting of our differences.

Favorite memory: The festival of colors in Mathura!

“When I travel, I find solace in both solitude and anonymity, as well as when I am surrounded by people. Joining thousands of locals and visitors for Holi in Mathura-Vrindavan is one such experience. I am short of words to describe the feeling, especially because I love street festivals so much. Being there was a mix of so many emotions – festive, adventurous as well as spiritual.”


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10. Sai Karthik Reddy Mekala:

Get to know him: Sai is a travel blogger from India. Traveling and meeting new people is the definition of happiness for him. After completing his MBA in 2012, instead of getting a desk job, he decided to pursue his passion for traveling the world.

Favorite memory: The trek to Paro Taktsang, Bhutan.

“Of all my travel escapades, I fondly remember the steep hike on the Himalayan cliffs to reach Paro Taktsang, a remote Buddhist monastery from the 17th century, close to Paro valley Bhutan. The scenic trail is tiresome for the initial 90 minutes, however, the picturesque beauty of the mighty hill adorns the route in abundance and makes up for all the efforts. Legend has it, Guru Padmasambhava, the fugitive from Tibet, dedicated this temple to tame the Tiger demon of the land.

The steep rock slopes are often kissed by clouds atop. The eerie forest, hidden waterfalls, colorful flags and lonesome mule track add up to the mystic road. The area is sparsely populated with a quaint local village. I lost my heart to the swaying pine forest, the shrine is perfect for relaxing and rejuvenating and a perfect place for meditation and introspection.”

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11. Ky Teoh

Get to know him: Ky Teoh is an enthusiastic travel blogger from Malaysia, he loves to travel across the world and try new cuisines.

Favorite memory: When dolphins decided to drop by!

“While ashore for a diving trip in Maldives, we were chilling by the deck of the yacht in between the dives and suddenly someone yelled “Dolphins”, there was a small group of dolphins racing by the front of the boat, pure magic!”


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12. Lena Tachdjian

Get to know her: Lena Tachdjian is a certified nutrition practioner who has a passion for traveling, writing and journalism. She started a nutrition and travel blog with an aim to help people travel better and healthier!

Favorite memory: The magic school bus!

“I was hiking with a few friends in Jermuk in Armenia. It was getting quite dark and we decided to start looking for a place to camp. We couldn’t find any area that really matched what we wanted and were also very tired and it was quite late already. We came to the main road which was quite empty, and a few minutes later we heard a car coming. Only it was very loud and we could hear some music too. We looked back and saw it was a school bus, with very loud Armenian music playing. When it came close to us the bus stopped and we could see it was full of young people and children, apparently returning from a school excursion.

The bus driver urged us to get in and told us he would take us to a beautiful spot that we would appreciate in the morning. For the next 20 minutes, we danced traditional Armenian dances with the kids in the bus, answered 1000 questions, were given fruits and water, and did toasts together. Eventually, we arrived at our destination and I was given over 7 phone numbers “in case” we needed help, and after taking a bunch of photos, they drove off wishing us luck. We woke up that morning in a beautiful spot perfect for watching the sunrise. Talk about a magic school bus!”


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13. Melvin

Get to know him: Melvin loves to travel, to discover the world, to travel free and untroubled and still be informed like an insider.

Favorite memory: When a soldier got unprecedented fame!

“It is not really my own story, but it is a story I really like, as it simply shows what travel is all about. Once I met an ex-Israeli army officer, who told me how his photo was in the media and worldwide. The story goes that they were searching for someone on the Palestinian grounds and an older woman wanted to know what was going on. He told her he is not allowed to tell her and that she should get back in her house. She did not listen and he told her the same thing again and waved his arm to lead her in another direction. That was the whole situation, but exactly at that moment, he was photographed by a Reuters journalist. The next day worldwide headlines said: “ Israeli soldier with Hitler salutes a Palestinian woman.” That is a story I would have never heard if I had stayed on my couch and watched the news.”


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14. Patti Londre

Get to know her: Patti is a food and travel blogger, she has made a happy living writing about food. She travels to various parts of the globe in search of interesting recipes.

