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Top 7 places to visit in Australia by Taxidio

Upon taking Australia’s name, an individual’s mind would stir up a world of images of picturesque beaches, glittering turquoise waters littered with surfers, kangaroos and other exotic wildlife and bright sunny days. While most of those stand true, there are many more layers to this mega-diverse country.
Australia ranks number 6 in the list of the world’s largest countries, spreading over an area of little over 2,941,000 miles²; the country comprises of over 10,000 beaches and over 8,200 islands.

The vastness of Australia allows tourists to cross off a good chunk of their bucket list as there plenty to be seen and done in this one country.

The country is abounding with enticing National parks, age old treasures of Nature, a deeply fascinating marine life and numerous exotic wildlife species. As a result, the country offers an endless selection of adventure sports and activities that will leave you reevaluating your love and appreciation for life.

The country takes pride in its multi-diversity and displays it through its world-class eateries, rising coffee culture, its many shopping malls and weekend markets, countless pubs and nightclubs and even through its fun-loving people.

Australia’s pre and post colonization history and its many UNESCO World Heritage sites are another leading reason for drawing massive crowds of tourists each year that are curious to learn more about the progression of this land down under. Read on to learn about Taxidio’s opinion about the best places to visit in Australia. So, read down to learn more about the top 7 places to visit in Australia

1. Sydney

In Sydney, the folks celebrate Christmas during their warm and bright summer days; it is also the first city on the planet to witness the arrival of the New Year which makes it one of the most desired holiday destinations to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Adorned with pictorial coastline, top-ranking eateries, the unusual and appealing weather conditions, and a bustling city life, Sydney is one of Australia’s leading holiday spots.

The city consolidates its exquisite man-made structures, such as towering sky-scrapers, with the glowing essence of nature which includes the many parks and gardens that are unique to this country. One can stop by the UNESCO World Heritage Site Opera Theatre and then take a trip to one of the many gorgeous beaches or visit the National Park which is home to art that is over a millennium old.

The captivating history and cultural complexities of the country can be comprehend through the museums and various tourist sites found in Sydney, such as the Sydney Harbor.

Sydney stands as Australia’s megacity due to the vast diversity that is prevalent in its people, its vivid streets and its multi-faceted culture which in turn adds plenty ignites curiosity and offers plenty of activities to take up and explore this city. The streets are loaded with a selection of dainty boutiques, the best of high-street fashion brands and popular weekend markets that also serve some delicious snacks and make for a fitting relaxed outing with your loved ones.

Each day spent in Sydney comes with a range of adventures that can be revised to gratify the preferences of every individual and family. A trip to Sydney promises to be an eventful and exuberant holiday.

Sydney one of the top places visit Australia.
Melbourne one of the best places to visit in Australia recommended by Taxidio - Online travel planner

2. Melbourne

Living up to its epithet of a sprawling garden estate, Melbourne is embellished with dainty promenades at every corner. More than one-fourth area of the city comprises of public parks and reserves. From royal botanic gardens, blooming parks, lakes, lawns and plentiful greenery, the city unites the best of nature with its unescapable urban culture. From sky-piercing buildings to ivory beaches, there is plenty for you to explore and experience. Vivacious with sporting energies, Melbourne is home to hundreds of cricket fields, swimming pools, and tennis and golf arenas. Taking full advantage of its expansive shoreline, the city is ever-ready for water activities like surfing, kiteboarding and diving, along with sailing and fishing on Port Phillip Bay. Skiing on the Mount Buller slopes is another popular adventurous activity in the city. The areas around the Bourke, Flinders and Collins streets introduce you to a mesmeric contrast of elegance and eccentricity. Brimming with culture, art, architecture, food and an enviable nightlife, this city checks all boxes for a perfect vacation.

3. Brisbane

Brisbane is listed in the top three largest cities in the world as it spreads over a total area of little over 1130 km². It is the capital city of Queensland and is also one of the most widely underestimated holiday destinations in Australia.

Brisbane is a sprightly city that has a growing coffee culture with many creative coffee shops sprouting up across town. The city is festooned with countless dining and cuisine options ranging from dainty diners to refined restaurants.

The city is famed for its sublime waterfront features; It hosts an infatuating nightlife with an innumerable number of bars, pubs, nightclubs and many events, such as live music nights, that together light up the jolly spirit of the city.

Brisbane also exercises a reigning art culture which showcases permanent local art exhibitions and many temporary exhibitions of international talent as well.

Brisbane is also abounding with enchanting sites of nature with its many Botanical Gardens rich with exotic plant species. Visitors can also visit the many exotic wildlife sanctuaries to get a closer look at koalas, kangaroos and much more.

This city is advantageously situated as it eases access to popular spots such as Gold Coast, the wine regions in Stanthorpe, exotic Wildlife reservations, spectacular trekking and cycling trails and various other adventure sports. Also worth nothing is that the locals are reputed as some of the most polite and fun-loving Australian crowds you will find.

The additional amount of fun tourists can have in the city of Brisbane relies on their level of enthusiasm and willingness to have a good time as the city is rich with choice and tourist-friendly activities to participate in.

