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Top 7 islands in Andaman & Nicobar

A leisure vacation to Andaman & Nicobar is like living a Hollywood blockbuster- mangrove forests and primeval jungles render a gorgeous backdrop to the simmering turquoise waters and the sugar-white sand shores, gorgeous purple and flame sunsets let you indulge the most beautiful photography experience ever! Talk about scuba diving in the most unscathed corals or simply bask in the sun-toasted beaches, this archipelago gives you every opportunity of a memorable holiday.

Living in a paradise for a vacation in Andaman and Nicobar Islands is an understatement. When there, you’ll see a new face of heaven, of a different persona, every time you jump from island to island. Here are some of the best islands to visit once there:

1. Havelock Island

Havelock is a stunning natural island with picturesque white sandy beaches that rich in coral reefs. Beyond the reefs are lush green forests to admire nature’s absolute heritage. Located near Port Blair, Havelock is a fairly crowded island, with rain fed forests oozing out greenery and natural beauty everywhere you look. The azure waters of the beaches beckon everyone to spend at least a fine week at this island. The atoll boasts some of the best beaches; rated among the best of the best by TIME magazine, Radhanagar Beach is an absolute delight for a beach lover. Fine grains of the white sand and plush geography makes everyone jump for an enjoyable day. The holy grail for scuba diving and snorkelling, the best part about this place is that you don’t need to be a pro at swimming to be able to experience life under water!

2. Ross Island

Having faced the wrath of nature in 1941, Ross Island didn’t compromise on its charm at all, and continues to be the most frequented and idyllic beach in Andaman & Nicobar. Visitors who love to unwind history while on the move, come here to see ruined yet magnificent churches and buildings. Best visited during monsoon and winters, the island is perfect for a fine soothing respite to the mind, while gazing at stunning ruins of spectacular architecture before you retire to bask in the beach sun.

3. Neil Island

This small yet beautiful island is located south of the expansive Andaman Islands. Known as the wheat bowl of Andaman, this isle is full of unexplored coral reefs, white sandy beaches, tropical rainforests and rich biodiversity. The beaches were named after mythical characters of The Ramayana, like Sitapur, Laxmanpur, Ramnagar. Once out of the bustle of Havelock, find a peaceful abode here for a place to chill out. Walking towards the market, you’ll find the most famous attraction of the island, Neil Kendra. It’s a village in the shape of an arc surrounding the beaches. The picturesque wooden boat landscapes and gently curving bay of white sand will give you a perfect opportunity for those lovely clicks.

4. Baratang Island

An island of versatile spectacles- Baratang is for the adventurous soul in you, one that needs to discover something new on every travel plan you make. Boasting some most beautiful mangrove creeks for those nature lovers, Baratang lets you take an indepth tour of the area. With the permission from the forest department, you can visit the famous Limestone Caves, besides the legendary mud volcanoes. The limestone caves are absolute vivid journeys to new world. Some caves are so deep you’ll require flashlights to see. Mud volcanoes are also one of the favourite spot for the visitors. Long story short, plenty of places to explore!

5. Little Andaman

This particular piece of heaven is a perfect mixture for everything you seek on a beach vacation. Bewitching waterfalls, boating through the creeks and exciting elephant safari is what makes this island one of the best to visit in Andaman. Featuring the best surfing destination in India, Butler Bay. This area is an ideal destination for coral viewing, surfing and sun basking. Little is also famous for its tropical evergreen forests, rich in biodiversity and of course, a whole lot of history, so much that you may feel your inner anthropologist tingling here. Elephants will be a major reason if you go anywhere in this island. Activities like elephant safari, elephant lumbering, and elephant calves training is a common fun activity around this lovely island.

6. Barren Island

India’s only active volcano is in this island that last erupted in 1994, after being dormant for 177 years. Foreigners are restricted to the onboard vessel only and are not allowed landing ashore. Home only to feral goats and rats, it justifies its name- The Barren island. Overall, there is nothing much to do here other than to admire this powerful beauty of a kilometre-wide crater of the volcano.

7. Smith Island

Considered as the one of the most enchanting island in the archipelago, smith island is known for its turquoise blue waters, lush green tropical forests and white sandy beaches. Truly a paradise for island lover, it has some of the best nature trails and picturesque villages to mesmerise you in the charm of its own aesthetics. Once there, you cannot afford to miss the mid-day view of the ocean, as the bright shining sun reveals blue and green hues of sea water, the colour is amazing to watch. You can have a nice day snorkelling and admiring the underwater wildlife and taking a nice long walk in silence after it. The beach area is surrounded by a Marine Par, so you’re in for an adventure with aquatic life as well. Nearby is a place called Hathi level, where you can enjoy a visit to the mud volcano.

Be covered by the energy of nature and peace in the angelic islands of Andaman and Nicobar. Awarded the best isles in Asia, you can imagine what you are getting yourself into! So plan a vacay here; you’re truly in for an adventure of a lifetime!

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