Favorite memory: When unity became a strength!

“When we were travelling in India, an unfortunate accident took place which put all of us in a state of shock. Our bus driver accidentally drove over our bus boy, Ashok. In the blink of an eye, a sightseeing tour group became one unit as we helped Ashok, through a painful day. The next day one of our fellow travellers, a doctor, told us, ” Now you can plan for such an emergency in the future and it will never happen to you again. But another emergency will.”


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15. Sandy and Vyjay

Get to know them: Sandy and Vyjay are a travel blogger couple. Travelling has been their passion and they love exploring the world culture, seas, mountains, nature, food, art, history and urban places.

Favorite memory: Brushed shoulders with a giant Gorilla!

“We walked silently through the thick jungle, excitement, awe tinged with fear was quite visible on our faces. The forest ranger who lead the way, wielded a heavy machete with which he cut a way through a thick vegetation of creepers, bushes, and trees. The excitement was palpable. The forest ranger suddenly froze in his tracks and turned back, gesturing us to stop. “ We are almost there!” he whispered. We could almost hear each other’s hearts beating as the excitement built into a crescendo. We followed the forest ranger on tip toe and as we emerged into a small natural clearing in the forest, we stood right in front a huge mountain Gorilla. It was a silverback who was the head of a family of Gorillas known as the Ntambara family living deep in the forests of Volcanoes national park in Rwanda, East Africa.

As we gazed in fascination at the Gorilla sitting nonchalantly hardly a few feet from us, one of the guards suddenly motioned us to stay still. As we looked on, not comprehending what was the issue, another Gorilla emerged from behind us and actually brushed against my shoulder and casually walked past.

Those moments that we spent so close to a Gorilla family, who are a part of a species that number less than a thousand in the world today, remain etched in our minds for posterity.”


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16. Mayssam Samaha

Get to know her: Mayssam worked as an interior designer, a graphic artist and also tried her hand at catering before reconnecting with her true passions– travel and food. She now travels the world in search of culinary adventures.

Favorite memory: A day out with animals!

“I have many travel moments I cherish but if I had to pick one, it would be spotting all the animals at Kruger National Park in South Africa. I looked forward to waking up before sunrise every day and going out to look for the many animals and birds that call Kruger home. I spend 5 glorious days with nature and still miss the animals to this day.”


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17. Rajiv Verma

Get to know him: Rajiv is a techie turned travel blogger from Assam, India. Through his travel experiences, he tries to show the unique beauty and culture of North East India to the world.

Favorite memory: Lost in the hills and rescued by the locals!

“I was in Arunachal Pradesh, had gone there to attend the annual harvest festival of the native Adi Galo tribe, Mopin. I was staying at a guest house in Basar, a small town in the West Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh. For the day, I was accompanied by a fellow backpacker from Mumbai. Our destination for the night was Daporizo. When we set out from Basar, we were told that the state’s transport bus that comes around midnight stops at Bame. We were informed that the distance between Basar and Bame was not more than 3kms. We started our relaxed walk, expecting to reach Basar before it was dark.

After walking for about an hour, we realized that we were misinformed and it was starting to get dark. Luckily we got a lift, it was a mini-truck carrying cattle. The driver told us that Bame is still 6 kilometers from where we were. When we reached Bame, the locals there informed us that the transport bus had not come since the last two days and they were not sure whether it would come today. Hearing this, the other traveler changed his mind and hopped into a cab heading to Aalo. I was all alone in an unknown place. I decided to try and hitch a ride back to Basar. I started looking for a ride.

A lot of things were running through my mind when I saw a scooter coming in my direction. It was the same man who suggested me to return to Basar for the night. He knew I was new to the place and hence had come to help me. So, a twenty-minutes ride later we were at the guest house I was staying at. He left only after making me promise that I would call him if I had any issues further, irrespective of the time.”


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18. Adyasha Dash

Get to know her: Adyasha Dash is a travel and food blogger, through her blogs she wants to inspire people to travel and not just eat food but savor it as an experience too.

