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Top Destinations To Get Drunk

When it comes to traveling, there are various segments of travel snobs. Some wander for museums and churches, some for food-slurp, and the latest addition is one of liquor lovers who roam around in search of booze and party.

If you fall in the last category and wish to explore the list of best hangover destinations, then we have something in store for you!

1. Berlin, Germany

The techno-epicenter of the world is all for music, whatever kind you listen to. Cheap beer and infinite eye candies; what more could life offer! The party scene here is aptly fresh and international, with a lot happening open air.

2. Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand

The epic and internationally raged Full Moon Party takes place every month at the crescent shaped beach of Haad Rin. Hip travelers gather in thousands to celebrate their devotion for booze, music and a lot more! Be prepared to lose your shoes somewhere in the white sands as you begin to lose your mind in the locally brewed Sangsom Whiskey.

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is much beyond twirky little cafes and cycling over the canals. The wild and vibrant night scene here has massive trance to offer; you can gauge that well from the city’s best productions like Tiesto and Buuren. Then there’s techno, hip hop and an offbeat sugary pop to dance to too!

4. Goa, India

The crazy EDM scene here in the party capitol of India has given way to the city’s own style of music- Goa trance. Hosting one of the largest silent discos in the world, every nook and corner of the gorgeous beaches here is a party! Check out Baga beach for dark-to-dawn party shacks. The locally brewed King’s Beer is an absolute bliss to get a hangover.

5. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, the world brings Sparties to your head. The awfully flamboyant Szechenyi Bath pools are a permanent night bath party scene, June through September. The city’s legendary Ruin Bar clubs like Szimpla Kert are probably the coolest bars you will ever come across!

6. Las Vegas, Nevada (US)

The sin city has earned it reputation for all the right reasons. Check out its infinite pool parties and bustling clubs, not to mention the ceaseless casinos to splurge! But make sure to keep the hangover aloof from insanity. Who knows, you might end up getting married (again!)! Nevertheless, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

7. Prague, Czech Republic

This ridiculously gorgeous and pocket-friendly city houses first-rate DJs, cheap booze and an all-night party scene. The list of local breweries is endless, so you can spend a whole week trying something new every night. This fairytale city is a forerunner in the safety radar; so women need not worry about losing their senses!

8. Miami, Florida

Drink all day, play all night, let’s get it popping, you’re in Miami! The festive island of Florida is all for electronic music and incredible food. The grandiose of nightclubs like LIV and Story is ideal to get drunk and lucky! And if you crave for some mouthwatering treat along with liquor, head on to places like Calle Ocho for a perfect live music setting.

9. Hong Kong, China

An extravagant addition to the list of booze capitols and hangover havens is the opulent city of China- Hong Kong. Asians who love to party (but with a touch of class) appear in abundance here. Take a tour of the luxury night cruise over Victoria Harbor to enjoy a fancy party!

Now before your vision blurs and tongue slips, and you can’t walk or think straight, get your bookings done. It’s time to party!

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