Brisbane one of the most visited places to visit, Australia.
7 Best places to visit in Australia by Taxidio - Online itinerary planner

4. Gold Coast

Gold coast is a treat for adventure lovers with its lush green rain forest, exotic beaches, clear blue water and superb marine life.

The safe beaches and clear water draw tourists from around the globe to enjoy kayaking, speed boat rides, surfing and diving sports. The sea in this region is also very rich in marine life and people flock to see Dolphins, stingrays, whales and variety of marine animals especially from June to November.

Gold Coast boasts of picturesque creeks and estuaries in the area which are ideal picnic spots for families. Once you are done exploring the seaside, take a trip to nearby mountains Like Mt Tamborine, Springbrook and Binna Bura. You can enjoy hiking and camping trip to nearby rain-forests and Hills as part of your trip to Gold Coast. Waterfalls and Rockpools also form an eminent part of Gold Coast attractions.

The city is a paradise for party lovers because the nightlife carries a wealth of fun and variety. There are plenty of thriving party clubs and cocktail bars here to keep you on your toes. Apart from bars and cafes, there are several restaurants here offering great food, especially sea-food.

5. Canberra

As the seat of government, Canberra is home to many of Australia’s most respected political and cultural institutions. You can visit the Parliament House, the impressive Treasures Gallery at the National Library, the sculptures of Reconciliation Walk and the fascinating Aboriginal Tent Embassy. The National Botanic Gardens are a lovely place to experience Canberra’s “greener” offerings. Almost 30 Australian cultural institutions are located in Canberra, from the Australian War Memorial to Parliament House.

Canberra is the home to the best cultural exhibitions in the country, with a large emphasis on art, history and even wildlife that have played a vital role in shaping Australia into what it is today. Featuring a modern and well-planned layout, Canberra has a pleasantly natural feel with extremely clean air compared to the most of the larger Aussie cities.

The city is full of significant monuments and is perhaps the best place to get acquainted with the depth of the country’s history, making it one of the top historical destinations in the world.

The city is known well for serving divine savory flavors and vastly-admired cuisines thus ensuring that there is plenty of to indulge in and experiment with.

Canberra one of the top places visit, Australia
Adelaide is one of the top places to visit Australia.

6. Adelaide

The city is esteemed for holding a wide variety of exhilarating entertainments for its visitors. The innumerable attractions include the art galleries, museums, theatres, monuments, festivals, etc.

Adelaide is home to numerous heritage buildings constructed since the time it was established as a free settlement. These include churches and cathedrals among its several structures.

For those that enjoy a cultural performance, visit the numerous theatres and art centers in the city. Adelaide has a fascinating mix of history and museums; The Australian National, Motor Museum has the largest collection of automobiles. A fascinating way to gain an insight into the regions glorious past, you can climb aboard a tram ride, originally introduced in 1929 in Glenelg suburb of Adelaide. The city also holds excellent avenues to appreciate the natural treasures such as the Kangaroo Island and Botanic garden.

Adelaide is considered a paradise for food and wine lovers. Eating out at one of the many exquisitely designed venues is an exceptional experience as there so many restaurants, cafe and bars offering a wide range of food and drinks to people. Visitors should take out time to taste its wonderful locally produced wine that is popular around the globe.

Shopping opportunities include many special markets selling fresh produce and organic food. Besides this, you can also purchase artifacts associated with the Kaurna People.

All in all, its warm temperatures all year long are the cherry on top the cake when it comes to vacationing in this scenic city.

7. Perth

Perth is leading city of the Western regions of Australia and is seated by the bewitching waters of the Indian Ocean. It is found in the further part of the Western side of Australia, located at a distance of over 3200 km from Sydney. Swathed with a grand selection of outdoor activities such as unwinding by the shores of spellbinding white-sand beaches, indulge in a picnic among the vivid shades of flora and fauna and much more, Perth is divinely blessed by Mother Nature. Given that the climate remains more or less pleasant and warm annually, Perth can be visited at any time of the year.

It consists of renowned Parks, such as the Pinnacles Desert which showcases rock formations nearly 30 millennia old, which introduce vacationists to some of the many hidden treasures of nature.

The city hosts an exclusive range of events annually that sets Perth apart from the other parts of Australia. One such example would be the art festival, known as the Sculpture by the Sea Festival, which is held at the Cottesloe Beach transforms the beach into an open-air art exhibition and draws massive crowds of locals and tourists alike.

Perth is greatly admired for serving a range of delicious seafood dishes and delicacies, including lobster and oysters, as it is situated beside over 9,000 km of coastline.

The city of Perth is also recognized for holding the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as Fremantle Prison which dates back to the mid-1800s and is steeped in history that dictates pivotal moment about the country’s past.

The city’s refined infrastructure and welll-connected public transportation system allows tourists to explore its many corners conveniently. The city of Perth provides a fine balance between a relaxed escape and an adventure filled holiday.

Perth one of the best places to visit in Australia

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