Favorite memory: Visiting the magical city of Prague!

“One of the places I loved visiting and cherish is Prague. Up until I visited Prague I thought that such cities existed only in fairy tales. From the moment I stepped into the city, my senses were captured by an infectious happy vibe. It is so beautiful to look at that I spend the first day admiring the medieval architecture and the fanfare at the old town square. The city lives up to every traveling expectation you could have. Beautiful scenery, awe-inspiring architecture, an amalgamation of various cultures and a kick-ass nightlife to top it all.”


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19. Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott

Get to know them: Daniel and Audrey are full-time travelers and storytellers. They have a strong passion for travel, food, and creativity. They travel to different parts of the world and share their experiences through their blogs and social media channels.

Favorite memory: Conquering Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania!

“Our best travel memory is climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the highest point in Africa at 5895 meters. This experience claims the top spot for both the journey along with our fellow trekker-climbers and for the feeling of the ultimate accomplishment of summiting Uhuru peak at sunrise.”


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20. Ankita Shreeram

Get to know her: Ankita is a travel blogger from India. She along with her husband Mohit has traveled to over 10 countries in the world and 17 states in India. They believe that the world is their oyster and can feel at home just about anywhere in the world.

Favorite memory: My date with the Eiffel Tower!

“My favorite travel memory is sitting at Jardins de Trocadero and gazing up at the Eiffel Tower all by myself in the late hours of the night. I have never felt more awed, free and alive than I did that night in Paris. It was safe, it was wonderful and it was a place I had dreamed of all my life. The weather was lovely too and I paused many times while walking back from the Tower along the breezy Seine. No one bothered me, and I stayed until the very last metro train to take me back to my hotel.”


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21. Oindrila De

Get to know her: Oindrila is a travel blogger from India, she is a vegetarian travel enthusiast who likes to travel alone. Through her blogs, she shows people various parts of the world through her eyes.

Favorite memory: The ultimate family reunion in Bhutan!

“I will never forget our family trip to Bhutan in the early summer of 2017. My parents, sister and I did the Tiger’s Nest trek to reach the Takhtsang monastery perched on a cliff in the outer Himalayas of Paro. We also played dress-up as we went around Thimphu’s attractions adorned in traditional North East Indian attire. Our unique outfits raised the curiosity of both tourists and locals as the garments were not the usual gho and khira that the Bhutanese people wear. Our holiday was full of fun, exploration and a lot of family bonding. We were charmed by the kindness of our hosts and the clemency of the country’s weather.”


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22. Krupa Nagda

Get to know her: Krupa Nagda accompanied by her husband loves to travel across the globe. They are Indian travel bloggers who share their stories through their blogs and inspire people to travel more.

Favorite memory: Staying at an overwater Bungalow with a stunning view!

“There have been many beautiful moments to cherish on each trip. But if we had to pick one, it would be staying in an overwater bungalow on a private island in Maldives. Calm and serene, it was a completely surreal experience for us. The seaplane to get to the island was without a doubt the highlight of the trip. Waking up to a view of the ocean and a magnificent sunrise is a sight to behold. Diving into the turquoise crystal clear water under the water bungalows is a unique experience in itself. We walked hand in hand for hours on the white sand stretch of the beach close to the water bungalow. Every evening watching the sun set by the pristine waters has its own charm. Our trip to Maldives was one of the most memorable trips so far. The overwater bungalow stay has a special place in our travel journey.”


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23. Nora Dunn

Get to know her: Nora is a nomad by soul, in 2006 she sold all her financial planning in Canada and set out on the adventure of a lifetime. Since then she has traveled to over 50 countries and five continents. Through her blogs, she shares her travel experiences and tips for survival on the road.

Favorite memory: The next one!

“After 10 years on the road, choosing amongst my travel memories is like choosing amongst my children. I cannot just pick one. What do I pick? The life-changing experience I had apprenticing with a shaman in the Andes of Peru? Or filming a TV show in New Zealand and doing every possible high-adrenaline activity in 11 days? Or taking a train from Lisbon to Saigon (25,000kms) in 30 days all by train? I simply cannot choose. Every experience good and bad is one I cherish. May these moments on the road continue.”


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24. Nilabh Ranjan

Get to know him: Nilabh Ranjan is a travel blogger from India, through his blogs he shares his travel experiences across India. By writing about his travel experiences, he wants to help fellow travelers discover the most incredible travel adventures.

Favorite memory: Dolphins in the Bay of Bengal!

“In one of my group trips to the UNESCO heritage site of the beach town ‘Mahabalipuram’. We had a great time since we had booked a beach house located barely 20 meters from the sea. The owner had arranged Bluetooth speakers, outdoor movies, and hammock for us. However, the best moment arrived in the morning when we spotted dolphins in the Bay of Bengal. It still stays the most cherished memory of my life.”


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25. Emily Luxton

Get to know her: Since the young age of 16, Emily had decided that she wanted to be a travel writer. She grew up to be exactly that. She now travels the world full-time in search of adventures!

Favorite memory: The epic sunrise in Bali!

“One of my favourite travel moments of recent years was watching the sunrise with my best buddies from the top of Mount Batur, in Bali. Getting up there was really hard for me – I am not very fit and it was a tough climb! I honestly thought I was not going to make it, but thanks to Chloe and Macca cheering me I got there. We had arrived just in time for the sunrise. It was one of the most spectacular sights I have ever seen, and it was made all the more special by how proud I felt at reaching the top!”


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26. Isha Chopra:

Get to know her: Isha Chopra is a travel blogger from India. Her journey began back in the year 2015 and since then she has been traveling and collecting travel stories. Through her blog, she wishes to inspire people to travel more!

Favorite memory: Waking up to a picturesque sunrise!

“I have a very hazy memory of a night I slept at an altitude of 14,000. I had been traveling constantly for 26 hours. I was too tired and the destination gave me chills down the spine. The weariness from all the paths I had covered, from all the vehicles I rode upon left me feeling anesthetic. As soon I stepped in my camp and laid down, I dozed off. All the while I was questioning myself whether this was a mistake, traveling all the way up here to an inhabitable space. The train of thoughts of my subconscious mind was interrupted as I woke up.

It was 6 in the morning. I pulled myself together to step out into the real world and assess what I had gotten myself into. The cold wind blew again, but this time it felt good and familiar. The next thing that I saw left me in awe of nature. I used to sketch a landscape painting in kindergarten with symmetric brown mountains, sunrise through one of its gaps, an emerald blue river covering the rest of the area and some cattle grazing around the mountain foothills.

That is the day I believed that such a picturesque landscape existed for real! I walked a few steps further and lake Chandrataal was right in front of me. It seemed like it had calmed all the storms within itself and reflected back peace and calm. The mountains covered the lake from all sides, something similar to a mother’s loving embrace. The prayer flags were like a tied knot to stamp down all the promises among nature’s marvels. I could sit there for hours, admiring the beauty that surrounded me and knowing that I could never get enough of it.

The previous day’s fatigue had completely worn off. That is the day that I came to know that real happiness exists in nature!”


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27. Cory and G Varga

Get to know them: Cory and G Varga are a travel blogging couple from the UK, their journey started in 2013 and since then they have been trekking the world together. Through their blogs, they share their travel adventures and provide fellow travelers with a tip or two about traveling!

Favorite memory: Love in Tokyo!

“My favourite travel memory has to be in Japan, which happens to be my favourite country in the world too. I visited it for the first time in December 2015, with my then boyfriend. Together we shared so many incredible experiences, especially in Japan’s capital city. Tokyo, which we love very much. On December the 19th, we took a train into the Kansai mountains and went for a hike on Mount Hiei. The views were spectacular, the air was crisp. It was there, on the very top, that my adventure loving partner decided to propose to me. I could not have picked a better place, in a better country. We are now happily married, returning to Japan for months on end on a yearly basis.”


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28. Clelia Mattana

Get to know her: A travel fanatic, Clelia left home at the age of 19 and started her globe-trekking endeavour. After exploring Italy, Turin, and Rome, she decided to settle in England. Despite having a successful career and a comfortable life, she found something missing – travel. She gave her job up and since then has been a full-time travel blogger.


Favorite memory: My African adventure!

“My favourite travel memory goes hands down to my 2 month long African trip and in particular, my visit to the Sossusvlei which is also popularly known as the  Death Valley in Namibia,. It is a place so surreal that it is impossible to put its beauty into words. My jaw literally dropped after walking in the desert for a few kilometers I finally arrived in there. I do not remember taking so many pictures during my 5+ years of constant travels! I also have a second favourite moment(always from Africa): my insane experience at the Devils pool on the Zambia side. I have a video as a reminder that I was indeed brave enough to stay at the very edge of the highest waterfall in the world! Victoria Falls, devils pool video Youtube. Similar to the previous experience words are not enough to describe it, I think the video really says it all!”


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29. Esther JuLee

Get to know her: Esther grew up as a pastor’s kid in Midwest and she started her blog as her wedding site and started sharing her honeymoon and travel adventures. This hobby became a passion and she decided to make a career out of travel blogging along with her husband Jacob.


Favorite memory: My encounter with the giant sharks!

“Some of the most miraculous moments happen after pushing past fear. During our last trip to Indonesia, we wanted to check out more islands. Most of our previous trips were spent with extended family in Jakarta, they consisted of a lot of eating, traffic and mails or a quick side trip to Bali. On this trip, we extended our trip and made our way out to the Derawan islands. After 2 flights, a 2 hour bus ride, and 45 minutes boat ride, we made it to the hotel. The next morning, we woke up before the sun in search for some gentle giants. We were bundled up in the chilly morning, shivering from the brisk air and anticipation of what was to come. After an hour of waiting, our guides got word that someone had spotted them! The captain cut the engine to the boat, and as we floated to a stop, we could see a huge whale shark gliding by. We had seen them before at aquariums, but it is one thing to see them from a window, and another out in the wild. Jacob threw his fins on and jumped right into the water. I could feel my heart racing at the thought of being in water with these massive animals. I finally worked up the courage to hop in and it was one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had. Three of these beautiful creatures showed up. We loved it so much that on the last day, we decided to go out to look for them again and we found two more!”


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30. Melo Villareal

Get to know him: Melo left his job at the age of 23 in the quest of a more fulfilling occupation, since that time he has worked as a freelance travel photo-journalist for several local and international firms.


Favorite memory: Hola Spain!

“One of the most memorable travel experience I’ve had was when I finally experienced Spain three years ago. Growing up in a country which was heavily influenced by Spaniards for over 400 years, it made me realize that despite the few similarities, our archipelago and people are still unique. Today, Spain remains to be by far the most beautiful country I have visited in Europe.”


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31. Marek Bron

Get to know him: Marek Brown has been a globetrekker since 2012 when his 2 month trip to Thailand turned into a 2 year travelling expedition. The travel bug got him hard and since then he has made a living out of travel blogging. Through his blog, he wants to inspire people to travel independently.


Favorite memory: It’s all about the tiny moments of joy!

“Usually my favorite moments of my travels are not the epic mountain summits or the famous landmarks(although they are great!) but the small and surprising moments that happen somewhere along the way. For example, I fondly remember walking through a remote village in Bohol in the Philippines with my friends when out of nowhere a family invited us to eat dinner with them. They were a husband and wife and had half a dozen of kids living in just a cramped bamboo hut along the river. Clearly they were not exactly wealthy, but they were curious to speak to some travellers and eager to share with us their rice, coconut wine, and fish from the river. In return we came back with beers and treats and so we all shared a wonderful night huddled under a bamboo roof singing songs and sharing stories – with more and more uncles and aunts and village friends showing up as the evening progressed. I will always remember the heartwarming hospitality I experienced in the Philippines.”


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32. Anuradha Goyal

Get to know her: Anuradha’s love for travelling began way back in 2004, and she has a strong passion for travel and books. Before beginning her personal blog she worked in the IT industry for more than a decade. But she found the ultimate satisfaction in travelling and decided to plunge into travel blogging.


Favorite memory: Smile it costs nothing!

“My travel life allows me to be on a Himalayan peak one day and at a beach the next day. Or one day I am in the middle of a bustling metropolitan and next day in a quite interiors of a jungle. My best moments are when I am able to share laughter with absolute strangers with no common language between us.
I believe that it is impossible to hate people whom you have visited.  Travel is what we need to combat terrorism and bring in the harmony & peace in this world. Every time we interact with people who are not like us we create bridges that connect cultures, civilizations, and countries.”


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33. Surya Raju

Get to know her: Surya shares her travel experiences across the globe through her blog, by doing this she wants to motivate other people to travel more.


Favorite travel memory: When my childhood dream came true!

“One of my best travel experiences has been visiting Masai Mara, Kenya. It was a childhood dream come true. I have always been an avid animal lover, ever since I can remember.

Getting to see so many animals and of course the Big 5 is something I will always cherish forever. Being in Masai Mara in person was something that I always wanted to do and I could finally get to do it this year. From witnessing lakhs of wildebeests heading for great the Great Migration, being chased by a wild buffalo and to witnessing animals go for the kill, it was just magical! So yes, it is Masai Mara for me.”


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34. Alesha Bradford

Get to know her: At the age of 20, Alisha left home to explore her homeland Australia and its neighbour, New Zealand, and the journey has never ended for her. Apart from being a globetrekker, she is also an amazing photographer.


Favorite memory: The ultimate kayaking experience!

“We have been lucky enough to do some incredible things in our 10 years of traveling, but the absolute best experience of us was the time we went kayaking in Antarctica. Exploring the White Continent in itself was something that we had always wanted to do, but being able to paddle around the sea on a bluebird day, surrounded by icebergs with lenticular clouds high above us, was a moment we’ll never forget.”


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35. Laurence & Jessica Norah

Get to know them: Laurence and Jessica have had a passion for travelling and share their thoughts and tips on their travel blog. Through this blog, they want to inspire people to go and see the world.


Favorite memory: Tying the knot between two countries!

“One of my favourite travel memories is when my wife and I got married – something we did while traveling! My wife Jessica is from US and I am from UK, and we decided to get married half way between the two countries. There is obviously no land between the two, but we took advantage of the transatlantic ocean liner the Cunard Queen Mary 2, and the captain married us to approximately half way between the two locations. We had a fantastic day, and even got to ring the midday bell on the ship!”


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36. Umang Trivedi

Get to know him: Umang is an enthusiastic traveler who focuses on 3 segments of travel – adventure, offbeat travel, and amazing experiences. Through his blog, he wants to make the traveling experience better for people by providing them itineraries, travel tips and much more.


Favorite memory: My first Scuba diving experience!

“I always wanted to experience Scuba diving, I finally experienced the exhilarating activity in Gili islands, Indonesia. It will always be my favorite memory. When I plunged into the ocean, clad with equipment, I discovered a whole new world. The sunlight was weak and it was impossible to measure the ocean’s depth that lay below us. A school of fish swam right across my face. Orange, white, yellow, red all the colors were exuberantly visible. The pale green colored coral shimmered slightly as the faint sunbeams bounced off its surface. Our existence seemed tiny as an envelope of calm waves surrounded us. The marine life swayed gently with the waves, in tune with rhythm. The sounds were filtered to only heavy breaths. That 1 hour spent under the water surface created a lovely travel memory for me.”


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So, there you have it. Feeling inspired? We hope these experiences have inspired you to travel the world beyond your backyard. Life for most people is a mad rush from one place to another, from one activity to another, trying to gather as much as possible.

It is important to travel because it breaks the monotony of life and work. Are you a travel lover? If yes, tell us about your special travel memory in the comments.

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